Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September 18: Five Favorites

So thirty days really stretches out, no? I'm flat out of ideas.  And I don't even have a good picture for a Wordless Wednesday. So I hunted around for linkup parties, and even though I'm a day late and a dollar short, I found this one. It's originally from Moxie Wife, but I actually found it through Camp Patton, whom I LOOOOOVE. She's HILARIOUS. Seriously. And she had three kids IN THREE YEARS. Like, every eleven or twelve months, she popped out a baby.



Here are five things I've been loving lately.

~Clinique Chubby Sticks

For a gal who never gets dressed, rarely brushes her hair, and only wears makeup once in a blue moon, I sort of have an obsession with lipsticks.  That I also never wear. Isn't that strange? I LOVE them, I love to look at them and try them on and gaze lovingly at the gorgeous, sleek tubes...why don't I just WEAR them?

I have no idea. Because I'm an idiot, most likely.

But I snagged this the last time we went to the base and I love it. Not a lot of staying power, but it's light and goey without being gross, kinda like chapstick really. Just adds a hint of color. And it's sheer enough that you can just throw it on even if you're not wearing any other makeup, without looking like you're trying to be one of those Vampire Goth Grungie Types.

~Nakd Bars

For my new pseudo paleo eating style, I like to throw dates, nuts, and dried fruit (which I think is anti-paleo, but I don't a problem with it- if you've somehow landed here looking for info on a paleo lifestyle, this NOT a good place to be) into the vitamix and make little balls. They end up only being 35 calories and it's sweet to pop a few in my face hole for snack time. But, these nakd bars are the same thing, but taste better, and they're already done and all wrapped up. So, they win most of the time. Although I really should start making them again, it's gotta be SO MUCH cheaper.
Not all the flavors are grain free.  My fave is the strawberry crunch, and it's got 'soya' in it, which I'm assuming is some sort of soy, which I think is a big paleo no-no.  The cocoa mint is a close second, it's grain free but it's got cocoa, not sure if that's good for diets or not. Works great if you make up your own Pseudo Paleo Lifestyle though :) Gingerbread was FANTASTIC, grain free, and the pecan pie was NASTY and topped our sample box at 150 calories, which wouldn't bother me TOO much except it also only had 2 grams of protein.  LAME.

Anyway. We got the sample box at amazon and it was fun to go through all the flavors, but we'll stick with the berries and chocolate from here on out.

~This killer song, Wishing Well by Airborne Toxic Event (warning, they use the f word a few times, in case your kids are around.) Good tune, nice lyrics, amazeball drums.  What else do you need? I don't need anything else. I heart drums.

~Aveeno. Oh, how I love Aveeno. Have ya'll had to turn the heat on yet? I was a little shocked that we had to do it so early, but we're sissies from living on tropical islands for the last three years. And really, Nick grew up in Southern Florida and I grew up in the armpit of Southern Mississippi, so we were really sissies to start with. But the tropical islands didn't help. So when it started dropping to the low fifties at night, we opened up the radiators, just to take the chill out of the air firs thing in the mornings.

Cue dry skin.  Dry, itchy skin. Skin that I just want to rake my fingers up and down.  And as the days get shorter and the Crazies come back full force, one of my strange and seemingly unique side effects is clawing my skin. Yes, it's weird, even for Crazy. But it is what it is.

I've tried every single lotion at the drugstore. I've tried expensive department store stuff, and I've tried mail order stuff that was even MORE expensive.  This aveeno is the ONLY thing that works. Takes the itch out, soothes, moisturises, lasts all day.

The UK version is NOT the same, even though it has the blue lid.  You have to go up to the base and get the real thing, or order it on Amazon like a normal person.
As a side note, this anti itch shit is what I use in the mornings after my shower and then before I get my jammies on to watch tv, I slather myself in this Eucerin once it starts getting colder.  It's the heaters, not the cold. The heaters are what ruin your skin, and nose. Did you know that? I didn't. But now I do, and you do too.  Lucky.

~This Blog. I've silently stalked Elise for about a year now, poor Nick had to listen to me rant and rave when it took her FOREVER to go into labor and have her baby. She's just so refreshing. Love. Without being obnoxious and annoying (cough Kelle cough) she's inspiring and funny and just...nice. Her house is GORGEOUS, it's exactly how I'd want mine to look if I didn't have four kids and I had a lot of money.

She just seems like, if I knew her in real life, I'd really want to be her friend, and I'm sure if I ever worked up the courage to talk to her (I never would though) she'd want to be my friend too.

She's also on Instagram, but I don't know how to link to that.  Her name is Elisejoy if you want to look for her.

As a side note, I loved her day in the life post (it's what I linked you to) and after I read it, I thought wow, she sure did accomplish a lot, how'd she do that? Then I figured it out- she didn't watch tv. Ugh. I feel like that's a sign, I really should try to cut back.

But first I need to go, I have nine episodes of NCIS I need to catch up on, and the UK finally got Bates Motel.

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