Thursday, February 27, 2014

One Little Word Thursday: THRIVE

First, a side note: I just (finally) finished the last episode of season 3 of Sherlock and I am totally split down the middle about either loving it or thinking it was sort of lame, so I took to google (of course) to spend nine hours reading recaps and reviews. And the people are split half and half too. I think I'm leaning towards the loving it, just for the scene where Molly smacked him around. And the scene where he looked like an idiot when he figured out those glasses were just glasses. HOWEVER, no one has mentioned the most SHOCKING thing to me!!! People keep talking about how Mycroft let him off easy, sending him into exile for a mission- but HELLO!!! Mycroft SPECFICIALLY says that the mission would last six months and then Sherlock would be killed. And then Sherlock himself says "Any my brother is NEVER wrong." So basically, Mycroft sent him to be executed!!! And not a single of the HUNDREDS of recaps and reviews I read have even mentioned it!!!

Also, Moriarity being alive? That will me LAME in all caps. Those writers have better have bigger plans or else I'm bailing.

Not really.

Man, good tv really makes me miss Lost. Sigh.


So last time I checked in with thriving, things weren't going so well. And as always, looking back, gooooosssssshhhhh am I dramatic enough? Sheesh. It's almost embarrassing, except I can still vividly remember how desperate I felt, that feeling of heavy despair, like everything I had to do, I had to swim through maple syrup to do it. Weighted. Heavy. That's really the best way I can figure to describe it, everything feels so fucking heavy. I could barely lift my arms, my legs must have weighed five hundred pounds each. Everything happens in slow motion. It's just heavy. And desperate. I dunno. Maybe I'm just crazy.

ANYWAY. Point being, I'm a lot better. "I'm feel much better now. Clearer." Seven thousand points to anyone who can get that quote. Going to Rome helped, not only the INCREDIBLE vacation (duh) but also just the break in the monotony. I mean, my life is pretty fucking monotonous.  Not only am I a typical Stay at Home mama with small children, I'm a Stay at Home mama with small children who never leaves the house if I can help it. And yes, I understand that that's a (sort of) choice, and it's what I need to do right now, but I'd be lying if I said it didn't start to wear on me every now and that.

To address that point, I am making it a point to get to play group tomorrow and hopefully have my neighbor over next week for coffee.  Baby steps, right?

But of course, being me, my hatred for monotony is a double edged sword because I actually love it too. I love knowing exactly what's going to happen next. I love to eat the same thing for lunch, every single day. I love a plan, step by step instructions, every hour of every day.  I love it, and I hate it.  It's hard to be me, I'm tellin ya.


I have gotten back into the habit of using my awesome note app to make a detailed list for the day when I'm getting ready for bed, and that helps. I know for a lot of people, part of scaling back and thriving is to stop being a slave to their to-do lists, but (as always, it seems) I'm the opposite. I like to fill it up with the tiny details, because when I'm in a fog and feeling weighted down, it's very easy for me to forget the basics like 'empty the dishwasher after lunch' or 'put away the basket of clothes you've just folded' and things like that. And if I'm honest, I also really like that rush from putting a check in the box. Hey, I never claimed to be cool and sophisticated.

So ordering my day helps me to thrive. I've been reading the kids (Ava, no one else actually pays attention) a chapter each night from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe every night, and that really helps me thrive. I've been working out every morning, and while I don't necessarily think that helps me to thrive (sleeping would help me more, I think) it helps me put another check in the box. I've been working on various quilts, and I'm trolling the ole pinterest looking for other ways to get the creative juices flowing. I've finally joined the library, and that, above all else, is helping me to thrive. Seriously. I mean, I love amazon as much as the next gal, but I like to read a lot. And books are like eight bucks a pop. So it gets to be pretty expensive. The library system here is pretty massive, and so far, I've been able to find a LOT of stuff to borrow and read. I figure I've saved a hundred bucks already, and I've only had my card about six weeks. (For any interested parties, so far I've borrowed What Alice Forgot, Dark Places, Echo Burning (a Jack Reacher book :) I'm addicted) the new Dean Koontz book, In the Woods, The Long Earth, and the ending of the Pure trilogy. All together now: LIBRARIES ARE AWESOME.)

So that's a recap of my mental state these last few weeks. Now on to the assignments. I'm still trying to keep up with the Ali Edwards prompts, but this month was sort of...not my style.  The first assignment was a card for reflections for each month, and I can't think of a SINGLE thing to put for January!!! Not one.

That blank page is mocking me. MOCKING ME.

The next part was to list off some Actions for the year. Ugh. I'm good with goals like "put on socks and shoes" not year long aspirations. We're supposed to have twelve, the best I could do was eight. And they're lame, so please keep your opinions to yourself and your other friends.

