Saturday, November 30, 2013

December Goals (And Nov Revisited)

Alls I can say about November is...what the fuck?

What happened? What? I- I'm so confused. I'm sitting her on the very last day of the second to last month of the year of two thousand and thirteen and I'm more than slightly confused as to how I got here from eleventh grade, let alone how I managed to not do a single fucking thing this entire month.


I don't get it!!!

You know how I'm like obsessed with filing everything in my computer away in folders? LOOK AT MY MAIN FOLDER!!!


How am I supposed to find anything?!?! Half of that stuff, I literally have no idea what it is. I'm so confused. Confounded. Bamboozeled even.

And that's not even a tiny fraction of the disaster that is my photo folders.

How did this happen?!?!

My phone is worse. There's apps all over, filling up eight screens.  Thanks Daisy. There's two hundred and forty seven pictures in my camera roll, two hundred and forty five of which are Warren's face and nose. Which isn't a big deal for normal people, but since Daisy ate my sweet huge 32gb 4S a few months ago, I am now the shamed owner of an 8gb phone.


I do not have room for two hundred and forty five pics of Warren's nostrils. I tried to put a ten minute episode of Care Bears in my phone the other day to shut her up and it wouldn't fit.

Cook five new recipes? BITCH PLEASE.

Get back to healthy eating? Eh. Sort of. Actually, I'd call that a Mostly Win. I eat pretty good on weekdays, then binge eat on the weekends. Win some lose some?

Finish the quilt? Oh, you make me giggle.

A king sized quilt is too big for a machine. That's just a fact. Obviously, factories where they manufacture king sized quilts are magical.

Accomplishing anything with Daisy as a helper is just impossible. She's too cute and fun and 'helpful' to focus.

Workout 22 times? WHAT AM I DOING WRONG WITH MY MATH?!?! Five days a week. That ended up being twenty times. So HOW did I count out 22?!?! I would have made this goal if only I'd paid attention to counting in kindergarten.  Ugh.

Read three books. This one I am actually ASHAMED of.  Like, hanging my head in horror. I plowed thru all three Silo books plus Allegiant plus half of Jack Reacher in October. And I don't know if it's normal, but after I read a REALLY good book, I'm spent. Juliette and Solo took an emotional toll on me!!! I was drained after I finished that. Then there was the train wreck that was Allegiant, then Jack Reacher was so ridiculously hyper violent... I was mentally exhausted as far as reading was concerned. I didn't want to get attached to more characters and risk losing them, not just to fictional death, but to literal death when I closed the book. So I played soduko on my phone and read all my back issues of Real Simple and EW on my iPad instead. And by 'my iPad' I of course mean 'Daisy's iPad.'

Purge the Playroom!!! HAHAHA!!! I DID THAT!! I'm so proud.

Although if I'm honest, Nick handled most of that. But whatever, it's still a check mark!!!

The only check mark.


Anyway. I was seriously not going to set any goals whatsoever in December, but that just seems silly, so I'm aiming a little lower (a little lower? Is that possible? What could be lower than my November goals?!?!) and here we go.

Does anyone else have to sing that line like Fresh Beat Band? 'Get ready, cause here we go!!'

Inspiration found here.

And there you go. I just wasted about two hours setting that all up, two hours I could have been spending finishing that Christmas quilt. Ugh.

**The 'prize' will be a text or email that says 'you guessed right you lucky lady you!!!**

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  1. I totally agree that November just... disappeared. I am in denial that the end of the year is a month away. I just refuse to set goals because then I can't fail. WIN!