Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thursday's Thoughts

If I'm honest (this is a phrase Nick picked up from his British boss and I picked up from Nick, don't you love it?)- If I'm honest, there aren't very many thoughts rolling around in my head these days.  The dialogue in my mind mostly consists of man, I'm tired. I'm so hungry. I need sunlight. I'm too tired for this. I'm so hungry, but the only thing that will fill me up is a hard boiled egg and Nick won't make me one. Is the sun supposed to be out today? Oh yeah, I should use my lamp. But I'm so hungry. And man, am I tired.

That's it. Those three things are ALL I think about. Not my kids, not my chores, not creativity or photography or shopping or ANYTHING ELSE AT ALL.  Just tiredness, hunger, and crying for no reason other than I miss the sun.

Fun times over here ya'll.  FUN TIMES.

Anyway. Here's a few other things floating around, I grasped at them and forced myself into a seated position to type this out.  YOU'RE WELCOME.

 Fashion-ish. So. After months of googling 'how fat is too fat for leggins' I said fuck this and ordered a few pairs.  I ONLY wear them with dresses.  Seriously. Not even long shirts, ACTUAL dresses. I use them as tights and long johns, so get off my case.

Anyway. My second favorite pair are (are? That sounds weird, should it be is?) the ultra high waisted ones from Hue.  Now, if I'm honest (haha) these don't do much for me, but they're very comfortable. They do hold the muffin top in a little, but I was expecting more from the rave reviews over at Pinterest Told Me To. Maybe I should try these actual shaping ones instead? I don't know. I want them to go ALL THE WAY to my boobs. I should probably just start wearing one of those body suit things. Ugh.

My FAVORITE pair just go here the other day and they are FABULOUS.  So far, I've only worn them under my yoga pants because they are SKIN TIGHT and a little shiny, but I totally plan on wearing them under a dress when we go to London this weekend.  They're the flexees fat free dressing legging from Maidenform. They're ultra smooth, which I LOVE. I have a few pairs from the Slim Me line at memoi, but the seams up the sides are so thick and bulky that after a few hours it literally HURTS. Like, it makes such deep grooves in my fat calves they they're sore. BUT I have the Slim Me's in a ton of colors (I got them at zulilly last year for like two dollars each!!!) and I have two fleece lined pairs, which are fab too.

Anyway. The Maidenforms keep my wobbly bits smoothed out and under control when I wear them with my years-old yoga pants (three more pounds till I get my Lululemons!!!) and as an added bonus, I stay warm.  Win win.

Speaking of warm, MAN ALIVE is it cold!! I'm NOT cut out for winter. I basically wear a scarf all day, even inside.  Leggings, socks, yoga pants, camisole, button down, and long shirt, plus a scarf.  All day, every day.  Ugh. Going potty is exhausting.

 Health-ish. I have recently discovered Fitness Blender and I am OBSESSED.  All caps. OBSESSED.  I love him, I really love her, it's all free on youtube, they seem super down to earth and normal- I don't know. They're just awesome. Now, they aren't like personal trainers or experts or anything. Well, I just made that up, but I don' think they're 'professional' in that they went to college to be workout video guys. But so far, the moves all seem legit, they don't 'hurt' me (I mean, they make me sore, but I don't think they're dangerous or harmful) and I just love them. Did I mention how much I love them?

They offer about nine million FREE full length workouts on youtube, from ten minute stretch routines to one and a half hour high intensity interval training type things. I am easily overwhelmed (I know, you're SHOCKED to hear this) so I decided to shell out the five pounds and buy their 8 Week Fat Loss Routine. It's just a pdf file with forty days of the workouts all typed out. And the links work, if that makes sense. So when you're reading the pdf, you see Day Eleven, do such and such a video, and if you click the such and such, it takes you right from adobe reader to the website with the video. Then you can put the video in a playlist on youtube and bam, you're ready. I've added half of them to my playlist, I'm not gonna lie, it's slightly tedious, but I had seven episodes of Elementary to watch, so I'm not complaining. And now that I think about it, maybe you could just copy my playlist? Does that work? Here's the link, we'll see if it works. This is days two thru like twenty two I think.

