Friday, December 13, 2013

Photo Dump Friday

Well, considering the title, do I really need an intro? Apparently, yes. Yes I do. I feel like I have to justify the thirty six pictures. They're all taking up about four different folders on my desktop and you KNOW how I feel about folders. I have to empty them!! But I can't file these pics away in the Nov and Dec folders until I post them. And since I just don't ever blog about anything except books and tv, I just want to get them all up in a photo dump and move them and go on about my business.  So there you go.  And in addition to being bombarded with 36 pictures, lemme preface by saying I'm having some sort of focus trouble, so they're all blurry and out of focus.  YOU'RE WELCOME.

First up, the obligatory school Christmas production pictures. Having three kids in three different schools is so awesome. Where's that sarcasm font again?

 He was pretty much the star. He was the main Santa, he got to go up with his sack!!

Poor Scott. I got ONE decent picture of him.

Next let's do the obligatory fall leaves photos.  Better late than never? (These are the only good pics, really. And Nick took them. Gah.)

Isn't she gorgeous? Good gracious. 

She's developing actual bald patches. 

Next how about an afternoon in London? Don't mind if I do.
 She reads on the tube. Always. I love her.

 Just hanging out at a park in front of the London Eye. No big deal.

We took them ice skating. I'm laughing so hard I'm crying just thinking about it. What were we thinking?!?! Warren can't stay upright when he's walking on a flat surface with sturdy shoes, we took him ICE SKATING?!?!
 I know these pics are awful. What do you want me to do? The rink was in front of the Eye and covered with obnoxious blue lights. I can't get rid of the casts. Because they're not casts, they're actual blue lights. Ugh.
 Ohhhhh, Warren. My poor baby.

One day we went to Pizza Express and had fancy desserts.

Some of us were less fancy than others.

And lastly, the other day, Daisy laid out in the living room and read me a few bedtime stories before naps. She's the best.


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  1. Love these pics! Love the pic of "Santa" die for! And the leaves in the air...awesome. And the pinky under the cup (OMFG) a hoot! Chillin' by the Eye (ha)...I totally get you. And reading on the still my heart...I love that shot! A little girl immersed in a book ON. THE. TUBE. I mean it's like she lives in London or something! ha ha