Friday, July 26, 2013

Flashback Friday

So I'm going back and making yearly books. I just LOVE the 2012 book, and I've been keeping up with my 2013, and since I'm not going to do any housework or exercise or interact with my children, I thought it would be fun.  And to make it even MORE fun, I'm going to stagger it, 2011, then 2005, then 2010, then 2006.  You get it.

Anyway. This is page 20 from  February 2011, Daisy is two weeks (although suspically absent from this particular spread, she's the dominant star of most of the spreads before this), Warren is about to turn two, Scott will be four in a few months, and Ava has just turned five.

In hindsight, this spread is lame.  It's just the one I happen to be working on, and it's making me nostalgic for Guam.  Lemme pull up a better one.

This is the first few days after we left the hospital.

And just for fun, here's this weirdo.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


What can I say, instagram killed the blogger.  No news here, keep it moving.
 So let's have a little bullet recap, along with the 947 pictures I've taken since my parents got here narrowed down to the pages for the annual book, shall we?
 -My mom and I spent a weekend in Paris.  My first weekend EVER away from the kids.  Nick was quick to contradict me and reminded me that he took the kids to Florida for a weekend right before Christmas in 2007 when Ava was two and Scott wasn't even one, but I was working nights on Labor and Delivery the entire three days there were gone, so I say that didn't count.
 But THIS?!?!? This counted.  Best. Weekend. Ever.
 We ate and walked and slept.  That's it. It was PERFECTION.

 We walked through Notre Dame during an actual mass.  It was BREATHTAKING.

-We registered Warren for school.  They start school at age four here, what we'd consider pre-k, but it's mandatory and it's free and it's ALL DAY. The program we use to get free private fancy school for Ava and Scott doesn't kick in until you turn five (because America is so on top of education) so he's going to the good ole state school around the corner.  Which means three drop off, and more importantly, three pick ups EVERY DAY between 3:15 and 3:30. Um, that's not physically possible.  Haven't worked out what I'm going to do about that one yet...

More devastating that the transportation issues, Warren's schedule is WAAAY harsher.  The bigs get two weeks for every half term, Warren only gets one. Bigs get three for term breaks, Warren gets two. And worst of all, the bigs finish next summer on July 3rd and Warren finishes on the 25th!!! And my mom goes back to work the first week of August!! I wanted to do a Mediterranean cruise, what the fuck am I supposed to do now?!?!

My life is hard. Lol. Don't hate.

-My house is like a war zone. I'm at my wit's end.  What a stupid expression, but there you have it. Nothing else describes my head right now.  This house is too big (I know, woe is me) to be functional and keep clean. I mean, we have two full rooms we don't use, AT ALL. The kitchen is so big that it's super easy to just shove stuff into the empty cupboards, but then after six months, you've got cupboards overflowing with shit. Know what I mean? I guess it's pretty obvious now that I'm spelling it out that some serious purging needs to happen.  Groan.  Better get on that this week before we start round two (of three) of guests.

 -It is hot as balls.  When Londoners on instagram started complaining about the heat, I was all like HAHA, silly women, I'm from Guam, this is NOTHING, HAHA. Well I'm eating my words. It's HOT AS BALLS, in case you didn't get the memo.  And duh, OBVIOUSLY it's not as hot or humid as Guam or even Hawaii, but there's a tiny little factoid I forgot to take into consideration: Guam and Hawaii have air conditioning.


I'm eating my words. It's hot.  Londoners, sorry I laughed at you.  You were right. Fuck.

-I know you can't have favorites and I know it used to be Scott.  And Ava. And even Warren, once.  But now?!?! Look at this FACE!!! Look at this HAT!!! She's the winner.

 -That's all I've got. Oh, on our little Weekend in Par(ad)is(e) my fucking camera broke. I've hated that camera forever, but this was an HORRIBLE time, both monetarily and actual time wise, for an upgrade, but after crying for a few hours, my sweet husband finally just got me a new camera to shut me up.  THANKS BABY!!! It's a d7000 (!!!) and I'm MEGA excited, but now I can shoot in raw and so I've got even MORE crap filling up my desktop, waiting to be edited.  Ugh.

And now that's all I've got for reals.

Engelbrecht out.