Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thursday's Thoughts

Do you have any thoughts in your head? Wanna share them with us?

I slept thru my alarm today!!! I HATE the new ios or whatever. Well, I have change in general.  But I especially hate when people (Nick) force me to change my absolute my beloved tool in my entire life.  Yes.  I have a VERY deep relationship with my phone. My gorgeous 4S. My precious.  Do I awant the swanky new gold 5? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Anyway, my ringer somehow got turned all the way down.  Which is ridiculous.  I never adjust the volume because, duh, I don't talk on the phone. I keep my phone on silent all day!! Literally. It lights up when Holly or Angela texts me, but honestly, since I'm always holding it in my hand anyway...

Regardless, when something jolted me up at 0548 this morning, I fumbled for the phone and it was flashing that the alarm was ringing and asking did I want to snooze.  Idiot.  Stupid worthless piece of crap.  It was too late to workout, and too early to feel awesome for sleeping in, so basically my entire day was ruined.

And it usually wouldn't matter, because I don't leave the house anyway, so I could just workout whenever, but I forgot to set up a grocery delivery, so I HAD to run to Tesco.  Ugh.

So this is what my workout consisted of. Ugh.

She used to be really good when I worked out, but now that my tapes are twice as long, plus she was cranky and it was almost nap just wasn't pleasant.  At all.

You know how like you have all these things that you have to do but you hate to do them? And you're convinced that they take ALL DAY LONG to do? No? Just me?

Well I have a lot.  But off the top of my head, unloading the dishwasher and changing the sheets would be at the top of the list.  I swear to God, it must take four hours to unload the dishwasher (luckily Nick does this every morning, but I have to run it after lunch, and if I want to be able to load it after dinner...) and changing the sheets? That's an all day endeavor.

We have three 'bed' rooms, and I change one of them every Thursday, so like, everyone gets new sheets every three weeks, give or take.  Is that gross? I can never figure out how often people change their sheets.  Should I be doing it every week? For all three?

Regardless.  (The word of the day, apparently, is regardless.) Our bed is a normal bed, so that's not a big deal. Plus, I get to reap the benefits of my hard work, so that's a bonus.  But the kids' rooms are each a full on full bunk and it just SUCKS.

Well, with my strange morning, I had a lot of free time, so I hurried up there to do the boys' room before we left for school.  I happened to look at the clock when I started, since I was worried about running late, and it was 0726.  So I stripped their beds, wrestled with the new sheets, and was profuseling sweating by the time I heaped all their sheets down the stairs and looked at the clock.

0734. It took me EIGHT MINUTES.

EIGHT MINUTES!!!! Can you believe that?!?! And I had to pause twice to argue with Scott about the end of the world!!! EIGHT MINUTES!!!

Why is my mind playing tricks on me?!?! Do you have any idea how often I've laid on the couch, weeping and lamenting about having to take six hours of my day and change the sheets? And all this time, I only had to find a spare EIGHT MINUTES!!!

I could basically get it done in two commercial breaks!!!

Ugh. What else has my mind been lying to me about?!?!

I already posted this on IG, but I'm so bummed that I've got to keep beating the dead horse.

THIS is what people think when they think 'Americans.' Can you believe that?!?!

Well, yes. Of course you can. Because duh.

This is the new American section of my grocery store.  Sugary, artificial cereal. Pop tarts. More candy than I can name from the tiny picture. Kraft. Which, yes, I give Daisy an Easy Mac every SINGLE day for lunch, but still.  You KNOW how people make fun of how fake Kraft is.  It's NEON ORANGE for heaven's sake!!!

Ugh. Am I stupid to be embarrassed? I mean, it's not like I'm the healthiest person alive.  I mean, just look at me. But still.  This REALLY hurt my feelings!! Is this REALLY what the rest of the world thinks of us?!?! And now with all this government shut down business and the bickering about healthcare, it's just embarassing.  I feel like the other countries are all laughing at us behind our backs.  Or right in front of me at the grocery store.

This is why I order my groceries online.  No judgement.

Well I guess three thoughts is my limit for the day.  I'd love to hear the thoughts running around in your head this week.  Leave your link in the comments!!


  1. I believe you did get your workout in...8 minutes...holy freakin' cow! That's a quick change. I keep telling myself that changing the sheets every 2-3 (or 4) weeks is perfectly normal. If you find out it's not cool...don't clue me in.
    Also, I am very embarrassed about the "American favourites"...geez! I mean, I like hummus, veggies, and fruit with my Dr. Pepper!

    1. Yeah, it was pretty eye opening. Although they actually eat a lot of junk food here, they just have stricter laws on artificial whatevers that go into our versions of the same brands!! Very strange.

      And I'm MEGA glad to hear how often you change sheets. Why does no one talk about this?!?! There should be a set of guidelines or something...

  2. my mind tricks me too. how is that fair? if you can't trust the most vital organ of your body, what are you to trust? (is the brain an organ?)

    1. Sure, the brain is probably an organ. I don't really remember that part of nursing school. I can confidently inform you that the largest organ in the human body is the skin. You're welcome.

  3. Growing up, my mom always washed everyone's sheets once a week. Sunday was usually Clean Sheet Day. So that's what I do now. It also helps if any of your kids have bad allergies because apparently there are always lots of dust mites in your sheets.

    My mother is also the reason I'm a germ freak. Shocker.

  4. oh, jenn. i'm terrible with the sheets. maybe once a month? that's actually a bold face lie. once every 2 months. it's awful. i know.