Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Five Favorites: YouTube Edition

Okay, so you might be thinking a YouTube edition of Five Favorites is sort of lame. To you I say GOOD DAY SIR.  YouTube is awesome.

I just recently even discovered how to use it. THAT'S lame. But whatever, it just wasn't something I was ever interested in, so I never bothered.

But then a lightbulb went off and I figured it out (a little) and now I'd say I use YouTube almost as much as I use Netflix.

Okay, that's a total lie. But I do use it a lot.

First up, this video. I'm sure you've seen it.
As awesome as the cover is, what's even more awesome is that this video is what got me into finally playing around and figuring YouTube out.  I'm sure you remember how many times I've bitched about not having Pandora. But we do have Spotify, which we have to pay for, but which is extra awesome. Except they don't have ALL the music. For example, they only have like seven PTX songs. So if I want to listen to them, I have to do it via YouTube. They have a LOT of covers on YouTube!!!

Which leads me to number two: PLAYLISTS.

Holy shit. This was mind blowing. Scott and I were wasting precious minutes clicking through the alphabet on the AppleTV screen to watch the same old Lego videos of some nerd building a city of tiny bricks.

Over. And over. AND OVER.

So then it hit me- playlists. There's an option on the website. Maybe it's the same as any other kind of playlist?


So I loaded fifty Lego videos up for Scott, and twenty PTX videos up for me, and BOOM. He can mindlessly watch them in the mornings without searching and coming across "lego sex toys" on accident (try explaining THAT one) and I can have music going in the background while I'm doing important things on the computer.

Important like googling and pinterest.  Which I have also recently discovered for real.

And playlists brings me to number three: Kids Crap.

Ya'll. YouTube has kids' shows. FULL LENGTH KIDS' SHOWS.

Is this legal? I have no idea. Here's hoping I won't get arrested just for watching, but I figure if there's someone out there pulling my video of Christmas morning off of Facebook (wtf?!?!) then there's probably someone making sure it's legal to watch the entire second season of My Little Pony.

Again, you gotta make a playlist if you're letting the kids have mostly free reign on the remote, because if you painstakingly type in all the letters for My Little Pony (which isn't hard on a computer, obviously, but it's HELLA annoying on the AppleTV, which is where we use YouTube the most) it can come up with some weird sex stuff.  Hey maybe instead of taking my video off Facebook, that guy should clean up the sex on youtube?

So yeah, there's tons of MLP, Peppa, and CareBears, which are three we don't get on NetflixUK, so it's pretty coolio.

Going to nerd out a little for number four: Missouri Star Quilts.
I just LOVE them. Sure, they're a little older and fashionally challenged and they have midwestern accents, but they're so sweet, and talented, and have a great way of explaining things so I can understand them.  Which is harder than I'd like to admit.

They're my go-to for all things quilting and sewing. How to cut, how to piece, how to bind (although this still eludes me) different patterns, fun designs- the works. It takes a little imagination though, because a lot of the quilts they do aren't exactly my taste, but if you can imagine them without the borders and in better colors...good heavens. I am ADDICTED to quilting, and I couldn't produce the crooked, subpar disasters that I do without Missouri Star.

And five, the Fantastical Amazing Fitness Blender.

I. Love. These. People.

It's all free.  It all seems legit. He really seems to know what he's talking about. I love it.

They have like seven thousand videos, and I don't know enough about working out to chose my own, so for less than ten bucks, I bought their 8 Week Fat Loss program that lists out about an hour of exercise a day. Full disclosure: I have lost one pound while doing the program.  They claim you can lose 16-24. But I feel AMAZING, and strong. I felt amazing doing my Jillian Michaels' tapes, and I still have a place in my heart for her, but I feel STRONG when I'm doing these fitness blender tapes. I feel like I'm having muscles, like I'm going to end up looking like our friend Ericka ANY DAY NOW. Granted, I'm not going to look like her. Ever. But for me, the fact that I don't mind getting up at quarter to five every day to spend more than an hour sweating it out to Daniel's slightly boring voice telling me how to do each says something. I think Fitness Blender has done more for my Crazies this winter than my zoloft and my SAD lamp and my vitamin D and all that other stuff combined. I mean, I'm not giving any of that up, don't get me wrong. But c'mon. Exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. And happy people don't shoot their husbands.

They just don't.

And I know I've hit all five for five favorites, and this one isn't a YouTube, but whatever- AppleTV is one of my favorite things EVER.

When Nick said he was gonna get one and brought it home in Guam, I'm not gonna lie- I thought he'd left the box in the garage when he walked in. Because I thought it was a TELEVISION. Like, a new TV.


But for anyone who doesn't know, it's a tiny black box that you plug into a TV that you already have. Using HDMI, so if it's an older TV, make sure you have two or three HDMI female parts on the back of the TV because you probably need one for your cable and one for your DVD player if you still use that.

So what does it do? I'll tell you. EVERYTHING. First of all, it gives you Netflix, so you don't have to bother with running it thru the WII or whatever. And yes, Netflix works in the UK, it's just different. And it also works in Guam. It also gives you Hulu in America, and the latest update has like abc and Disney XD and stuff like that, but none of that works here. Obviously, it has YouTube. It also has flickr and I think vine.

But even more magical and amazing than THAT, it beams little rays of magic to and from your computer. So. If you take the time to burn all your four hundred and fifty seven DVDs into iTunes, BOOM. No more DVDs. No more of those black leather books to store them in, no more having to hunt for your copy of Gladiator- nothing. Remember how awesome it was when you put all your CDs into iTunes and got rid of all that baggage and the world was all sunshine and rainbows?

Putting your movies in iTunes is EVEN BETTER THAN THAT.

In addition to your own movies, you're also a click away from the iTunes store, where you can watch any TV or movies that you want to pay for. It. Is Life. Changing.

I'm not exaggerating. At all.

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