Sunday, January 5, 2014

Prague, Part Two

Let's dive right in for part two. I'm avoiding my workout that I put on my to-do list in ALL CAPS, and what better way to avoid a workout than looking at pictures of yourself and telling yourself and anyone else who will listen that you only LOOK fat because you're wearing so many layers? Spoiler alert: you look fat because you ate and drank yourself to the brink of diabetes and alcoholism over the last two weeks. Ugh.

Obviously, the one famous thing that I had heard of about Prague was the Charles Bridge. I saw this gorgeous shot of it on Pinterest a while back and figured cool, let's do that. Well, it's a TAD different in real life. As in, it's full of tourists. Weird. Granted, I'm sure if I'd showed up early in the morning, I could have got a shot with no one on it and gorgeous fog and all that, but whatever, that wasn't happening. Best part of vacation is sleeping in, right?
 So this bridge was started in like 1357. As in, more than a hundred years before Columbus sailed off to find America or Cuba or wherever it was that he landed. And yes, it's been damaged and repaired in the late 1800s or something, but still.  THIRTEEN FIFTY SEVEN PEOPLE. That's a hella long time.

More than the bridge itself, I was in love with the pillar gate thingies on the Lesser Old Town side.

Can't you just see Arya up there shooting arrows and dumping hot oil on people below, then using Needle to run anyone who happened to make it up thru? 

This is the view from the bridge of the Lesser Town (??) and Prague Castle.

So after the bridge, you basically push a stroller and drag your almost five year old BABY straight uphill to the castle, which I didn't do any research on (in fact, I didn't research this entire trip. At all.  Oops) and was slightly confused about.  What you see and THINK is the castle is actually the cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral is gorgeous, don't get me wrong. We didn't go in the actual halls of the castle because we're not really into learning things or having class and culture, but I did pop into the free part of the cathedral to snap a few shots.

It's just that...after seeing Notre Dame...I dunno. Do I sound awful? I don't want to sound awful, because lemme tell you something else I learned about good ole St. Vitus Cathedral by eavesdropping on an English speaking tour guide.
 The cathedral was founded in like 960, which sounds awesome and is right up my alley. Old stuff, I love it, right?

It was redone a hundred years later, which still, 1060 is pretty fucking old and right up my alley.

But then whatever happened and it was basically ALL taken apart in the late 1800s and redone and rebuilt and what you SEE was built and finished in 1929!!! How lame is THAT?!?!

Whatever. It still looks cool, I guess, I just really wish it had actually been built in 960. Ugh.

Hiking up that mega hill did have a few perks, the main one being this amazing view.

 Don't you just love all those red roofs? I do. I bet most of them weren't built in 1929. Ugh.

Then it was back across the bridge towards the apartment, with one last look at the Cathedral. Which was built less than a hundred years ago.

 This was our apartment, if anyone is interested in the logistical aspect of vacationing in Prague.  It was on the second floor, which is actually the third story, but there was an elevator. It was huge, two bedrooms, two full baths, American sized fridge, oven, stove, and dishwasher. Big living room. EXTREMELY friendly an accommodating owner, we had a problem with the heater and he was just GREAT, seriously.

Just be aware that 'fully equipped kitchen with washing machine' does NOT necessarily mean dryer.

So there you go. The rest of the week, I didn't take many pics, so I should be able to get all of those up tomorrow, you lucky duck, you.

Engelbrecht out.

A/N: I did work out. I almost died. It was by far the hardest workout I've ever done. I almost died. I could literally FEEL the booze and pastries and cream and gravy and potatoes and french fries forcing themselves out of my pores. It was NOT a pleasant feeling. I can't move now. 

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