Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Goals

I wouldn't say I'm 'goal oriented.' Mostly because I'm not sure exactly what 'goal oriented' means.  But it sounds very Type A and OCD ish, and I'm definitely NOT that.  I just REALLY like to cross things off.  I mean, it's like a tick, drawing a line through something just DOES it for me, you know? So I make extremely detailed to-do lists, just so I have plenty to cross off.  Sit up. Get out of bed. Brush teeth. Okay. It's not THAT bad. But it's close.

Anyway. For lack of anything better to do today, I've mocked up my goals for the month.  I'm hoping this can be a recurring post, because I'm extrememly motivated by accountability.  It's how I lost thirty pounds with no problems after I had Scott by doing Weight Watchers, but I still haven't lost an ounce from having Warren.

Who is four.

Anyway.  Here's the list:
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Now for the breakdown: (are you singing? admit it. Never gonna get it never gonna get it, neeeeeeever gonna get it never gonna get it)

One: Redesign blog with this GORGEOUS color scheme, image sourced here.  You may or may not have noticed, depending on how you view this, that I've got a new blog address!!! My own piece of the internet. I was feeling pretty stupid after I clicked the button to authorize the payment, but I gotta admit, it feels pretty cool to see it up there.  I don't know why.

So along with my new address, I'd like a new look, one that reflects how I feel and what I want my blog to represent.  I stumbled across that pic on pinterest, added the color dropper squares, and now I'm stumped.  So that's helpful.

Two: Get a Christmas card worthy shot of ALL FOUR KIDS while we're in Iceland.  I don't care if it's of their backs (let's be honest, there's a ninety seven percent chance it will be of their backs) as long as they're ALL in it, and there's something pretty in the background. Waterfall, glacier, whale leaping up out of the water a la Free Willy- I don't care.  That image came from here.

Three: Put myself in three social situations outside of my comfort zone.  Image sourced here.

Groan.  This will be the hardest one.  As the weather gets worse and the Crazies Come Creepin, it's going to get harder and harder for me to interact.  And now that all the kids are in school, Daisy is all alone and becoming even more of a brat than usual, because she's so cute that I cave in and give her whatever she wants, whenever she wants it.  So. I'm going to bite the bullet, for her sake. And for mine, because it can't be healthy to never speak with another adult, can it?

The base has a playgroup I'm gonna try to hit up on Friday, and my church has a Tots group we'll try out next Tuesday.  Hopefully at least one of those won't be a complete and total disaster, because I'll have to go back to one to make the goal.

Hold me accountable.  Please.

Four: Workout twenty times.  Dinosaur motivating me can be found here.  This one shouldn't be too hard, I'm in the habit now.  The only thing is that we leave for Iceland on the 26th and I think I only gave myself one wiggle day, so I've got to actually do it, every day, without fail.

Five: Read two books.  I want to put three, but I've got to work on the quilt, and we're going to Iceland, and Dust and Allegiant release two days apart, AND at the end of the month, so I don't see that one happening.  If for some reason you're a moron who can't figure out amazon, you can follow this link for Shift and this one for Allegiant, and I'll throw in the one for Dust as long as I'm at it.  These aren't those affiliate links or anything, this is just so you can read the backs of the books.  I'm pretty fricking stoked about both of these. Well, Dust moreso than Shift, I'm reading Shift right now and it's slightly lame.
(Side note: I think I got the dates wrong, is Dust already out? I haven't finished Shift yet!!!)

Six: Finish the quilt top.  Preferably without sewing myself into it again. This is the most lofty goal I've set for myself this month, and honestly, I don't know how I can get it done. I've got twelve rows sewn, so I need to pin another five (groan) sew those, iron it all, then sew the seventeen rows together. And since I just started binge watching Fringe on Netflix...I'm pretty busy.  But c'mon, I bought the fabric at the beginning of May, it's time to get this done.

Seven: Purge the kids summer clothes. Ugh. Not ugh for doing it, that'll be easy and I just love that feeling of bagging shit up and getting it out of the house. Ugh because it's officially cold and won't warm up again until what, next June? Double ugh.

Eight: Publish twelve posts.  Including this one ;) That means twice a week twice and three times a week twice. I would say I could probably even do a few more, but we'll be in Iceland and who knows how the wifi will be and I'll be busy looking at glaciers and waterfalls and leaping whales, so you know. Clever blog meme sourced here.

So those are my goals for this month.  I'll be breaking them down into manageable steps, but I won't bore you with those details. (I restrained myself from saying 'deets' You're welcome.) Have any goals you want me to hold you accountable for? Or is it accountable to? That sounds better.

And, I found this while I was rummaging around looking for pictures, and I just had to share.  NOTHING makes me more stabby than people who can't figure out YOUR and YOU'RE. Ryan gets it.
Image can be found here


  1. Love the your/you're pic. It's one of my worst nightmares...to think when people read my blog I've got typos and grammatical errors that I've overlooked in my hurried state of blogging and think I'm a big moron. It's hard to blog with 1-4 kids pulling on you or screaming in your ear!

    1. Right?!?! And (aside from being distracted by children) if you get confused, there's even a FRIENDS QUOTE TO HELP!!!

      "Y O U apostrophe R E means YOU ARE. Y O U R means YOUR!!!!"

      Easy peasy.