Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Half Term Holiday in Iceland: Days Zero and One (Friday and Saturday)

First, the logistics, in case anyone is interested in planning a trip to Iceland.  You never know, right?

We initially picked Iceland because I wanted to see the Northern Lights, and it was a quicker (and cheaper) flight than to Norway. Then our fab neighbours went in September and after looking at their pics and this this this and this post from Aspiring Kennedy, I was hooked- couldn't wait to get here. (AK has a lot more to say about Iceland, but my computer is translating things into Icelandic and I'm getting confused with copying links, so just google "aspiring kennedy iceland" to see the posts.  Her website doesn't have a good search option, but the google works, as always.)

(I'm typing this on Wednesday night and we haven't seen the Northern Lights yet. My hopes are no longer very high, but I was prepared to not see them before we got here, so it's okay.  I'm okay.  For now.)

Anyway.  We decided to spend half our time plus some down in southern Iceland, based near Reykjavik in a national park (to better our chances of seeing the Northern Lights, duh) and half our time up north in Akureyri.  We used HomeAway to find our houses, listed here and here respectively. (The ad for the Akureyri house boasts "mountain views" but I call bullshit.) The one in Reykjavik is a thousand times more awesome, but doesn't have a washing machine or wifi, which is LAME BEYOND ALL RECOGNITION, but the house in Akureyri is nice enough, it's just in the city, no hot tub and no awesome view.  But washing machine and wifi and it's hot as shit in here, these heaters WORK.

We flew Icelandic Air out of Heathrow.  There are cheaper airlines in Europe, obviously, that's all anyone ever talks about, twenty dollar flights, right? But it's easier for us to fly out of Heathrow since we live right there, and with a bigger airline you don't have to pay for extras like bags and getting to pick your seats.  And this plane was THEBOMBDOTCOM. It was the roomiest plane I've ever been on.  I had so much leg room, I probably could have...I can't think of anything to say here.  It was just huge.  And tvs for every seat!! Hooray!! I started The Americans, it was fantastic.

So we left after dinner on Friday and got here in the middle of the night, which sucks.  Not gonna lie. The guy waiting with our rental car (a big huge American SUV!!!) said it was a PERFECT night for the Northern Lights, but alas, no dice.

Alright, that's it for the logistics for now.  If you have any questions, seriously, email me, I will be more than happy to get the answers from Nick and relay them to you.

As soon as we woke up on Saturday, we bundled up and got ready to drive back down near the airport to go to the Blue Lagoon.  (Aspiring Kennedy's trip to the Blue Lagoon here.)
The house in Reykjavik.

Here's a quick geography lesson.  That I mostly made up. Iceland has some sort of geothermal thing going on, so there's all this hot water EVERYWHERE. So they pipe it around and have all these outdoor pools and stuff, it's WEIRD. And the Blue Lagoon apparently realized duh, we could make a fortune, so they found a hot spot and carved out this gorgeous pool slash lagoon and pipe in all this glorious hot water and you can smear mud all over your face and it's just AWESOME. So worth every penny.  EVERY PENNY. The kids were free, but they all had to wear floaties, with was fine with me since none of them can swim and they're all too small to touch the bottom.

It was just so fun!!!

But then we were exhausted so we drove home.
Also of note? People in Iceland do NOT mind being naked.  At all.  The huge communal dressing rooms at the Lagoon- full of confident naked people just walking around being naked.  Scott is NOT a fan.  Obviously.

All right, I gotta split.  This fucking google or blogger or whatever keeps popping up this thing that says "Þú hefur skráð þig út annarsstaðar. Viltu skrá þig aftur inn?
Já, ég vil skrá mig aftur inn." every five minutes and I can't figure out what it wants but it's EXTREMELY annoying.  We head back down to Rekjavik tomorrow with no wifi, but hopefully I can get some pics ready to go for when we head back to England to plan our next holiday!!

Iceland rocks.  Don't let anyone tell you anything different.  

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  1. Ah, how fun!!!! I just saw this post, but yes- the Blue Lagoon is totally worth the money. It's such a great time! xo