Saturday, January 4, 2014

Semi Recap of Christmas and Beginning of Prague


So, Christmas happened, as I knew it would. I got a great idea from this article on the Clickin Moms site, followed her instructions to the tee, and am THRILLED with the results below.
I keep saying I'm going to edit the pictures (no, they're not SUPPOSED to be bright orange and grainy) but I probably never will because life. So for now, and probably forever, this is it.

Side note, Facebook took this off my wall, they said it was copyright infringement. But they didn't say WHY. The song? I paid my ninety nine cents for the song, so who knows. I mean, you can watch entire movies on youtube, but you can't watch my kids opening their Christmas presents. Life, right?

As for me, I did get that tablet I wanted, and, as expected, I can't figure out how to use it. I'm somewhat hopeful as I found a video specific to using it for digital scrapping, but alas, the girl in the tutorial has a different model, real photoshop instead of PSE, and she uses Windows while I (and the rest of the free world, what the fuck is her problem?!?!) am on a Mac. Le sigh.

Also semi related to computers and my pictures from Prague, the Baby Mac PSE has been acting wonky so I deleted the program with the intention of reinstalling it. But then I didn't want to get off the couch, so I downloaded a free 30 day trial of PSE 12, the latest and greatest (I use 9) and meh, it was different so I hate it, but I didn't think of it again. BUT then we got to Prague and I went to get ahead of myself and start editing and GUESS WHAT?!?! My free trial was expired!! And I'd never reloaded 9. So every night we had a few hours of free time and I had nothing to do expect read all the Jack Reacher books and play kissy face with Nick.

It's rough, I'm tellin ya, this whole life thang.

Anyway. So here's the nitty gritty, in case anyone is looking to holiday in Prague.

We picked Prague because Nick wanted to go there, it was relatively cheap for the after-Christmas-holiday period, and c'mon, we wanted to say 'oh yeah, we've been to Prague.' Hindsight being so awesome, I don't recommend going for an entire week, and not just because Team Engelbrecht has taken on a new Seven Days is Too Many for a Holiday stance since Iceland. There just wasn't that much to do. I feel like it's a double edged sword too because if we hadn't had so many kids, we could have lived it up in the bars and all that, but at the same time if we didn't have so many kids, it wouldn't have taken us four and a half hours to walk a hundred yards and we could have seen just about everything in a day or two.

So there you go, bona fide advice: you don't need seven days. Don't ask me how many you DO need because that's just silly, I have no fucking clue.

We flew Easy Jet out of Stansted (is that spelled right?) and whatever, it wasn't fancy, the plane was cramped, and we had to pay for a little snack for the kids, but we didn't crash and die in a blazing inferno, and it was only about ninety minutes, so I barely missed all that leg room and the individual tvs from the Iceland flight. Man that airline was badass.

We used Homeway to find a place to rent, as always, but for some reason the place we stayed isn't on the website. Who knows. I cannot rave about Homeaway enough. Seriously, if you are going ANYWHERE, just look into it. Separate rooms!!! No putting the pack and play in the bathroom!!! A fridge!!! A washing machine!!! SEPARATE BEDROOMS!!!! I will NEVER stay in a hotel with my children again, and you can quote me on that. We've never had any problems with owners or money issues or ANYTHING, so seriously, give it a go. IT'S WORTH IT.

So anyway. We had to hire a taxi van type thing to get us from the airport to the apartment, then we were hoofin it the rest of the week.

There was a traditional Czech resturaunt right under the building where we grabbed a quick and FANTASTIC lunch, then we headed into town.

It was a ten minute walk (even for the Team, which is pretty fast) into the famous Old Town part of Prague.  And man alive. It. Was. Gorgeous.

 The first things you see when you hit the square are the Astronomical Clock (not to be confused with the Atomic Clock, which I actually thought it was, although after a quick google, I now can't figure out if it's just ONE clock somewhere or a figure of speech or what...) and Our Lady of Before Tyn, the massive fairy tale castle looking church.

Then there was this guy. Oh guy, how happy you made me. Sigh.

Before Prague, I would have easily said that Bruges was the most gorgeous city in Europe. You know, because I've been to three, so I was an expert. But alas, Prague...there's just something about it.  Apparently, while the rest of Europe was bombed during WWII and has had to rebuild all their gorgeous old architecture, Prague was spared from the worst of the bombings (how? why?) so the buildings are one hundred percent authentic. And I dunno, knowing that, then seeing how amazing and gorgeous it was...I don't know. I can't call it, I have to go with a tie for beauty between Bruges and Prague. But I never thought another city would even come close, so it was odd.

The areas where Prague easily wins are the cobblestone roads and the doors.

Ohhh, the doors. OBSESSED. I couldn't get enough. Even the kids were getting into it, calling out to me when they found one they thought I'd like.

And just everything. It was just so PRETTY. Absolutely perfect.

We wandered around the outskirts of the Square, window shopping and admiring the doors, until dusk fell at four pm (ugh) and we headed back to our Traditional Dinner at Hard Rock. Go ahead and laugh, I'm not ashamed. Hard Rock is fun, they have tables we can fit at and familiar enough food, and I like to collect the glasses. WHATEVER. I never once claimed to be sophisticated. In fact, when I took my mama to Paris, she REPEATEDLY laughed at what a typical excited tourist I am.

 And for the first day, here's my favorite shot.  It was a tough call, but in the end, this one won. Stay tuned for a picture overload tomorrow. I can feel your excitement from here.
Engelbrecht out.

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  1. Amazing architecture. Drooling on my keyboard! Just beautiful! I really am excited about a picture overload!!! See...3 exclamation points. I travel vicariously.