Thursday, January 23, 2014

One Little Word Thursday

This week I finished up all the prompts and scrapping projects from the OLW class.  I'm supposed to have a pic of myself in that blank box, but all my pics are me with a kid, and I'm not in any hurry to make Nick take a pic of me and my chins, so I'm leaving it blank for a while. A LONG while

If my binder and pages (and paper, ugh) ever get here, I guess I print these as 4x6? I'll have to look at the guidelines again.

When I first started going through the 'assignments' for the class, I'll admit that I rolled my eyes and thought the prompts were sort of stupid. BUT THEN. Then I thought what the hell is your problem Jennifer, the point is to integrate the word with your life. Get over yourself and write the prompts. And the "I chose this word because" prompt was really eye opening. Which was obviously the teacher's plan, right? Life, man.

The Intentions page was REALLY hard for me. It's hard to commit to specific goals, am I right? They were extremely hard for me to come up with. And please, don't think I'm getting full of myself with my 'creative life' section, that's just a silly little joke for myself. I know I'm not churning out groundbreaking work here, but I really enjoy taking and editing pictures, and sewing, and writing. So I wanted to address that as part of my life.

To avoid being sued, I feel like I should disclaim that all my scrapping supplies came from the Life's Little Helpers pack by Zoe Pearn. I get all my digital scrapping supplies at Sweet Shoppe Designs, just because they were the first site I used and I've got an account that remembers my credit card and they deliver instantly and I've never had a problem and they almost always give a free mini kit as a gift. I'm sure if for some reason you hate that site, you can get Zoe Pearn stuff anywhere, she's sort of a big thing in digital scrapping. (I totally made that up, I have no idea if she's big or not.)

Even though these next two are Angela's and Melissa's, I had a blast making them, so I wanted to show them off here.
Angela's (above, JOY) is the One for the Boys kit by Zoe Pearn, and Melissa's (below, DO) is One for the Boys for the letters in pleasure and do, and the rest is the Wanderlust kit by Zoe Pearn.

So that's what I've been doing this week for THRIVE. I'd say I was maybe sixty percent successful at thriving this week, mostly because Nick was gone and I was back to surviving. Four kids is really a lot. But it was a great week before he left, I went to bunco (social!! me!!!) and on Saturday we went to the Natural History Museum and I got some AMAZING pics of the absolute most gorgeous building I've ever seen in my entire life, and we met up with friends there too (I'm basically the most social person alive) and then we had friends I feel like we haven't seen in ages over on Sunday for dinner and to play with the kids.  But amazingly, none of these events stressed me out at all (although the line to get into the dinosaur exhibit came close) so honestly, it really did feel like thriving.

Are you doing One Little Word? And progress to report?

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