The workouts are different than what I'm used to.  They're a lot more focused on strength training, and they're a LOT longer, since most days you do three videos. Today was like fifty four minutes, when my LONGEST long workout with Jillian Michaels was forty five. And I don't burn as many calories, because apparently standing there doing shoulder presses doesn't burn calories? But I don't know, I just LOVE it. I really do. Go try a few out, they're free!!

After watching this video below, I have jumped on the vitamins and supplements bandwagon.

(This video is sort of long, but you HAVE to fast forward to the end to watch her drink a shot of what I think was cod liver oil. It's HILARIOUS. She's SO CUTE.)

I don't even know how I came across this. That's a lie, I do. I started here at Design Mom, followed here to Traveling Mama and then googled vitamin D. I don't know why I said I didn't know. And as a side note, I know that a lot of people post links like when you click them they get money or something if you buy it? I don't know. Affliate links? These are not those. I just like to put in a LOT of links, that way if I need to remember something, I can just pull up my post and click away. And as a side note to this side note, if you have a blog and YOU post a link (affiliate or not, no judgement) please please PLEASE make sure it 'opens in a new window or tab' or whatever.  Because honestly, if it takes me off your website? Probably not going back.

So where was I? Oh, vitamins and supplements. I take advocare coreplex with iron, mostly because I have like four bottles. It's VERY gentle on my stomach (read: zero constipation) but it's slightly annoying because you have to take three pills. But that doesn't bother me. But I can see it bothering other people. I also take their omega pills, but I need to look into those and see if they're the 'right' kind of oil. Like dha? Isn't that the one that's all the rage right now? Anyway.  The advocare ones are virtually tasteless EXCEPT the last bottle I had, one (just ONE!!!) of the capsules had split in half and spilled the oil, so now EVERYTHING in my entire house (pretty much) tastes like fish. And it is GAGWORTHY.  Seriously. I use a probiotic I got from a health food store here last time I had to get on antibiotics, my doc told me to get THAT SPECIFIC one. It was forty pounds, but it kept all the antibiotic side effects (IF you know what I mean) away, so I think it was worth it.  My friend said you want to make sure to get the ones that have to be in the fridge because they're more alive that way? Does that sound legit? Who knows.

So after I found the video, I ran to tesco to buy some vitamin d. And while I was there, I stocked up on children's vitamins because we didn't have any. Yes, I never made my kids take vitamins. And no, they definitely DO NOT get enough from the food we eat. So I got them a multi, a probiotic, a D3, vitamin C, and a DHA. The DHA tastes like if you caught a fish in the ocean, squashed it up, mixed it with rotting trash, and then let it sit out for two weeks.  It's NASTY. Ava and Warren eat it because Ava is a people pleaser and Warren is a weirdo, but Daisy won't come anywhere near it, and I don't even bother with Scott.  So my question is, obviously, do any of ya'll know of any DHA that my kids might actually be able to swallow? Because these nasty ones, you're supposed to take FOUR. Lemme tell you, they ain't taking four. No way. Man they're nasty.

 Technology-ish. Okay. I love spotify. And I wish wish WISH I knew how to share a playlist here, but I don't. So you'll have to once again follow the links.  Bridgit makes the BEST playlists. Like, BEST EVER. Here's the latest, and seriously, I think it might be the best one yet. Below, my fave song from this list. SO GOOD. Anyone know what movies slash commercials this song is from? I'm OBSESSED. (Apparently the word of the day is obsessed.)

Ahh, behold the power of the google. The song has been everywhere, but most likely I heard it on Friday Night Lights. I miss that show.

Anyway. You can get to the second one (well it was my second, but she says it was her third) here, but honestly, I wasn't AS obsessed with that one. Her first-to-me one is here. It's sort of hidden, it's at the very end of the #2 paragraph. That one is better than number two, but seriously, the first one I talked about is the best.

