Monday, November 4, 2013

November Goals (And October Goals Revisited)

Well, let's just dive right in, shall we?
My goals for November are sort of lame because I'm boring and don't really feel like doing much.  If I'm honest.

-Cook Five New Recipes: In addition to the Home from Holidays and Now Life is Boring Blues, I've been in a cooking rut for a while now.  Angela and I need to just get the lead out and start making our way thru the DALS book.  But she's got jobs and babies and she's growing babies and so until she's ready (no pressure, for serious) I'm sort of digging pulling things of the Jamie Oliver  website. As a subgoal under this one, I would also like to blog more menus and recipes to beef up my Food We Make page.

-Get Back to Healthy Eating: Gag me.  On the bright side, it would appear I only gained about a pound on vacation last week.  That's HUGE for me.  But since the kids were out the week before we left, I sort of fell off the bandwagon on this front.  So back to work.  Little to no grains.  One diet Coke a day.  And water.  Oh for God's sake, I hate water so much.  My goal is six bottles a day, which comes out to a hundred and forty four ounces a day.  I think technically I'm supposed to be at an ounce per pound, which would be more like seven bottles, but since I'm making this up as I go along, I picked six. My hardest time of day is about two in the afternoon, after lunch but well before snacks, so that's when I usually have my beloved diet Coke.  And after the kids go to bed, I've been known to fall into the mindless eating trap, but Nick is pretty good about making tea every night and that's sometimes enough to nip that in the butt.

Is it 'nip that in the butt' or 'nip that in the bud'? I don't know.

-Finish the Fucking Quilt: It's time.  Get it done.

-Workout 22 Times: As long as I stay on my schedule, this should be doable.  I'll still loving my Jillian Michaels' tapes (I love all her tapes, but the two I use most are Hard Body and Ripped in 30) and I'm also really liking The Firm.  The girls are so much nicer on those, and you think it's sorta easy and lame while you're doing it and then you try to climb the stairs to take a shower afterwards and you're muscles are DEAD and you're stuck.  So in other words, it's a SERIOUS workout.

I will say that I find it EXTREMELY annoying that The Firm aren't on iTunes.  They have like three different tapes, but that's it.  So I have to buy the dvd and put it in the computer since we don't have a dvd player, which is MEGA LAME.  I am DYING to try the T25 from the Insanity guy, but it's not on iTunes and Nick tried to put Insanity into the computer and we couldn't get it to work.  LAME.  Seriously.  It's 2013 people.  Put your shit in iTunes.

-Read Three Books: Shouldn't be a problem.  Right now I'm still on Jack Reacher, then I want to try The Husband's Secret and then I need another one after that.

-Purge the Playroom: Last month it was clothes, this time it's the playroom.  Even though we keep saying 'no new things' we keep bringing home new things (weird) so something's gotta go.  My lofty goal is all the baskets half empty, but in reality, I'll probably only be able to get away with tossing like two segments of wooden train track.

So there you go.  Nothing too outrageous because I've got all that Fringe to watch, plus Orphan Black and Downton (haha, America, you suckers gotta wait till January but I'm already halfway thru season four!!!) and I want to try that new Blacklist show.  So no time to become a better person.  Oh well.

All right.  Now to look back on a pretty successful October, if I do say so myself...

1. Blog Redesign: Well, I'm unsure if I accomplished this.  I'm leaning towards no.  I did a lot of work, but there's a lot left I want to do.  But surely I can give myself like half a check for all the work I did.  Right?

2. Photo of all four kids in Iceland: You decide.  Well actually, I already called it a success.

3. Three Uncomfortable Social Situations: Fail.  Ugh.  Not for lack of trying.  Well, sort of.  I went to the playgroup on base twice and was going to go a third time, but Scott stayed home sick and I couldn't very well take him.  I never tried the group at church.  I did, however, make a new friend and we had her family over a few times. So that almost counts.

4. Exercise Twenty Times: Nailed it.  It was tough, I'm not gonna lie.  I think I may have done the math wrong, I didn't leave myself any cheat days!! And that's not like me.  The not leaving cheat days, not the getting the math wrong, that's very much like me. But I did it, with like four minutes of October to spare.

5. Read Two Books: Nailed that one too.  I finished Shift and Allegiant, plus Dust, and most of the first Jack Reacher book.  Reviews to come, I know you can't wait ;)

6. Finish Quilt Top: Nailed it. Early on too! I'm so cool. But now I can't figure out how to sandwhich the batting and back together.  It's king sized, and I don't know where to lay it out. And I don't know that I trust my spray baste to hold it together, but I really don't want to pin it.  And I haven't learned how to bind it yet.  Ugh.  I did, however, spend another small fortune on fabric for ANOTHER quilt.  Maybe I'll be That Lady Who Sews Quilt Tops.  It can be my thing.

7. Purge the Kids' Summer Clothes: Nailed it. This was easy too.

8. Twelve Posts: Nailed that too!

So I'll call October a success.  Onward!!

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