Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Right Now...

*Excuse the random photos, I just couldn't resist posting them, although they have nothing to do with anything*

-I'm thinking about how good Budapest Hotel was. I'm not any kind of Wes Anderson fanatic (I know, I know, I'm just not hip {or smart} enough) but I thought Royal Tenenbaums was funny and Life Acquatic was all right, and I really REALLY wanted to go to a movie and this was the ONLY thing playing that looked remotely interesting, so there you go.

It. Was. Fantastic. SO GOOD.  It wasn't too weird (in fact, it was barely weird at all...) and it was sweet and charming and SO HILARIOUS and just sweet and feel-good. I left the theater happy and relaxed and just glad that I went. It was just a good movie. You know? Five stars.  I imagine that in December, when I do my 'best of 2014' this movie will be on the list. It was THAT good.

-I'm feeling more than overwhelmed at this photography class I'm taking online. I knew going in that it would go over my head, it's a class for actual, I dunno, PHOTOGRAPHERS? But I sort of thought I could skate through and just take from it what I needed.
Wel first of all, it's hella expensive, so I don't want to take what I can get, I want it all. I want my money's worth!! But I've only read the fifteen page PRE ASSIGNMENT so far, and it's obvious that I am in WAAAY over my head. I mean, that's some of my best work up there. Not QUITE what I'm looking for!!!

I don't have a second of all.

-I'm reading so much. Like, seriously, SO MUCH. Right now, I'm reading The Likeness, which is the sequel to In the Woods, which I didn't love, but obviously spoke to me enough that I literally raced to the library to grab Likeness.   Who knows where this crime drama kick started (duh, Cuckoo's Calling) but I'm loving it. It's always nice to try new things.

I couldn't keep a straight face. Trying new things is the WORST. But I'm glad this time it worked out.
Also, I am apparently addicted and slightly abusive to my library privileges. I keep stacking up the books. I had to bring Goldfinch back before I got anywhere near cracking it open because someone else requested it (what?!?!) but that's okay because my stack is pretty tall and I doubt they'll let me keep renewing things indefinitely.  I've got Eleanor&Park, Shovel Ready, Year of the Lady Bird, and Reapers are the Angels (don't ask.)

Why? Why do I have so many books checked out at the same time!?!? It's because, like EVERY OTHER FUCKING ASPECT OF MY WEIRD LIFE, I'm scared that they'll run out. That I'll check out two books like a normal person, then the next time I go in, they won't have a SINGLE THING for me to read.

Why am I crazy?!?!? Your guess is as good as mine.

Probably better.

-I'm watching more tv than ever. I know, I know!! Trust me, I know.  It's like someone challenged me to watch more tv than anyone else in the history of ever has ever watched before, and I couldn't help but accept. After my whirlwind of watching all nine hour and a half long episodes of Sherlock, Nick and I dove in to True Detective, which aired over here a good month or so after America, and either way, I let a bunch of them stack up before I even started. That's my thang.

It's a little darker than I prefer (which is so weird to me, I would have thought I was like into the darkest stuff ever, but this is DARK) but we've only seen the first three episodes, and the third was definitely the best, far and away, so I'm hopeful that four through eight will knock my socks off.  It's hard to watch Woody Harrelson be such a dick, and he's not such a good actor that I don't look at him and think 'wow, I can't believe that's the same man and in Zombieland' but instead I look at him and say 'goodness, woody harrelson is playing such a dick.'

Does that make sense?

I'm also digging the Blacklist. Doesn't bother me at all that Red is sort of sometimes a dick, and James Spader is AMAZING. I think that's the difference, James Spader has turned himself into Red (you know, like an actor is SUPPOSED to?) while Woody Harrelson (to me, I don't want to step on any toes for those of you who love him) is just being Woody Harrelson pretending to be a dick.
And of course, we are on the edges of our seats with How I Met Your Mother. I can't even link to it because I can't risk going on imdb and seeing anything. I've stacked up the last three episodes to binge watch this weekend before the finale, which for us will be next Tuesday night. Except crap, it'll have to wait until Wednesday because we'll have to watch the Walking Dead finale on Tuesday. Hmmm. Tough call.  Maybe we could stay up a tiny bit past our nine thirty bedtime and watch Walking Dead in real time Monday night? Without being able to zip through commercials?!?!

Life is full of hard decisions, folks. You heard it here first. Side note: I'm obviously way behind America in most of my shows, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't spoil anything for me?!?!

-I'm bursting with excitement at the plans we're making for what will now and forevermore be referred to as The Great European Driving Adventure of Two Thousand and Fourteen.

I like a catchy catchphrase.

The thing about having three different kids in three different year round schools is that their schedules are always very similar, but they don't sync up exactly. So for their 'summer' break, there's only four weeks where they are ALL off, and it's in August. My mama is a teacher in MS, so she goes back in August, so her options were to either visit while the kids are in school (England fines parents a pretty steep fee if they pull their kids out of school for vacations and the like) or join us on our drive, so she and my dad are coming with!!!

