Saturday, November 2, 2013

Half Term Holiday in Iceland: Day Three (Monday)

As promised, MUCH fewer pictures for day three. 

On Monday, we left the fantastic views of our wifi and washer less house in the gorgeous 'state' park near Reykjavik and, after a few quick stops for sightseeing, headed north to Akureyri.  I was going to put a map up to show you how fucking big Iceland is and how much driving we did, but seriously, I need to go watch Fringe so you'll have to take my word for it.  It was almost five hours from city to city.
 No wifi, but it had a fantastic hot tub with a KILLER view, that I didn't manage to catch in the frame.  Shrug.

But before we headed north, we drove out to the Icelandic Geysir.

It was SO COOL.

I've never seen the one in Yosemite so this was my first experience with water inexplicably shooting up out of the earth.

Scott's too.  MAN ALIVE, how I wish I'd caught the look on his face when it blew.  He was FREAKING OUT.

 Here's what I didn't know, in case you're headed up there.  Geysir is the big one, back further along the path.  We stood there for a good fifteen minutes, waiting, all alone.  Turns out that one doesn't erupt very often.  After earthquakes and things, and sometimes just sporadically.  Who knew? Not us. Fools.
This is me and Daisy in front of the big one, the actual Geysir geyser.  

This one that actually blows regularly, every few minutes, is called Stokkur.  It's first on the path, and it really does go quite often, sometimes four or five times right in a row!

It was SO COLD.  We didn't last very long, then we headed back to the gift shop for lunch before continuing on to Gullfoss.

 Holy shit.

Remember how yesterday I thought each of those waterfalls was the most amazing thing EVER? Well, I was WRONG.  Gullfoss is just absolutely without a doubt one hundred percent breathtaking.

I know it's not fair to compare, since I've never actually seen Niagara.  I get that. My experience of Niagara is limited to the scene where Jim and Pam get married before their wedding, that's it.

But I can't, with all my creative powers of making shit up and living in fantasy worlds of my own creation, imagine that Niagara Falls could be better than this.

It just can't be.
 You can't see it because the angle's all wrong, but this sucker is DEEP.  Or tall.  How do you say it? It's just HUGE.  Huge.

I have a lot of other pictures if you don't believe me.  It's breathtaking.  When we came down the flight of stairs and saw it full on, it literally took my breath away.  People who look at that and don't believe in a God who created it are just silly.

Then it was back in the car for the drive up north.

Which was long, but it included a lot of views like this, so I can't really complain.

Biggest photography lesson I learned on this holiday? Compose IN CAMERA. I don't bother, assuming I can crop to my desired ratio on the computer.  NOT SO. Ugh.

Another lesson? CLEAN THE WINDOW IF YOU'RE GOING TO SHOOT WITHOUT ROLLING IT DOWN.  Sorry about the smudge DEAD CENTER, but isn't the rainbow cool?!?!

And it was obvious when we reached the 'up north' part.  One heart attack inducing stretch of windy highway was actually COMPLETELY whited out, with NO GUARDRAIL between us and what must surely have been a two- no FIVE- mile plummet straight down the side of the mountain.  Swear to God.

But we made it and it was WORTH IT.

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