Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thursday's Thoughts

You know how most people (I think?) hate the boring monotony of the routine, every day things? Well, I am like the total opposite.  With some things, not everything.  I hope.

I thrive on routine.  I like to get up at the same time, do the same things, in the same order, every single time.  I like rotation too, like I have a set schedule to rotate through my workout tapes every day.  And I rotate through the three different types of shampoo I use.  But I always follow the same order in the shower.

I like to eat the same thing for lunch, every SINGLE day.  I'd like to eat the same thing for dinner, but I can never decide which meal I'd want, and I know my family would freak the freak out if I did that.

So.  How strange is this, really? I mean, two year olds are extremely comforted by reading the same book four million times a day, right? So maybe I'm comforted by having a grilled chicken salad with one shredded carrot and half a sliced bell pepper every day.  Is that really so bad?

Today was apparently Old People Day at Tesco.  Ugh.  I forgot to add tp to the delivery the other day, and Ava's teacher suggested a few things to help her where she's struggling, so I loaded the baby up and headed out.  I should have left as soon as I saw how crowded the car park was.  Then all these old people who are RUDE AS FUCK are all over the aisles, so of course Tesco chooses THIS EXACT MOMENT to send out every single shelf stocker with his entire forklift pallet of shit- it was a complete nightmare.

And they didn't have a SINGLE thing on my list other than toilet paper.  Which, even as a thirty one year old mother of four, I am still EXTREMELY embarrassed to be seen buying. I would honestly rather buy tampons and condoms than toilet paper.

Anyway.  The big Tesco now has those scanners so you can scan and bag as you go and not have to wait in line when you leave, so that was like the one silver lining of the day.

Today reaffirmed my love of online shopping.  Without a doubt.

As long as we're talking about online shopping, let's talk about how totes amazeballs amazon is.  First, regular amazon.  Love it.  They have everything, they almost always have the best prices, and even on the off chance they're four dollars more for something, it's worth it for their customer service.

Need an example? Glad you asked.  The kids all wear Merrells.  Just the regular slip on things, waterproof, indestructable, the best shoe on the market.  Seriously.  So Daisy needed a new pair, so I ordered them.  Well first I ordered the wrong size.  No idea why, total bonehead move.  Caught it when they sent my confirmation order, so I hurried up and canceled that with no problem and ordered the correct size.

The next day, I got the shipment email.  For some reason, I checked the box for our Hawaii address.  What the fuck? Why? Why did I do that? We've been gone for too long for the mail to get forwarded, and it's base housing, so it's not like I know the people who live there now and can get them to help me out. So I emailed Amazon and told them exactly what I did.  Which was just a stupid thing to do, it wasn't their fault or anything, in ANY way.

The guy emailed me back that he sent through a full refund and it showed up on my card the next day.

So basically, they ate that money because who knows where those shoes are.  Amazing, right?

And Amazon UK is almost better.  Almost every single thing on that website has free shipping, and it's not like two week shipping, it's like next day, or at MOST, two days later.  I mean, how do they do it so fast?!?!

So yeah.  I love Amazon.  I also love Carters and all the Gap stores, because they ship to APO for no extra charge and they're FAST.  Stride rite sucks, Walmart sucks, and Target won't ship here.

So Amazon for President, seriously.

I have a terrible headache.  I had it when I went to bed, and when I woke up, but I plowed through my workout (and Thursday is a hard day!!!) and then looked around like "check me out, can you believe it? I worked out with this killer headache!!" But no one was there, and no one cares anyway.  What, exactly, did I think was going to happen? Did I think I would magically be ten pounds lighter because I'd worked out when I really didn't want to? Well....yes.  Yes I did.  I always sort of think my body should know when I deserve a little something extra.  Like, if I work out after a night of drinking, I should burn double the calories or something.

Side note: An entire bag of Halloween shaped marshmallows won't cure a horrible headache.  I know, I'm as surprised as you are.

My friend last night told me I looked like I've lost weight.  She is now my favorite person ever in the history of the world, and I am going to be floating on this high for probably the next three weeks.  During which I will undoubtably gain eleven pounds.

The end.

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  1. Your last point made me laugh out loud, for REAL. I totally get it. It's like a photo of myself--a good photo (or a bad one) can affect my mood more than I care to admit for much longer than I care to admit!