Ugh. I do have the cards for 10, 11, and 12 made up in case I ever come up with anything else, but I'm not holding my breath.

Lastly, I needed something to go against the back of a page, so I made up my thrive Bible verse.
I don't love the layout like I love the Maya Angelou one, but it had to be landscape like that, so that's the best I could do.

What about ya'll, anyone else still doing the One Little Word business?


  1. I feel like I've heard that quote in a movie that Justin watched, something like Hellboy? Sucker Punch? Book of Eli? One of the Terminators? I give just reminds me of screaming along with a Three Days Grace song."I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER NOW THAT YOU'RE GONE FOREVER" ;)

    The library is awesome, but I'm in a book slump. Read anything really, really awesome lately?

    1. Wait, I'm supposed to come to YOU for books!! The last book to get into my head was The Interestings. It made me EXTREMELY uncomfortable, but in a good way, if that makes any sense. I think it had a lot to do with the relationship I have with my own best friend, but who knows. It was REALLY good, and I obsessed about it for weeks, and I still catch myself in downtime moments thinking 'hmm, remember when jules said this and that?'
      I just finished the end of the Pure trilogy, and I really liked that, but it's a different sort of like than the like I have for the Interestings. And I really liked What Alice Forgot in an entirely different way from both of those, because it was sort of light and fluffy. Chick lit maybe? But it also got me thinking, and made me sort of ashamed at how I take my husband for granted. I did NOT like The Husband's Secret, I thought it was just stupid. I also didn't like this other Graham Joyce book I read, Some Kind of Fairy Tale. It was dumb too.
      However, the best books I've read in a LONG time (like, since the Passage) were the Silo series, Wool and Shift and Dust. They were SO GOOD. I got a few people to read them with me (they're really long) and none of them have anything to say, which means they didn't like it like I liked it, but whatever. THEY ARE AWESOME. It's been MONTHS, and I still think about the characters almost every single day. So great. They were just SO GREAT.
      This week at the library I got a Jack Reacher book (I can't in good conscience recommend them because they're SO OVER THE TOP...but I really do love them. It's so embarrassing, but I'm too old to care anymore, I like what I like) and also this crime book by Tana French. I got confused and thought she was Nicci French, who was recommended to me a while ago, but she's obviously not. I'm still pretty excited though, it looks good. Takes place in Ireland. And I got this book my dad wants me to read, The Long Earth. It's a lot more scifi than I usually get into, but he's my dad, and he read the Wool books for me, and I usually end up liking what he likes. He made me read Ender, which I loved, and this old book called Where Late the Sweet Bird Sang, which I HIGHLY recommend, if you can find it, and also Hocus Pocus and Galapagos, which I also HIGHLY recommend, even above Sweet Bird.
      Lastly, I liked Dark Places even more than Gone Girl, and I'm one of the few who LOVED Gone Girl. Like, I even loved the ending. I thought Dark Places was way better, and there were characters that you could actually like, which was nice.
      And the quote is from T2, Sarah Connor says it when Dr. Silverman shows her the tape of her freaking out about the future and she's all crazy eyed in the tape. Gets me every time. Best movie ever ;)

  2. Number 2 on your cards...I really, really gotta work on that one. I constantly remind the kids to look at me when they're talking to me or someone else. And yet, I'm pretty sure I don't do a very good job of looking at them when they're talking to me. Such a tough one!

  3. okay, I just commented on your LAST Thursday post when you were feeling down, and now I see that I am too late on that comment. BUT, yes to feeling heavy. That is so it. In my post-partum hormonal state, I am feeling rather roller coaster-y with my emotions, and I know as soon as my eyes open in the morning if it is going to be a good day or (a really, really) bad day. On the bad days, the thought of getting out of the bed seems impossible because the energy it requires just to get up is so draining. The Lord is gracious, though, and I have good days mixed in with my bad, and I expected this. It just seems to be what I do after having a baby. ANYWAY, again, I hear you. And I have a friend who told me that studies show (what studies??) that exercise is even more effective than medication, so I am trying to make myself do it. And sunshine, right?!!! Oh yeah, you know that, b/c you have that lamp and you mentioned the Vitamin D. And yes, making myself go through the motions of getting out of the house even when I don't want to!!

    1. Well I'm still waiting for the exercise magic to kick in. I'd want to look closely at these alleged studies ;) For me, nowadays, the thing that helps the most is knowing that I've gotten through it before ('it' being a funk) so I'll most likely get through it again.

  4. I love these! I could use all of these in my daily life.

    Andria (mil spouse book review)