Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ruislip Lido

Last weekend, we drove (yes, drove. We know you're supposed to ride your bikes.  But Warren...not the best on his bike. Or on his feet.  Or even sitting down really) to the huge lake slash park slash train thing right around the corner.
I can get on board with this 'autumn' business.  All climates should really have a fall season.
How have we never been there before?

Oh yeah, because usually when we have a free afternoon, we go to London.  Our life is rough, I tell ya.

I basically have nothing interesting to say.  I just wanted to post these pics so I can move them from the to do folder to the October folder.  You know how I get.

This day turned into the Daisy Show.  As always.  She's the only one who will let me shoot her!!!
She's still obsessed with rocks.  So weird. 

Hey birds, do you like my rock?

What the fuck happened to these pigeons?!?!

Hey guys, don't you want me to play with you?

Proof that I do occasionally notice that I have other children. 

Think we're too big for these? Nah. Let's rock!!

Sorry for the boring post.  I just really wanted to get these pictures up. 

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