Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Warren Ray Engelbrecht, Age 5

Of course, I love all my children equally, blah blah blah. But I have to say, watching Warren's personality develop has been the most fun. Ava is very much like me, bookish, sort of quiet, very emotional- nothing new here. Scott is basically growing up to become Dexter, so that's not very fun to watch. But Warren? Man alive, he's just HILARIOUS.

He's the Zach Morris. He's funny, and he knows how to land a joke. He knows how to work a room. He knows when to goof around, and when to give a hug. He's SOO kind, I'd say he's the nicest of all four kids, the most genuine TRUE kind of nice, just for the sake of being nice.
Dear God, I was huge.

Warren is the one who didn't want to leave the womb. Five years later, it's so OBVIOUS, because he's basically the same way today, he likes to be in physical contact with me so much more than the others. I never had a single contraction with him, up until I laid down on that table and they yanked him out and ruined his life.

He was my biggest at eight two. And even though he's making a terrible face below, he was VERY handsome with a PERFECTLY round head because duh, he never even engaged.

This is late June, 2009, so he's what, four months old? And he already has that glint in his eyes!!!

August 2009, six months old, right after we moved to Connecticut.  Isn't he gorgeous?!?!

January 2010, at the Chuck E Cheese. Gag. Warren (and all the rest of them) was a late walker, so Ava just dragged him around. 

First birthday. I actually remember this like it was yesterday. Isn't that crazy? We were down at my mom's house in Biloxi, waiting for our flights to Guam!!

May 2010, on the beach in Guam. Happiest baby in the world.  Sometimes. 

Second birthday. Don't remember this one at all, I blame the one month old infant who'd recently arrived at the house.

May 2011, bloody nose or red cupcake icing? You decide, I have no idea. 

November 2011. Turkey in the preschool Thanksgiving production. Type casting.

Third birthday, February 2012, just after we left Guam and moved to Hawaii. In case you're wondering, yes, I am sobbing. I started crying as soon as I opened the Feb 2009 folder on the hard drive.

July 2012, perfecting the classic Warren "Hey mama, look at me!!!" while not paying attention to what he's doing, ultimately leading to disaster.

October 2012, getting sick of me taking is picture.

Fourth birthday, February 2013, right after we moved to London. Sob. He's all grown up.

April 2013, on vacay in Ireland. Isn't he cool? So dapper. And such a turkey.

December 2013. 

And just for fun, a few scattering shots of Warren sleeping. I randomly opened a folder every four or five months per year to pull those pics for this post, and in each folder, I found a sleeping shot. Imagine if I'd gone through all twelve months of all five years?

Gorgeous, am I right?!?! 

Happy Birthday Number Three.  You're the best. Especially when you're awake.


  1. Aw, what a sweet post! Happy birthday to him! This might sound weird but I feel like you can tell exactly what he'll look like when he's an adult, if that makes sense. Some kids have those faces that you can just watch grow. :)

    1. He's my favorite. Those people who tell you they don't have favorites? They're lying.

  2. Now I have to go pull up some of MY kids baby pictures! Where does the time go?!?!

    1. Seriously, I can't believe it. Why is five such a big one?!?!

  3. HBD to Warren! My #3 boy will be 5 in April & doesn't it seem crazy when one of your littles (ie#3 & #4) has a birthday and they suddenly seem to be older! Like they're catching up to the bigs?!