Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Half Term Holiday in Iceland: Days Five Six and Seven

When we finally woke up from our Magnificent Whale Sighting Induced Slumber on Wednesday morning, it was... SNOWING!!!
 Now.  For the official record, I don't particularly enjoy snow.  Or rain.  Or being cold.  Or hot. Basically I don't like to be uncomfortable in any way, shape, or form.

HOWEVER. For this Mississippi girl and her South Florida husband, and her four children that have spent the majority of their short lives on tropical islands near the equator, there is something TRULY magical about snow actually falling from the sky.

I don't get sappy about it laying all over the place like a gorgeous white blanket, and I especially don't like when it gets slushy and runny and turns grey.  But watching it fall from the sky?

Count me in. I could do it for hours.  It's just WEIRD.  How does it work? Snowflakes? Get out. Water or ice. That's all that should come from the sky!!! Not perfectly formed snowflakes.

It's just cool.

So naturally, since it was snowing, we headed for the Aukureyri pool! There was a swim team practicing, with their coach all bundled up in full ski gear, and a few old people, but other than that, we had the place to ourselves.

It's just indescribable.  I can't explain what it feels like to be in a POOL, not just a hot tub, while it's literally- LITERALLY- freezing outside.  It's just weird!! But so cool.

After that, we went back to the apartment for the first nap of the vacation (I guess I'm finally starting to unclench about my Sleep Schedule- can you believe it, Mom?!?!) then we walked around Akureyri for a few hours before we hiked up to Rub23 for dinner.

I don't have pictures, but the 'city' was fun to walk around. It was only two streets, but there was snow everywhere and I found my coffee cup (I like to get one from everywhere we go, bonus points if it's not a Starbucks and TRIPLE bonus points if it was made IN that city instead of in China, win win in this instance) and the kids were being good- it was just fun.  And Rub23 is a lot fancier than what we usually do, but the kids had fun with their (nasty) sushi and my steak was good and life is just awesome.

Thursday we drove ALL the way back down to Reykjavik. It wasn't as bad as the drive up, but seriously, any five hour drive sucks.  We ate here and it was all right, nothing to write home about but kid friendly with free wifi.

Friday was our last day, so we spent it trying to explore Reykjavik.

But honestly, it was so windy and too cold.  We only lasted a few hours, and that was including an hour respite here, at what I've decided is my favorite restaurant from the vacay. Good food, free wifi, relaxed atmosphere, washers and dryers (I didn't use them) and an entire basement playroom.  Done and done.

Then it was early to bed, up at five, and flying bak to London. Well Gatwick actually.  What? Somehow when we booked the tickets we didn't get a round trip out of Heathrow? How does that even happen?

Got me. Don't let it happen to you, it REALLY sucked.

So that was our week in Iceland.  Phew. It's Wednesday night and I'm still recovering.


  1. Iceland! Definitely on our holiday-wish-list. Gorgeous photos!!!