Sunday, November 3, 2013

Half Term Holiday in Iceland: Day Four (Tuesday)

This is basically the last post-worthy day of pictures and stuff.  Lucky you ;)

Tuesday was our first full day in Akureyri and we woke up early to haul ass up north to Dalvik for our whale watching tour of the harbor.

He canceled for crap weather.  But alas!! He took our number and said he'd call if the wind died down (which it did, and he did, and everything was fine.) I cried for just a few minutes this time, instead of like at the glaciers.

We had originally planned on heading over to the waterfall they used at the beginning of (the world's lamest movie) Promethesis, the Dettifoss,  but after the terrifying white out on the MAIN highway on the drive Monday, we didn't want to chance dying, so we decided to head for Godafos instead. Little did we know that this route was just as deadly to a couple of island drivers.

But we made it, and lived to tell the tale.  And got some pictures.  And that's the important part, right?

This one was almost as astounding as the Gulfoss.  Actually, it was slightly more awesome, just because of all the snow. But still, as a whole, Gulfoss is still the best waterfall in the entire world.  And you can quote me on that.  Although I do want to see that one in Africa.  And isn't there a cool one in South America somewhere? And I should probably visit Niagara...

 The kids got to PLAY IN THE SNOW.  Why is this so fun? I don't know.  Nick seemed to really enjoy it too.  Ugh.  I see snow, I see WET and COLD.  Not FUN. But I'm sort of a lame-o, so wharves.

So. This super sweet man offered to take our picture.  And I was too cold to fumble my phone out of my pocket.  So I handed off my dslr.  Which is set to Back Button Focus.  Which I failed to mention to him because I thought it would like remember that I'd JUST focused for that shot of the kids and Nick.

It didn't.
 So instead of a PERFECT HOLIDAY PHOTO where EVERY SINGLE KID IS LOOKING RIGHT AT THE CAMERA AND SMILING, I have a useless blurry disaster.  I'm DEVASTATED.  Seriously.  Ugh.

 Warren called bullshit on this 'snow' fun and went to lay (lie?) down in the car.  Poor kid.  He didn't fall asleep though!!

Then Daisy inexplicably began to crawl around mewing.  So that was weird.

And then it was just too cold and we left.  And RIGHT when we got back to civilization, dude called and said the boat trip was on!!! So we headed back up for that. And the rest was history.
 Total awesome history.

 He did sleep on the boat.  He gets TERRIBLY carsick, so when he said he didn't feel well and wanted to lie down instead of look at the pod of one thousand whales anymore, we didn't argue.  Dude can sleep ANYWHERE.  And he didn't throw up.  So winning.

I look like I hate the fact that I'm wearing a huge ugly fisherman's suit from an episode of Deadliest Catch.  The truth can't be further from that look, I want one of those. I want to wear it to take the kids to school. To go to London. To do anything at all ever outside.  SO FUCKING WARM.  It's basically a miracle suit.

The kids didn't love theirs AS much because they had to wear lifejackets. Haha. Losers. 

 I'm pretty sure we saw a thousand whales.  Nick says ten.  But I'm going with a thousand.

At the end, we got to go fishing.  Which Nick is STILL talking about today.  Apparently fishing is fun and catching things is even funner?

Isn't he so sexy?!?!

Then we went back to the marina and the dude grilled it and my family ATE the fish that had just been in the ocean.  SO GROSS.  I tried it, it tasted like fish.  Not sure what all the fuss was about.

But.  This day? This was the best day.  Seriously.


  1. Amazing...just freakin' amazing! Your kids are going to be so spoiled when it comes to world travel! (a compliment, BTW)

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