Wednesday, January 22, 2014


*Because in this modern, ultra fast paced world where instagram has killed the blog, we sometimes can do nothing but mumble half coherent, fragmented thoughts in bullet format. But what's that word I mean instead of bullet? Just the dash? The one right to the left of the plus and equal sign key? Dash format doesn't sound very good...

Currently I'm....

-feeling guilty because I lost my shit and screamed at the kids this morning. Followed swiftly by a super secret (well not anymore) feeling that I was justified in losing it because they were acting like a bunch of asshats. Which naturally is followed even quicker by a feeling of deep shame for feeling that I was justified. The shame only adds to the guilt I'm feeling for losing it and screaming in the first place.

"That's a lot of feelings." Name that tune!!! (I'm looking at you Holly.)

Nick has been in Norway for a few days (three. It's only been three.) and although I used to be a pro- seriously, I sort of kicked ass at it- at single parenting while he was away, it's a skill you have to practice at to keep sharp. So I'm a little frazzled. And I've been doing so good with THRIVING and keeping the peace in general and not screaming AT was bound to happen. It's like a teapot. I just had to blow.

I just WISH with all my heart I hadn't blown at the kids.

Isn't working out supposed to let the steam out?

I'm not trying to get anyone on my side, but let me just explain that Scott was being ridiculous. They were all tired because I let them stay up pretty late reading (reading sounds a lot like playing lego from way downstairs...) and I was cranky because my workout this morning was REALLY hard and I had to make my own breakfast (Nick usually makes it) while getting all their cereal and milk and vitamins (Nick usually does that too....I do the vitamins though!!) and I hadn't gotten a bite and I hadn't even poured my coffee that I had to make all by myself (because duh, Nick usually makes it) and it was bound to happen. Warren was being SO LOUD and Scott was just flat out REFUSING to get dressed for school so I lost my shit and screamed at everyone (poor Ava and Daisy weren't doing anything wrong at all, except Daisy with her stupid insistence on not wearing socks AND wearing her wellies) but there you go.

My name is Jennifer Engelbrecht and I'm a screamer. I didn't scream for about a week, then I did. It's been six hours since my last scream.

-watching Call the Midwife and Bletchley Circle.  Oh and since Nick's been gone, I also watched Death Comes to Pemberely, which is a made up sequel to Pride and Prejudice with Phillip from the Americans and it was SO GOOD.  He was absolutely BRILLIANT as Darcy.

Call the Midwife is so great. I don't want to step on any toes, but I'm gonna go ahead and say it's better than Downton.  I don't know if it's because I spent that year (like a moron) on the labor deck at Portsmouth or because I just love being pregnant and having babies and British accents, but I just LOVE that show.

Bletchley Circle I just started last night but so far so good. It's a little goofy, but still good. I found it mostly because I googled Elizabeth from Pemberley and saw she was in it, and I'd heard about it just from living here and the first series is on Netflix, so I gave it a whirl and was enthralled. It's about (well, so far, I've only actually seen one episode) these four women who worked as code breakers during WWII but now they're just boring housewives and they have to tell people they did 'clerical work' during the war, no one gets to know how cool they are. But now they've decided to solve murders that the police can't figure out. It sounds silly, I know, but it works. It's good.

(As a side note, I've sort of noticed with BBC tv, everything takes place in London. It's WAY worse than how American tv all takes place in New York. It's very strange!!)

I'd be remiss not to mention that we're also watching Damages. Nick and I like to have a show that we both watch, and Robin insisted Damages was up next after Fringe, and so far HOLY SHIT that's a good show. We just finished the season one finale the other day and my mind LITERALLY exploded. For real!!!

-reading the Interestings. It's very good, I don't know why I'm having such a hard time finishing it. I read so many Jack Reacher books SO FAST while we were in Prague, then Angela and I decided to read this...and I just sort of stalled out. Who knows. I've only got forty pages left, and I plan on doing a review because it's REALLY getting in my head.  And to give credit where credit is due, I got the urge to read this at this blog. No idea where Angela got the urge, but isn't it weird that we both got it at the same time, completely separate from each other?  Life, man.

-planning my next sewing project, which I think is going to be this table runner. Obviously, my colors will be different (I'm looking for a collection of my top three favorite colors, beige, cream, and dark brown) and my stripes will be fatter because I'll take the cheater's way out and just use a jelly roll, but you get the general idea.

-working on my One Little Word pages and cards.  I won't be pretentious enough to use the words 'graphic design' but I'm really having a blast using different fonts and elements and stuff from some digital scrapping's really fun. And it's giving me a LOT of practice with my wacom tablet thingie, which I think I might finally be getting the hang of, so win win!!

-trying to resist the biscoff cookies stashed above the fridge. They're screaming my name. And they want me to grab a jar of nutella to eat them with. I don't think I'm gonna be strong enough.

-wishing that they had school busses here.  Having three kids in three different schools is getting REALLY lame. It cramps my style. Mostly, it cramps my afternoons lounging on the couch watching Bletchley Circle.


  1. my colors are Blush and Bashful.

    1. I have chosen two shades of pink, one is MUCH deeper than the other.

  2. I can only form bullet-point thoughts anymore, it seems.

    I think I read the Interestings. No...wait. I'm thinking of that series. The Uglies? I think The Interestings is one of the ones that I'm on the wait list for at the library. Can't wait to hear how you like it.

    1. I would definitely add it to your list. It's hard to describe because I loved it, but I didn't love the characters. But somehow, the author REALLY got into my head- I literally thought about that book twenty four seven. It was crazy.

  3. I'm loud when I'm happy so why wouldn't I be when I'm mad?? That's not a movie quote, that's just me talking. Love Four Christmases though, even though youre not a huge fan of my boyfriend, Vince. I'm rambling to say, I think screaming is just preparing our kids for the real world. Their bosses aren't always going to speak softly. Might as well prepare them for getting yelled at. (Joking. Kinda.) PS. This is the first time I've looked at your blog from a real compooter and not on the mobile site and I must say... It looks awesome. Love you long time. xo

    1. Bags of sand?!?! IDIOT! Me love you long time, me so horny- ME SO STUPID!!!

  4. I just found your blog and think we have a ton in common because I'm active duty Air Force and have one baby... so... But I do love to travel and I look forward to looking over your vacation pics at farflung locales with intense envy. Reading this post, can I just say thank you for writing from a place of honesty and using capital letters like an adult (something lost on most of the blogosphere). Cheers! Nice to make your cyberacquaintance.