Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 29: Last Real Day of the Thirty Days of Blogging

Well tomorrow is a Menu Plan Monday that I've already mostly typed out, so today is sort of the last day.  HOORAY!! I made it.

Takeaway lessons?

I love writing even more than I remember. Forcing myself to blog every single day wasn't even hard! Do I wish I hadn't drunk blogged last Saturday? OF COURSE. But I'm still proud that I did it every single day like I wanted to.

So yeah. I'm going to revamp this thing. I'm not trying to make money or anything like that (obviously, or I wouldn't be drunk blogging) but I would like to meet a few new readers. I love all ya'll dearly and I just know there's more gals out there I want to meet and connect with.

And literally, before I did this thirty days, I didn't really ever get what people meant when they talked about the 'blogging community.' But now I do.  Getting those comments is like heroin. It just feels GOOD, and getting comments from new readers is so fun.  So, any suggestions on how to grow this little slice of internet are welcome and encouraged.

More than anything though, I just enjoyed WRITING every day. Like most bloggers, I was a heavy journaler before Al Gore invented the internet. I would fill half the pages of a gorgeous notebook with my serial killer handwriting before finding an even cuter notebook at Waldnebooks in Edgewater Mall and switch to that one. I just LIKE to write. I like the way you feel when you transform the random swirling thoughts in your mind into flesh and blood WORDS. And yeah, putting them where other people can read them is daunting and scary, but it's also sort of exhilarating and fun.

I don't even know what I'm trying to say. I guess the gist is that I loved blogging for thirty days straight and I fully intend to keep posting quite a few times a week. Lucky you ;)

But the main gist is that the series finale of Dexter is in seventy five minutes and I went all fucking week without googling any spoilers!!! I'm so excited.  And proud!! This is HUGE for me, not peaking ahead. I will say that this final season has been lame, this final episode better be awesome or else I'll be pissed I wasted eight months binge watching this show on Netflix, and I'm so glad I didn't start this when it first started and spent the last eight YEARS on the edge of my seat like this. Binge watching on Netflix is just so COOL!!!


  1. Oh my gosh...I don't want the 30 days to be over! Sure you don't want to do 31 days of October blogging! I've absolutely LOVED knowing you were going to post everyday! So, I hope you keep it up and grace us with your blog posts...even the drunk ones!

    1. Lol, as much as I'd love to do it again, I don't think I can commit to ANOTHER month of every day. But I totally do plan on keeping it up.

  2. SO PROUD!!! You definitely should keep it up.