Monday, January 27, 2014

Menu Plan Monday

Last week, despite Nick being gone for three days, was pretty rad for the ole food department.  Angela and I are still trying to get into the rhythm for the A&J Tackle DALS challenge, but I think we're finally settling into it. Or at least I am. Angela? Anyway, so I'm ambitiously putting about three dinners a week on the plan, but so far I've never made more than two. Best laid plans, right?

Monday: Lazy Bolognese, from the book and part of the Challenge. I'm not gonna lie, while I was making this (while watching Conan on the iPad, MAN I forgot how much I love that man!!) I was thinking this is dumb, this is just another spaghetti and meat sauce, lame and boring but we all love it, so hooray. But then when I plated it up, it was REALLY good!! I dunno, maybe the fennel seeds added something? Maybe the fact that I was laughing so hard I was crying (from the Conan, duh) infused the recipe with magical unicorn rainbow beams of goodness? I don't know. I meant to freeze half of it, but then I dumped all the noodles into the pot without thinking and I don't think you can freeze noodles, so Daisy had to eat it for lunch ALL WEEK.

Tuesday: breaded chicken cutlets, also from the challenge. I'm not gonna lie, (apparently that's the phrase of the day?) these were UBER bland. My kids are sissies and Nick wasn't there, so I didn't add anything to my breadcrumbs, but next time, I'll definitely throw in some Tony's or cayenne or even crushed red pepper. I pounded the hell out of the chicken because that's my thang, and I think it REALLY helped. They came out just like chicken fingers!! We had these with the penne from Monday on the top, and I had mine on a bed of raw spinach. Perfection. And it seriously took like seven and a half minutes to make.

Wednesday: leftovers. Because we still had a LOT of the penne and bolognese.

Thursday: we were supposed to have this apple cider baked chicken, but someone (no names Scott cough Scott) ate all the apples!!! And Nick had just come home. So we ordered pizza.

Lemme give you a quick side note. In our neighborhood, and I think in lots around here actually, they don't use house numbers, they use house names. So we don't live at 1547 Northgate St, we live at Parkmead, Northgate. So when we order a pizza, online of course, or shit from Amazon or ANYTHING, the shipping address is PARKMEAD, Northgate, Northwood, ect. However, we have a big sign on our mailbox that says PARKMEAD HOUSE. Not just Parkmead.

And apparently, this causes quite the bit of confusion!!!

WHAT THE FRACK!?!?! You can't use your deductive reasoning to see the sign for Parkmead House and see the shipping label for Parkmead and see that your GPS has taken you to this EXACT location and then figure 'hey, this is probably it'?!?!?!

It's SO WEIRD!!!

Friday: we were supposed to have this grilled salmon from the challenge, but alas, we still had thawed chicken legs in the fridge from Thursday and I still hadn't gotten any apples, so we had grilled chicken legs instead. Can't really complain as that is everyone's (all six, seriously) favorite meal. If Nick knows anything (and really, he knows a LOT) it's how to grill some chicken legs.

Saturday: we had an favorite old standby, parmesan crusted pork chops. Still love. And tonight (I'm writing this Sunday morning) I have no idea, Nick is maybe going to pick something up on the way home from Ava's karate test. Probably grilled ribs. Man likes to grill.

What did ya'll eat this week? As always, if you need some inspiration, head over to Organizing Junkie for thousands of menus and recipes!!

And just for shits and giggles, go read this post, forty four things they've said to get their kids to eat. It's pretty funny.  "Try eating. It's how you survive."


  1. I once tried to convince my maybe 5 year old cousin that the quiche his parents had asked me to feed him was actually pie. haha

    1. Well it's kinda like pie...we just tell our kids everything is chicken. EVERYTHING. Eat those green beans- I mean chicken.

  2. Wowza that's organized. I have a hard time keeping up with meals for just my husband and me. I often revert to the six minute dinner -- soft boiled eggs over buttered toast with a sprinkle of Malden salt ('cause that makes it fancy), and, if I have it on hand, a broiled grapefruit smeared with a brown sugar and butter paste. Plus a bag of microwave green beans. Six minutes --- so good.

    1. I looooooove eggs. Love. I'd eat eggs three meals a day if my husband would get on board.