Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Random Photos Plus "Elsewhere..."

First, for the Elsewhere, I've written (okay, cut and pasted) a book review for Military Spouse Book Review!! Always fun to be somewhere else. It's my review of The Bone Season, which I'm sure you've read here, since you read and cherish every single word I ever write, but it's worth checking out her site, obviously.

And here's eight random pictures that have been clogging up my 'system' in my computer. And ya'll, for my birthday, "Nick" treated me to that CM class I wanted!!! It starts at the end of the month and I'm pretty sure that after I take it, my photos will probably knock your socks off.  That's usually how it works, isn't it?  Har har.

Here are the kids attacking Nick after we got back from Prague and he finally checked our American mailbox and we got PACKAGES!!! I hope they never get less excited about packages.

Daisy's new dog. Which she named Puppy. She's quite creative.

Um, we've been here for over a year, and we're just now checking out the museums in London. What can I say, we're just not museum people...

But this one was MEGA RAD.

Hello, GORGEOUS. It's the Natural History Museum and it's just stunning. The bricks I mean. The exhibits were all right, we mainly only did the dinosaurs (because my kids are awful) but they had an interactive kids discovery thing in the basement, and hey, all London museums are free!!! So it wasn't a big deal when we had to bail because Warren wouldn't stop crying.

Real camera shot of my beloved quilt.

Daisy June turned three.

And Warren turned five. We aren't 'birthday party' people. OBVIOUSLY. When we lived on Guam and Hawaii, we had pretty big grill out parties and a birthday cake, so we could pass it off as a kid's party, but really, it was an adult party that kids got to come to.  Not so much here, so we just get them a few gifts and a cake and call it good.

Okay, twist my arm, here's some shots from instagram. I just love instagram.

First, the (school) night I took my eight year old into one of the biggest cities in the world to see a Taylor Swift concert...
Yes, I was more excited than she was, until we got there. I don't think she realized exactly what we were doing. Yes, she fell asleep. Yes, our seats were so high that when I bought them, they actually came with a disclaimer that they weren't suitable for people who are scared of heights. Which I obviously am. But it was all that was left (she played to sold out crowds, five nights in a row!) and it was EPIC.

Then there was the afternoon I chaperoned her second grade, second term field trip.  To DOWNTON ABBEY.

Then there's just a bunch of random shots. Let's see, below we've got Scott helping his stuffed animals go bungee jumping over the bannister, Daisy taking swim lessons on the living room floor, my boys being dorks on the computers, my wack family 'helping' me cook dinner, laying around being lazy, and my plants, moved into the rare sunshine.

Next, we've got Daisy's hair, now that she's (FINALLY!!!!) stopped pulling it out, Warren (and mama...) not paying attention at church, Warren with his Rubbish Robert...

And lastly, my latest obsession and reason for my absence from all things Real Life lately...Call the Midwife. It. Is. So. Good. Better than Downton. Well, better than this last lame season of Downton at least. PLEASE NO SPOILERS. I know something dramatic happened at the end of season three because NO ONE WILL SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT, but I'm only just now finishing season two. Figure if I put my mind to it, I can power thru season three by the weekend. And I'm nothing if not diligent about binge watching good tv.

So there you go. What have ya'll been up to lately?

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