Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Five Favorites: Daisy June Edition

Today, number four turns three.

My last baby.  She's three.  Everyone else, by the time he or she was three, there was another baby. Not even a baby, a ONE YEAR OLD. Sometimes, it blows my mind how fast we had these babies of ours.

But since Daisy is my baby- my BABY- she'll probably always be my baby, no? I treat her like a baby. I rock her and snuggle her and carry her all the time. Whereas with the rest of them, I woulda told them to take a hike when they asked to be picked up. Because I had an actual baby. Ugh. Did I do them a disservice, having them all back to back like this?

Who knows. It doesn't even matter, after all, what's done is done.

So today, I celebrate my baby.  Our very last THIRD BIRTHDAY. I fed her the last bottle I'll ever have to mix, I held her wiggly hiney down to snap the last diaper I'll ever have to change in place, when she outgrows her clothes, I toss them or give them to goodwill, no need to save them to hand down. Her ears were the last I'll watch get pierced. Her squeaky voice is the last time someone new will ever squeal MAMA for the first time.

I realize that I may one day have to make a bottle for a friend's baby, or change another woman's child's diaper. I'm not an idiot. But that will be DIFFERENT.

Daisy June was the last soul to grow in my own body. Her kicks were the last I'll ever feel from the inside. Laying in bed, uncomfortable and out of breath, but changing my mind even as I felt it happen, I'd wanted for so long to go into labor early, get this baby OUT, but even as I felt my water break, I changed my mind. I wanted her to stay inside, with me, just me, because she was the last and I knew it.

But she wasn't waiting. Obviously. If you've ever met Daisy, she doesn't wait. "There's a girl who  knows what she wants."

I'm her mama, so I think she's smarter than any other three year old out there, but seriously, she sort of is. You can just SEE things clicking behind those eyes. She takes after Scott so much it scares me, but she seems happier, not as troubled, she can express herself better than he ever could. So here's hoping.

All the other kids were in daycare by three (cough TWO cough) but I'm not in any rush with her. She could go on base where Warren went three mornings a week, but I'm waiting until next September to put her in the free program at school.  Five days a week, three hours a day. Even that seems too much, but by then I'll hopefully have convinced myself that she needs to learn to interact with other people. She needs to see that there are more than just the five of us in the world.

But does she really? Probably not.

So for my Five Favorites, here are five pictures of Daisy. Out of twenty thousand (I'm exaggerating. A little) pictures I've taken of this gorgeous full lipped girl over the last 1096 days (surely there was a Leap Year in there?) here are five that made the cut. And by made the cut, I mean when I opened the folders to randomly trap one, this is what I got.

1. Granted, this is more of a shot of Dub, but whatever. It's heart stopping when your baby meets the new baby. It broke my heart when I did it to Ava, it terrified me when I did it to Scott, but Warren? I knew I didn't have anything to worry about with that kid. He loved her from the first. January 29, 2011.

2. He left when she was barely three months old and got back after she was eight. Months, not years. Obviously. This is the look she gave when while they were getting reacquainted. I'd love to see it from the front. Sept 2011.

3. By the time we hit the Big Island in May of 2012, she'd perfected the Daisy Cheese Face.

4. Her eyes are gorgeous. Her lips are perfect. This was right before she started pulling her hair out, so she's got hair in this one. I love her. June 2013.

5. December 2013. It just gets better and better. I know this isn't in focus, but I love it. I love her tiny little nose and her big full lips and her shining eyes and her soft skin and the little bit of hair and how funny she is, and how nice she is to Scott and how she LAUGHS with Warren, and how she looks up to Ava like it's her job- I love this baby.

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  1. She's a beauty! I could've written this EXACT (& I mean it) post about my last little baby girl too! Well except for the whole husband shipping off under the water thing... Anyway, I sometimes just can't stand that this is my last one!

  2. awwwww. i love this. and look at Dub, he was so little!! she is pretty genius. and definitely super cute.