We're leaving the very last week of July and headed to Berlin, Salzberg, Venice, somewhere in the Swiss Alps, maybe one other place (??) and then Frankfurt. I may have made some of that up, but I think I'm pretty solid for the most part. My parents will be with us in Austria and Venice and then for maybe a day or two in the Swiss Alps.

Nick has booked almost all the houses we'll be renting during The Great European Driving Adventure of Two Thousand and Fourteen and I'm so excited I sometimes have trouble sleeping. (Haha, not really. I'm dead to the world after I turn out the lights. Reading and watching TV all day can really get quite exhausting.) So far we've (Nick has) figured out Austria, Venice, and the one in Switzerland.  I never dreamed HomeAway would let me down, but apparently you can't rent a cottage in Switzerland unless you're staying like two weeks, and we only need a few nights, so we're giving Airbnb a try. I don't like different, and I really don't like that I don't know what the 'bnb' means, but what can I do, right?  Fingers crossed!!

As soon as we get back from Amsterdam in April, I'm going to start booking every Sound of Music tour I can find. I cannot WAIT to get to Austria!!! My life is just so rad.

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  1. Oh my Gawd...you must read at the speed of light! Right now with all that is going on in our lives...I'm barely clocking a book every 2 weeks. I hate it. Plus, I get most of my books at Goodwill and they've had a crappy selection lately.
    Okay, let me just say I am so stinking jealous of your awesome catchy catch..."The Great European Driving Adventure of Two Thousand and Fourteen"! That sounds frickin' awe-some! I'm currently panicking over the fact that my husband wants me to just fly to Vegas for his 40th. You wouldn't believe the pressure I'm putting on myself...I mean he's only 40 once and he's already dumbed our trip down from Jamaica to Vegas. I know...I'm crazy in the head right?! Right!
    Anywhoo...enough about me...back to your post. I think that trip would be unbelievable and am looking forward to your posts about it already! That being said, I was just getting ready to email you and stopped by the ol' blog and lo there was this post. Wanted to say thanks for the postcard. Bebe said it ranked right up there as the coolest one she'd ever received...tied with a postcard made of cork from Portugal! That's a pretty high ranking! And, of course, if you have a moment to grab any more on The Great European Driving Adventure of Two Thousand and Fourteen we'd be unbelievably appreciative. She just got 2 from Denmark and one from Belgium from her cousin in the Dept. of Defense. It's a very cool hobby of hers...I love it as much as her!
    And if Ava ever wants a (another) pen pal let us know! Although Bebe's life pales in comparison to Ava's worldly travels. Oh and I can't believe they FINE you if you leave school for a vacation. The US oughta start doing that to raise money for improvements! ha Wonder what you're mom thinks about that!?
    Okay...so now that I've written you a small novel...and used way to many ...'s Ima let you stop reading and enjoy your week.

  2. I felt the same about Into the Woods and the subsequent books--didn't love them persay, but I liked them enough to read the other books. I never know how to review those sorts of books, OR books that I liked for no good reason that I could explain, sometimes despite obvious flaws (I felt that way about Mr. Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore).

    Also...HIMYM. We'd been watching on Netflix, and are now through all the episodes on there, and they don't have season 9 yet. I've just resigned myself to the fact that it's going to get spoiled for me before I see the end. What do you think/hope will happen? I WILL BE SO PISSED IF THE MOTHER IS DEAD.

    1. I don't KNOW what I want to happen! I'm boring, I just want a typical happily ever after. I finally watched the three leading up to the finale, and honestly, I'm completely satisfied. I *should* just leave it as is, and not watch the finale. But that's not gonna happen. Like, ever. Ugh.

  3. I LOVED Woody Harrelson in 'True detective!" Am I an awful person??! It IS dark, and while I was hooked, I was kinda relieved when it was over! Excited to hear what you think when you finish it!

    Speaking of being behind all of America with TV shows....we just started "Breaking Bad." Not even on Netflix, but on DVD, like 70-year-olds. ;) Did you watch that show?

    Always fun to hear what you're reading/ watching!

    1. I watched the first two episodes of BB while we were packing out in Hawaii and I didn't have anything else to do and I couldn't get into it. I don't mind 'bad' guys, or dicks, or jerks, or anything, really, but Mr. White was a liar. I have a hard time with that. He straight up lied to his wife, and I feel like the premise the tv people tried to sell me (good guy does bad things because he's got cancer and needs money) was bull, he did bad things because he wanted to do bad things. At least in those first two episodes...
      DVD...that made me chuckle. We're the oldest young people I know, and even we don't have a dvd player anymore ;)
      I dunno about Woody. I just love him so so much in Zombieland. And the first episode of True Detective, I got the distinct impression that he was the Good Guy and Matthew was the Bad Guy. But now he's a crazy man who says he cheats on his wife to help his marriage and he's all giving MM the crazy eye about the lawnmower...who knows. I'm still only three episodes in. My tv schedule is very busy.
      Crap, how lame am I?

  4. I appreciate your stringent TV schedule. You're like a circus-plate-juggler of TV shows and books. ;) I can only aspire to as much.