Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September 24: Operation Get My Sh*t Together, the Saga Continues

Well, I literally cannot think of a single thing to blog about and I don't feel like doing another book review, so here we go.  A hodge podge of what's been working lately (and what has DEFINITELY not been working lately) in my quest to get my shit together. (Side note:  I went on and on for so long about what I'm eating that I didn't feel like adding anything else.  Maybe tomorrow?)

Health? Who knows.  We've touched on mental health pretty recently, so I won't go back into that.  Last time I checked in, I think I was still trying to give advocare a shot for weightloss.  It didn't work.  I'm so happy for everyone who lost fifty pounds in four days, but it didn't work for me.  I still pay the big bucks for the vitamins though because I LOVE them, and canisters of Spark because duh, but that's it.

The 24 Day Challenge DID, however, open my eyes to how I should be feeling.  And as much as I tried to resist the pull of The Latest and Greatest Fad Diet, I finally got sucked in.

Paleo.  Ugh.  Even the word makes me feel like a wannabe hipster.  The only thing worse than people who do paleo are people who do raw diets.  Or that moldy tea.  Or juicers.

I still to this day can not wrap my mind around juice.  Why not blend it so you can keep the fiber? Isn't the fiber the best part? (As a side note, I'm doing this on Nick's laptop, which for some reason he has set up to British language, so it's highlighting fiber because it wants me to call it FIBRE.  Not gonna happen, Baby Mac.)

This is what I half made up and half found on google that finally convinced me to give PSEUDO paleo a try.  Eating things like fruits and veggies is good because your body digests them easily and their seeds are passed and the glorious life cycle continues.  There's even an episode of Diego explaining how the iguana helps by pooping out strawberry seeds or something.  Eating things like grains is bad because apparently grains aren't designed this way. They don't want you to gobble them up in the hopes that you'll shit out some seeds and they can keep growing.  They want the OPPOSITE. So they have casings and all kinds of gross stuff to keep you from eating them, which is why you have to like grind it up or something to make flour.

I don't know. I told you going in that I made most of this up.

HOWEVER, what I did NOT make up is that, for me, grains make me feel like crap.

And that's as far as my science went, because that was good enough for me.

Groggy, sleepy, tired, heavy, and five months pregnant- after twenty four days of NO grains, that's how I felt when I binged.  Hence, my new pseudo paleo lifestyle.

Because I don't want to talk about this anymore, I'm going to direct you to a few of my favorite uber trendy, cringe worthy, hipsters in the making go-to websites.

First and foremost, Against All Grain.  She is actually not a cringe inducing hipster, she had celiac or one of those autoimmune diseases and took on a grain free lifestyle as sort of a last ditch effort and it worked, so she's sharing her knowledge.  She's very down to earth, she seems friendly, and her recipes are REALLY good.  I've got her book and it's very easy to follow, and most of the stuff is normal, not all raw and hipster and moldy tea.

If I am hungry for a snack or looking for dinner or wanting a desert, Against All Grain is LITERALLY the first place I go.  I love her.

I love PaleOMG significantly less, but her website is still a frequent call up for me.  She cheats, which I love, and her recipes can sometimes border on the strange moldy tea hipster variety, but still, I like her.  She's REALLY big on coconut milk, which I think tastes like urine, but once I get over that, I'll probably like her even more.

I Quit Sugar is another one who's a little too hipster for my taste, but not so hipster that I have to write her off.  I keep wanting to buy this book but I don't because I want to eat all the M&Ms we use to potty train Daisy without feeling guilty for spending money on the book.

Which is stupid, because she's not talking about THAT kind of sugar.  Well, she IS, but like everyone else, she's talking more about grains.  I don't know.  It's a hang up, leave me alone.

Eat Drink Paleo is another one that I frequent...less frequently? But I still do visit a few times a week, if you're interested.  I don't know her story or anything.  I found her blog, liked her chalkboard stuff, added her to my feedly.

Anyway, that's my story.  And you really shouldn't be taking advice from me because a: the M&Ms and b: I haven't lost a single pound and c: I make 95% of my data up on the spot, but hopefully if you're interested in cutting out some grains, these websites will help get you started.  You'll notice I didn't link any 'sciency' sites, because I have a thing for checking sources, which is tedious online where anyone can make up anything she wants, and also because for every sciency article you read about how dangerous grains are you can read another one about how if you don't eat grains you will die a miserable and lonely death.

So the takeaway, if you're interested in trying this, is to try it and see how you feel.  If your skin clears up and your four month pregnant belly goes away and you can make it to four oclock without passing out on the couch, you might want to incorporate a few more grain-free meals into your lifestyle.  If it doesn't make a difference, congratulations and enjoy a huge bowl of pasta for me.

Engelbrecht out.

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