Thursday, March 13, 2014

Throwback (and THRIVE) Thursday

Look at those babies!!! This is August 2011, I'd been on my own with four kids for five months at this point. My baby was SEVEN MONTHS OLD. My other baby was FIVE YEARS OLD. Plus the two boys were alive out there. Somewhere. But man, Ava just slays me. How fricking adorable is she?!?! Daisy June...well at least she's gorgeous NOW, knowwhati'msayin, nudge nudge.

So that's the #tbt one. Oh man, that makes me think of the second Jimmy Fallon hashtag thing, I better link it. It's so funny. He gets me. I think this one is funnier than the JT one, but that's just me. long as I'm linking Jimmy Fallon, have you seen this?! He just looks like he's always having such a great time. My heart still belongs to Conan (You loved our movie Conan!!) but I bet if we got the Tonight Show here, Jimmy would be giving him a run for his money.

Aaaaaannnndddd, we can't talk about photobombing without this, can we?

Yes, my obsession with all things Sherlock has commenced. Please don't ask Angela or Holly how many times I've texted them about this over the last few weeks. (This being Cumberbatch, or as I like to refer to him, BBC Sherlock. Because I also still have a soft spot for CBS Sherlock. I'm torn. Please don't ask.)

So to feed the obsession, let's look at funny photobomb memes, shall we? This post is going nowhere awfully fast.  There are LITERALLY thousands, but my fave is BBC Sherlock Crashes the Red Wedding. (Side note: GAME OF THRONES ON SKY ATLANTIC APRIL 7!!! Less than 24 hours after America!!!)

And then this. I didn't watch the Red Carpet, so I actually missed this for real, but I bet it wasn't as awesome without John Williams' epic soundtrack, am I right or am I right.

Well this post really got away from me. As far as my THRIVE project goes, it's pretty hard NOT to be thriving when it's consistently 16-17C every afternoon, with sunshine until well past five thirty, so I can't really complain. I've been reading the big kids The Lion, the Witch, and The Wardrobe almost every night, and I do drop everything and read to Daisy June on demand, so that's two goals easily squared away. I haven't been purging this giant house full of shit like I've been wanting to...but I've thought about it? Does that count? I wasn't very relaxed on our last holiday, but whatever because I got amazing pictures. And I've been pretty steady on my creativity. So I'm calling it a win.

Although, full disclosure, I spilled a glass of water today and burst into tears. And that doesn't feel very THRIVE. But other than that, winning.

And since I've gone off the rails with this post already ANYWAY, let's end with one more shot of BBC Sherlock.

Oh fine, twist my arm for another one.

You're welcome. Engelbrecht out.


  1. Those girls are both beautiful!........and we are big 'Game of Thrones' fans around here, too.