Monday, January 6, 2014

Rest of the Prague Pictures

Mainly, I just want to get all these pictures up. You know, in case the four ways I back up our photos don't come through, at least I'll have them here.  Ugh.

On Monday, we took a boat cruise up the river.

 We like boat cruises, it's basically (for us) a relaxing way to see the sights from a different angle.

All that to say, the boat tour in Prague was mildly lame, and if you're not into typical touristy boat cruises, I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't want you to be disappointed and mad at me.

 However, we liked it. What can I say, I'm a sucker for typical touristy boat cruises.
 Warren spent the ENTIRE hour taking pictures. I love that little weirdo ;)

 Apparently, it wore Daisy out.  What?!?! All the kids were an absolute nightmare after this, so we took them home and stuck them in bed for naps, then ran out for dinner later on.

Tuesday, we started at the ice rink right off the square.

After that, we headed over to Wenceslas Square. It was neat, but nowhere near as gorgeous as the Old Town Square. 

I *LOVE* this picture. Warren asked to take our picture, and this is what he came up with!!! I love it, who knows why. Like, I'm mildly obsessed with it.

Stupid water bottle photo bomb!! Why don't people take care of their garbage? Why don't I pay attention and reframe the shot!?!?

 Wednesday, we spent most of the morning at the apartment then headed out to wander around and get some lunch.
 Engelbrechts are very good at wandering.  And eating lunch for that matter.

Check this out, we wanted to climb the clock tower. The big kids are pretty badass, they've both (maybe Warren? who knows) climbed Diamond Head in Hawaii, Ava climbed up to the top of St. Paul's with my dad, they both climbed to the top of Notre Dame...they're cool. Anyway, we all were going to make the climb to see Old Town from the top of the clock tower, but guess what? They had an elevator. And no line. Win win.
 As soon as I stepped off the landing, I remembered how fucking terrified of heights I really am and why I haven't climbed all those things with the kids. Ugh.

Below, please observe what it's REALLY like on holiday with Team Engelbrecht ;)

 It sure was gorgeous though.

 It was HELLA crowded up there, and I was really freaking the freak out, so this is the best I could do of getting a kid AND the scenery.

After that, we probably ate a lot more and went home and went to bed. Sounds like us, doesn't it?

Thursday I hung out at the mall all morning alone drinking coffee and playing on my phone and later on Nick and the kids walked up to meet me. Apparently, a car was being towed and it provided a good twenty minutes of entertainment.

After more eating, we took the Funicular Railway up to Petrin Hill, over on the Lesser Town side of the river.  The train took us all the way up the mountain to the Lookout Tower, which apparently was copied from the Eiffel Tower, only a lot smaller.

We didn't climb it because Mama didn't want to. I thought I could get decent pictures from the ground.

I was not correct.

The trees were too dense to see anything.

 Oh well, win some, lose some.

This was Prague Castle from the dirty train glass on the way down.  Still pretty cool, right?

Then of course, there was more eating.

And more pictures of badass towers at night.  Arya, are you there?

And then it was Friday. Our last day. Frowny face.

We just wandered around, getting postcards and souvenirs and eating street food.
 That above is St. Nicholas in Old Town. I can't figure out which is which to provide a link, there's a St. Nicholas in Old Town and also one in Lesser Town. So good luck. The one in Lesser Town is cooler looking, but my pictures didn't come out very well of that one.

Ahh, Warren. Of course you do.

This was Daisy five minutes before we landed back in England. Stayed awake the whole flight, until the last five minutes. Really kid?!?!

Phew. That must have been like four millions pictures.

Engelbrecht out. 

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