Wednesday, March 5, 2014

“Write it. Shoot it. Publish it. Crochet it, sauté it, whatever. MAKE." - Joss Wedon

I don't, by any means, consider myself an 'artist' (obviously) or even a 'creator' in the way that we're getting used to using that word. At all. But I can't deny the rush I get from 'creating' things, no matter how imperfect they turn out.

Overly ambitious as always, when I started my One Little Word project for 2014, one of my goals is to make twelve separate creations.

Why? That's too many!!!

And create everyday?!?! THAT'S TOO MUCH PRESSURE!!!

I guess (hope?) that part of setting goals is realizing that you've made a mistake and modify things? I don't know quite how to change it, because (for me, personally) my goals have to be measurable. So I can't handle creating every SINGLE day (really Jenn, all caps?) so what do I do? Three times a week? That seems arbitrary and barely measurable.  Once a week? That doesn't seem like enough.



I used to just stick with writing. Writing things that I never EVER showed to anyone ever. And I still do love to write, and I still do love to not show anyone.  I'm a creature of habit, FOR SURE.

After I had Warren, Grandpa Kenny got me a 'fancy' camera, and I quickly fell in love with taking pictures. I tried to figure it out, and get better, and I think I did, although obviously I'd like to be a LOT better. I spend a LOT of time on pinterest looking at these hazy, tack sharp, slightly off center photographs, and oh how I LONG to replicate them.

This picture is always in my head when I pick up my camera, found via AEB's pinterest.

And I know it's so not kosher, but I have to share this one too, and I can't find the original, so I'm just posting back to AEB and crossing my fingers :(

How do they do this? Does anyone know? Please, by all means, point me in the right direction!!!

But this is supposed to be about my creative attempts, not all the things (and there are SO MANY THINGS) that inspire me.

So after I finally got some help with The Crazies in Hawaii, on a whim I asked for a sewing machine for our tenth anniversary present. I only used it to embroider for about six months, but after we got to England, it hit me- I wanted to make a quilt. And the only way I could figure to do it was to just do it. Nothing left to do but the doing, right? So I read some tutorials (namely this one and this one) asked Nick to help me with some math (math is so hard) and ordered a few hundred dollars worth of supplies for a king sized quilt.

Go big or go home, right?

It took me nine months. Because I got so fucking sick of looking at that fabric. What was I thinking picking those colors?!?! If you're about to order some fabric (and let's not lie, quilting is a pretty expensive hobby) please for the LOVE OF GOD order a decent amount of solids to mix in with your patterns. Ugh.

The day I made the binding, I cried. I was so close, I could taste it!!!

Then I took another few weeks off.

But then I finished it and it was totally worth it.

(Fabric for this monster was Riley Blake Willow, here. Wish I'd known you can buy already cut squares when I started.)

In the midst of making The Monster (that's what I call that enormous hunk of too-much-patterns) I also tossed together a small quilt for Christmas.  One of my faves, mainly because it was the first quilt I made from start to finish.

(Fabric for Christmas quilt: Riley Blake Merry Little Christmas, here. I used the 'taupe' options.)

After I showed off my Christmas quilt, my sweet baby sister asked me to make her one. I WAS BEYOND EXCITED. I couldn't believe it!! Someone wanted me to create something!!! FOR HER!! No one had EVER asked me to make something before. I think I cried. Needless to say, I was honored.  So I jumped right on it.

SO. MUCH. FUN. And she picked the most GORGEOUS fabrics. I have half a mind to reorder all that same fabric and make one for myself.

Shortly after this, my best friend asked me to make her one too ;) And she coincidently chose the same fabrics, just in a different color. Weird, right?

(Side note, I bought both sets of the aviary 2 fabric as pre cut jelly rolls from this etsy shop.)

Angela also asked me to fix her up an insert to turn a regular purse into a camera bag.

I used this tutorial, and Angela sent me the fabric, so I have no idea where it's from.

I have the cutest helper during my 'crafty' time. She likes to put her hand on the fabric as it walks out of the machine, and she REALLY likes to put a finger on the wheel thingie that spins around on the side while you're running the foot pedal.

And she likes to dump out and pick up all the push pins. Probably not the safest activity, but it keeps her quiet and happy, and she hasn't stuck herself yet. Fingers crossed.

Warren was the first of my children to beg me for a blanket, so I made him one out of some scraps. It's REALLY ugly (hence the BW) and he doesn't even like it, but I figure all practice is good practice, right?

Next in line was my friend Robin, who picked this gorgeous Amy Butler fabric, Soul Blossoms. I used this tutorial and this was THE MOST FUN project I've done so far.

Although I will never EVER sew with white again. Every time I knocked over my tea or ate cheetos, it was a terrifying disaster. Ugh.

And as a final side note, I finished up my 'practice quilt' that I started while I was waiting for my fabric for the Monster to get in.

And that's my story for the day. If you've made it through this entire post, congratulations.  You get a prize.

The prize is bragging rights. You're welcome.  


  1. Bragging rights to me! Those are awesome! You're such a 'creator'! I'm too lazy/scared to start sewing. I'm always envious of those that can! I'm amazed at all you've done. Congrats.

  2. i still can't believe you made all of those. that is so awesome. i mean, to sew all those lines and pin all those pieces of fabric. oy vey. keep it up!
    and don't act like you can't replicate those photos. you just dont' have the exact scene to do it. but you use your leading lines in the same exact way. and haze, that's what they made FB actions for!

  3. I made a quilt in middle school and it was such a pain but I would love to do another! You did an AMAZING job, it makes me want to go get my sewing machine fixed! I love the blue/white chevron one you did, my daughter would love something like that. Even though you are a beginner you are insanely talented!