Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Five Favorites

I'm doing a Five Things I'd Like for Christmas edition of Five Favorites.  They'd probably be favorites if I had them, right? And obviously, it's not like I actually plan on receiving all or even most of these.  Because apparently I have expensive tastes.

I've wanted this clarisonic thingie FOREVER.  Why haven't I just gotten it? Who knows. Not me. I mean, it's not secret that I have terrible skin.  I'm thirty one and I still have acne for heaven's sake. And the scarce spots on my face that AREN'T covered with cystic-style straight-from-high-school acne? I've got the pitted crater type scars.  It's fun.  
So this clarisonic scrub brush thing has like seventy jillion five star reviews, every single person I know who has one (two people) rave about it, seriously, you hear NOTHING BUT GOOD THINGS about it.  So why don't I already have one? Who knows.  But I want one. Do any of ya'll have one? Which one do you have? There's three or four models on their website (I read somewhere that Amazon sells fake ones!!! Not my beloved amazon!!!) but does it matter? Aren't they basically all the same? 

So this one confused me for a while. It's called a tablet? Which is what people who don't have the iPad version of an iPad call their thingies? Like, a galaxy tablet is a samsung iPad? So you know I like to scrapbook digitally now, and I like to edit a lot of my pictures. And I like to watch tv. So I usually do my scrapping and editing on the laptop in the living room. Which means using the tiny trackpad. And even one the big computer, with the mouse, it's sometimes REALLY hard to navigate around eyes and Daisy's tiny little nose, and sometimes I like to doodle effects into the scrap pages, all that good stuff.  And I keep hearing scrappers talk about editing on their 'tablets' and 'tablets this' and 'tablets that' and I'm thinking, wow, how are they getting their iPads to do this? I can barely play spider solitaire on mine... Well, they're not. Duh. They're talking about one of these wacom things.  I've never seen one in person, but I'd imagine it's a screen like an iPad or maybe one of the old Palm Pilots, and it comes with a pen.

Instead of a mouse.

REVOLUTIONARY. You know how easy I could get into eyes and around her nose with a PEN!?!?! Mind. Blown.  So this is actually what I for real want for Christmas. Do any of ya'll use one? Because I don't know what size to get. And as far as I can tell, wacom is the only company who offers this, but surely that can't be right. So I'd love some feedback on this. 

A body pillow.  Sigh. I've been addicted to body pillows since like sixth grade.  I don't know if it's because I'm a side sleeper or because I'm fat, but I NEED a body pillow.  Just a pillow between my knees isn't enough, I need it to go all up under my chest and arm too.  
And guess what they don't use here in the UK? Body pillows. Every now and then I can find this weird V pillow thing, but it sucks.  It's a lame substitute. 
So.  Would I actually ever spend two hundred bucks on a pillow? Not a chance.  But a gal can dream, can't she?

These are the classes I want to take at Clickin' Moms. Elements of Design, and Composition and Creativity.  There's really not much else to say about them. They're extremely expensive, but for half price you can do them as a 'study along' so maybe I could do that. There's just something missing in my pictures, and I'm hopeful that maybe one of these classes would point me in the right direction? Who knows.

And since the majority of my list seems to be centred around my photography hobby, let's throw a lens in the mix for some fun. I have the nifty fifty, which I love more than some of my children, but it's REALLY tight inside since my camera is a crop.  So I'm thinking the 35 would be a nice change, I could get more in each shot, you know? And I wouldn't need the fifty anymore, so I could probably toss that onto ebay and come out not paying much for the 35 in the end.  

So that's my list.  Have you got any faves this week?  Share them over at Moxie Wife! She's so cute. 


  1. This looks like a great list… I absolutely love the design of your blog and am amazed that you are on Blogger (as I am too!) How did you format your post? I love the way you have the numbers and the image at the top. (Are the numbers just images?) Also, one more question, sorry! What are you using for photo editing?

    1. Thankyou! I use Photoshop Elements 9 to edit. The top is just screen shots of all the stuff, pasted onto a white document on PSE, then I added the numbers and the leaf frame. The numbers are a free font, it's called Christmas Flakes if you want to google it, it's a FABULOUS font. And then the smaller numbers down into the post are a small white document with the numbers pasted onto it, then when I uploaded them I told blogger to set them on the right or left so I could write next to them instead of under like I usually do with images. I hope that helped? I've just sort of started diving into blog design, so if you have any other questions I'd love to help, or at least point you in the right direction (i.e. google :) )