Sunday, November 10, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

Seven Quick Takes is usually a link up, but I can't remember where or what day.  I'm thinking it has something to do with Camp Patton. Or something. I don't know. It's a way to do a bullet post without having to be all 'crap, I'm doing another bullet post.'

So sign me up.

1. What the hell is with everyone on Instagram apologizing for being in the Christmas spirit already? I DON'T GET IT. Someone the other day posted a pic of like the Michael Buble Christmas cd and was like "I know, it's AWFUL!!! It's SO EARLY!!! I'M SO SORRY BUT I JUST CAN'T HELP MYSELF!!!"

Um, shut your face hole.  No one cares. Get over yourself.  So you like Christmas? Just like EVERYONE ELSE? If you want to start early, start early. But for God's sake don't blow up my feed APOLOGIZING for it. This might be the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

Are you afraid of hurting Thanksgiving's feelings? Do you hate twinkle lights? Do you think Jesus is going to be pissed that you put your tree up the day after Halloween? Why, exactly, is this a problem?

I love Christmas. I love every single thing about the holidays. I love fall and I love Thanksgiving, and of COURSE I prefer burnt oranges and beiges and light browns and deep reds to the traditional red and green palate of Christmas. But COME ON. Twinkle lights? Penguins? Reindeer? Bows and those red holly berries right in the middle of those two gorgeous green pokey leaves?
And don't even get me started on Christmas music. For a gal who LOVES to turn it up and scream at the top of her lungs, there is NO better music than Christmas music. It is LITERALLY designed for screaming in the car pool line.  LITERALLY.

We put up our tree.  We let the kids decorate it and we're going to fix it later this week.  

By Friday, my entire house will be decorated, top to bottom, inside and out. The table is laid out with the Christmas linens (how fancy am I?!?!) and my dishes have been replaced with my Christmas Lenox pattern.  Just kidding, it's from Target.

But yeah. For the next two months, we will not eat a bowl of cereal or lap up a plate of eggs on anything other than festive holiday ware. I even have a full melamie (is that the word?) set for the kids from Target's day after Christmas 90% off sale.  Nikki and I got up at four for those suckers, we're damn sure not waiting until December to pull them out.

I don't have a point, other than you shouldn't be ashamed of liking Christmas.  Or worse, you shouldn't be PRETENDING to be ashamed of liking Christmas. That's obviously worse.  Wanna set your tree up the day after Halloween? Have at it.  Wanna wait till Christmas Eve? Whatever blows your skirt up. NOBODY CARES.

2. We headed to London today since we haven't been in FOREVER (like, three weeks) and London is with me- it's ALL THE CHRISTMAS THINGS EVERYWHERE. Granted, we only went to Covent Garden. But whatever. It's all done up, there's giant ornaments and tons of twinkle lights and a huge tree and a giant bush cut into Rudolph- the whole nine yards. Because London GETS ME.  London owns my heart forever. They're opening a Winter Wonderland Whatever in Hyde Park in two weeks and you'd better believe I'll be there. Plus ice skating in front of the dungeon, and I'm sure they'll do up the palace gates, and I bet Oxford and Regent streets will be all bedazzled with twinkle lights and the shop windows will be gorgeous with fake snow....Christmas rocks.  London rocks. I love everything.

3. I don't think I've recovered from Iceland yet.  I think seven days might be a tad too long for a vacation.  Maybe not a proper vacation, but we sort of travel a lot right now.  We gotta see everything in two years!! We're already almost halfway done. With the two years, not with the seeing everything.  So we basically go somewhere every single time there's a break in school.  But yeah, seven days, every two or three months? It's too much. I think five is my limit.  Nick is planning Prague so I'm in charge of planning Rome for February (until I cry and pass the buck to him) and I think I'm gonna plan for five days.

I'm just still so tired and worn out and my belly is still upset from binging for an entire week and I'm still behind on laundry and the kids are still acting like jet lagged assholes, even though the time difference was only an hour. Groan.

4. Fringe. Ohhhh, Fringe. I know I touched on it before, but MAN ALIVE do I love that show!!! And Nick likes it!! Do you know how rare it is for us to BOTH like a show? He tolerates whatever I want to watch (I have a problem.  I REALLY love tv) but he usually just sleeps through it. But he is ALL ABOUT FRINGE. We watch Walking Dead together, and we did the first five seasons of Sons of Anarchy, but Fringe is just awesome. He's not really ever into scifi, and he didn't watch the X Files (I KNOW!!!!) and I don't know. It's just SO FUN to watch with him.  A lot of times, with tv, he sort of starts to nuke things out and talk about how the math doesn't work and that would never happen, but with Fringe he just lets it ride and we enjoy the show.  Totally. We just finished season three and Peter has apparently vanished from everyone's mind, but now what? WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN?!?!? Did his baby disappear? Wouldn't the universes not be shattered since Walter wouldn't have gone over to save him? WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN?!?!

Please don't tell me. For once, I haven't looked up a SINGLE SPOILER (as a side note, the Dexter finale aired a week ahead in the states, and I didn't spoil that either, and it was TOTALLY SUCKY AND BASICALLY THE WORSE SHOW IN THE HISTORY OF THE ENTIRE WORLD, but that's neither here nor there.) JJ Abrams is the second most brilliant man alive today and I love him and every single thing he has done or will do for ever and ever amen.

5. Did you even see Super 8? I need to google that boy and see if he's done anything else.  What a great movie that was.  Seriously.  I'd put that as one of my Top Ten Movies of all Time.

6. Speaking of movies, we just watched The Way Way Back.

It wasn't as good as Super 8, but it was good.  Sort of a wanna be Perks of Being a Wallflower.  But not as good.  But it has Sam Rockwell and Ben from Ben and Kate.  What the fuck happened to Ben and Kate?!?! I loved that show.  So naturally they cancelled it.  But that dude is HILARIOUS.

Their main plug is that its from the people who did Juno and Little Miss Sunshine.  It wasn't as good as Sunshine but it was better than Juno.  I thought Juno was annoying.  Except Jennifer Garner was AMAZING.  She deserved a lot more for that roll.  Can you imagine how hard it must have been for her character? I can, because Jennifer Garner made me.  She was brilliant.

7. I'm out, I can't think of anything else to say.


  1. your thoughts about people apologizing about Christmas really made me laugh. And that's all I have to say, except that I am jealous of all of these places you are visiting!! Oh my word.

    1. It's pretty awesome. We're SOOOOOO lucky to have gotten this assignment!

  2. Yes, yes, yes! I wish that the stores wouldn't push Christmas so early, but I'm with you...if you love it and want to put your decorations up, drink an Egg Nog Latte (or 3 already), and do your Christmas it! I put mine up day after Thanksgiving, but I love me some Christmas if someone puts them up early I'm all good! You are so hilarious...loved your whole post!

    1. I used to do it all the day after Thanksgiving because I felt like, I dunno, people would judge me if I did it as early as I wanted to. Um, hello? WHO exactly did I think cared THAT much about what I'm going? Oy.