Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16: Menu Plan Monday

Ya'll, I just had the WORST panicky nasty oh man the world is ENDING RIGHT THIS SECOND awful breakdown. My to-do list is out of control, my house is a wreck, the kitchen is destroyed from breakfast and the prep for dinner, the buzzer on the dryer wouldn't shut up- it was AWFUL. I seriously thought the world was going to end.

But it was lunch time. So I made lunch and wolfed it down and now I'm fine.

What, am I three? Am I a three year old who can't function if she hasn't eaten in twenty minutes? I mean, I've always known I'm pissy when I'm hungry (Zandee family tradition) but I never knew it was THIS bad.

Anyway. Oh, one more thing. I'm hesitant to mention this because I don't want to jinx it, but I think Daisy June might be potty trained.

Do you realize what this means?

This means that for the first time in EIGHT YEARS I won't have a kid in diapers. For the first time in NINETY SIX MONTHS. I have been using diapers for NINETY SIX MONTHS STRAIGHT.

This is a lesson to all you youngsters out there: don't have four kids. And if you DO have four kids, for God's sake don't have them in five years.

Anyway. This week I'm hooking up with I'm an Organizing Junkie once again for Menu Plan Monday.

Still using Plan to Eat, still loving it.

Sunday: Jamie Oliver's Spaghetti Bolognese. I guess this is oven baked? I'll be serving mine over zucchini noodles and shredded carrots.  And possibly blogging about my pseudo paleo diet later? Who knows. I keep starting the post, then raiding the Potty Training M&M stash and feeling guilty (about blogging about pseudo paleo, not guilty about eating the M&Ms. I deserve those fuckers) so I delete it.  Anyway. If you're wondering why I keep trying all these Jamie Oliver recipes, it's because he writes everything in metric, and I cannot STAND having to get out my conversion app to figure out what to set my UK oven at for all my US recipes. Hence, Jamie Oliver. Ugh.  My life is HARD.

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Monday: Crockpot Italian Style Sloppy Joes from Skinnytaste.  Haven't tried these yet, but Skinnytaste rarely steers you wrong, so I have high hopes.  Also, Mondays is karate, so I'm on my own during the Witching Hour (see? My life IS hard!!) so Crockpot Mondays it is!!
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Tuesday: Leftovers. Don't get me started on what a disaster last week's Leftovers was. Ugh.

Wednesday: Honey Plum Soy Chicken from PW. She doesn't post the recipe, I guess because she wants you to buy the book. It's good though, I've made it a lot before.

Thursday: Taco Soup, this one from Dinner, A Love Story. I've made this a few times too, it's pretty fabulous. It's VERY easy to play around and make what you want out of it.
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I don't have anything planned for Friday and Saturday, as always.  These are Nick's days, he grills whatever he wants and we all gobble it up.

There ya go. If you want some inspiration, head over here for hundreds of great ideas.

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  1. Those sloppy joes will be in my slow cooker very soon.