Thursday, January 16, 2014

One Little Word Thursday: THRIVE

 So it's like what, three weeks into January? Two weeks? I have no idea. What day is it? It's the 16th, according the calendar icon on the bottom of my precious Mac Mac, so two weeks. I will probably not check in every SINGLE week, but I'd like to pretend that I will, so let's set up a thing, shall we? We can call it Thriving Thursdays. Except I don't like to add the -ing. Thrive on Thursdays? Except that makes it sound like I don't thrive the other six days.  Huh.


Did I thrive this week?
I would boldly and loudly say YES. Yes, I did. I thrived.  We're only two weeks in, this is still new and fresh and fun. Not a single morning screamfest is coming to mind, and I usually remember those. One day Warren dropped a cup of cheerios and they went EVERYWHERE and he immediately tensed up and sort of jumped in his skin and looked at me in terror.

I'm not gonna mince words, seeing that look in his eyes was like a knife to my gut. My heart. He assumed I'd start screaming, because kids understand pattern and repetition better than they understand anything else in the entire world.

I smiled and shrugged and tried to be breezy. It's not like I'm keeping a clean house anyway. But this is the tricky part for me, because I don't want to be so nice and non-yelly that I'm a pushover and they walk all over me. There's so many of them, if they get even an inkling of weakness, they'll swarm and riot and it'll be like a scene from Prison Break. Or Walking Dead.

So I got him a new cup of cereal and handed him the dust buster and asked him to suck them up. And he did. He missed a lot, but he did it without objection and went on about his day.

So yes, I think I thrived.  Right?

Really? It was all roses and unicorns farting rainbows? 
No, of course not. I have four kids, I lost my shit plenty. But I didn't scream. I won't say I didn't speak harshly or snap at the kids, but I didn't scream. I had a pretty busy to-do list this week (for me, I'm sure for a normal person it was nothing) and I didn't get to a lot of tasks, but I was out of the house for three mornings, which is unheard of for me. I tried the playgroup at my church and I didn't like it, which frustrated me. I was making my baby sister a quilt and I fucked up the binding, but I was too tired to take it out and redo it. That's more surviving than thriving, wouldn't you say? I'm also making one for Baby Angela, the bestie's upcoming edition, and I'm having a ton of problems with that one too, and actually cried for twenty minutes today. That probably can't be considered thriving either. I watched more tv than I planned, but you know what, I really love tv, so I'm calling it neutral on that one. Neither surviving nor thriving.

Any work to share on your OLW class/binder?
Not really. I bought all the supplies, the binder and the inserts. I was going to just get a regular cute binder instead of paying the 18 bucks for the one she tells you to use, but wanna know something? A regular cute binder is fifteen bucks and it's not HALF as cute as hers!!

Gotta love amazon, am I right? I hope it's EXACTLY that color. It's the mint one, if you're interested.

It's not even here yet, but I was going to go ahead and print the prompts and stuff anyway. But then I remembered that paper here is a weird size, and her stuff is set up specifically to print on regular paper and then you cut it on her dashes or whatever to make them 4x6. So UK paper would fuck that all up. So I had to order American sized paper. LAME. I can see wanting to be different and using funny plugs and different voltages and driving on the left and having things in metric, but paper? Really? Shouldn't that just be something universal?

So basically, I have nothing to show you except my quote at the top.

Any thriving type things you'd like to do next week?
I'd like to get out of bed when my alarm goes off. You know, instead of laying there for another twenty minutes. I have plenty of time in the mornings, but Nick leaves at 0715, and when I can't drag myself out of bed on time, I end up in the shower until right before he leaves, so we don't get to hang out. I'd like to fix that.

I'd like to stop snacking at night. I'm pretty good and strict on my 'diet' all day, then the kids go to bed  and I'm not even hungry and I just shove cookies and nutella down my face hole for two hours until it's bedtime. It's RIDICULOUS. Take the time to make a fricking smoothie!!! I feel like I undo all my hard work from the morning EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.

And I'd like to read my book (The Interestings, if anyone is interested. See what I did there?) in bed instead of playing mindless rounds of Bejeweled. It's a stupid game and a waste of time. Step one will be deleting it from my phone. Which I will do. Tomorrow. Or the next day.

Are any of ya'll doing OLW? Having any breakthroughs yet?

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