 Life-ish. Well, my November goals are all coming up a bust. I did the math wrong (AGAIN!!!) for the workouts, so that's not happening. I quit my quilt to start a Christmas quilt, which I also will not be able to finish in time. I don't feel like cooking since it's pitch black by four thirty and I'm ready for bed WAAAAAY before six, I finished the Jack Reacher book and realized that I'm all readed out (do you get like that? I was SO invested in those AMAZING silo books, it actually took an emotional toll on me and I need to recover! FOR REAL!!!) and rather than eating healthy, we found those biscoff cookies you get on delta flights and I eat about twenty a night. I did purge the playroom though. You just can't tell.

Tonight, we're going to start planning our August 2014 drive through Europe. Yes, we're going on vacay when ALL OF EUROPE will also be going on vacay. There's just no way around it, Warren's school is truly year round and he only gets a month off.

So the main goal (er, for me) is to get to Austria to go on the Sound of Music tours. But also Northern Italy, parts of Germany, some of France...what else? I have absolutely no geography skills, I don't even know what countries are near these ones. Isn't that awful? Graduated with honors from Biloxi High! American education for the WIN!

Any ideas? Anyone done a European vacation? Anyone wanted to? Pinterest boards I could follow? Anything? Anything at all? We want to nail down houses weekend. I can't- SIMPLY CANNOT- go three weeks without a washer and dryer EVERY SINGLE DAY.

One more technology-ish item: podcasts. I know, I'm like ten years late to this party. I've heard the word (obviously) but I guess I never really knew what they were?

I need something to do while I'm working on my quilts, and I bought Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me on tape- Mindy reads it!!!- and it was fab, but expensive and I can't really keep that up. Coincidently, right around the time I was coming up to the end of that, Elise posted about a few podcasts she listens to. And as I'm sure you've noticed, I'm not just obsessed with Elise, I want to actually BE her. Have you ever met anyone so effortlessly PERFECT in all your life? I just love every single thing she does and says.  She's why I started quilting, she's why I finally took the plunge and bought some house plants, I copied her Christmas card... I could go on and on. I LOVE her. (And I do mean that I literally copied her card. So don't be surprised when you get it in the mail and it looks EXACTLY like hers. I WANT TO BE HER.)

So I somehow ended up listening to The Longest Shortest Time and I can't QUITE remember how. And I'm not lying this time.  I thought I got it from Cup of Jo, but I can't find it there.  Maybe Design Mom? YESSSSSS. Here it is. Which reminds me that I need to check out that Alec Baldwin one.

Anyway. Longest Shortest Time is just Hilary talking to these people about early parenthood. Sounds lame, I know, but it's SO GOOD. To give you an inkling of her style, one of the episodes is called "My Newborn, the Asshole." So yeah. And they're short. I don't know how to link to the podcasts, but they're easy to find in the iTunes podcast app thingie. Here's her website, which I've never actually looked around. I just want to listen to her.

Everyone also raves about This American Life, which I've only listened to once. It was good, but I got distracted by something else. And I somehow got it into my head that Hillary is married to the guy from This American Life? But surely that can't be right. Who would be married and do separate shows? Just seems weird. Can't figure it out on google.

I also like The Art of Simple but I will warn you that it is NOT for everyone. She often sounds a little condescending and better than, and I get the distinct impression that she thinks she better than me because she home schools and her house is clean. But for some reason, I like it. I like her guests I think. Who knows.

Wow. That actually ended up being a LOT of thoughts!! How about that? Do you have any thoughts? Wanna share?

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  1. I had a good giggle over your leggings conundrum. Fashion over here still goes over my head, and I often find myself saying in my head (or outloud to Matt or mouthing to strangers): leggings aren't pants! or trousers, as the case may be. :) I also only wear them with dresses or skirts. Cuz leggings aren't pants! or trousers. the end. :) I also want to do a Sound of Music tour! Make sure and post if you find out anything!