Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Five Favorites

(Linking up with Hallie at Moxie Wife for Five Favorites)

1. My babies.  We recently signed the kids up for email. No idea how old they're supposed to be before you do this, but Ava asked for one and I couldn't think of a single reason why not to let her, so up we signed. And then she sent me some emails. And one of them said I'm the best mom ever. So basically, she wins. Although lately, they're all being sweet. Very suspicious.  I'm sure they're planning some sort of coup. But for now, I'll revel in the satisfaction of having four kids who are not all acting like assholes at the same time. WINNING.

2. This website. (That link will take you to today <April 30> but if you click the header it will take you to the main, then you can click back in for whatever day it is. Sorry if that sounds confusing, it's really not.) It's called the Skimm (WHY two m's?!?! I hate when people misspell stuff on purpose!!) and my friend Megan sent it to me. Thank God. It's no surprise that I don't exactly watch the news. My Facebook feed has been my ONLY source of current events for YEARS, but honestly, that's awful, and I don't go through my Facebook feed anymore because a)it usually sucks and b)the risk of spoilers when you live in the UK and get all the shows later (sometimes WAY later) than the US is too great. Hey, I said I read the news now, I never said I was any less lame and obsessed with TV.

Anyway, the Skimm rounds up whatever they consider to be important and edits it down into short, easily digestible blurbs. It's news for dummies. News lite. But it IS news. And they include links to actual articles on like the New York Times and Forbes and ESPN and things like that, if you want to read longer versions. And as far as I can tell, the girls at Skimm don't really put a spin on things like they do on Fox News, they just state things bluntly. I get the impression that they make fun of everything equally, if that makes any sense.

Anyway. I love it. You sign up and then they send you an email every day, at about noon London time, so I guess you'd get it America right when you wake up. It's nice to feel like I know a little bit about what's going on in the world (granted, today's Skimm is pretty boring, nothing I'm interested in, except that execution because isn't that almost EXACTLY like what happened on the Good Wife at the beginning of this season?!?!) but I also really love JUST getting the highlights. I don't want to hear about how a reporter agrees or disagrees, I don't want to feel pressure to think one way or another, I just want to know the story. That's it. And with the Skimm, that's what you get.

Let me know if you sign up. Because then we can talk about current events!!!

3. Routines.  Today I broke from my typical morning routine and it was awful. AWFUL. Of COURSE it was awful, what was I thinking?!?! Different is always bad. ALWAYS. Well obviously there are a few exceptions.  New movies can be good. As long as they aren't different version of the same movies. Finding a new books series is ALWAYS good. So there are exceptions. But for the most part, SAME is my favorite, and DIFFERENT is awful.

4. My new tupperware. Is it totally and completely lame to have new tupperware as one of my faves? I don't even care, I like it THAT much. For my pantry, I'm a stickler for actual Tupperware (don't forget we spent three years in hot humid tropical islands with lots of bugs and lizards- I needed that comfort of the Tupperware seal. If I'd poured a bowl of cereal and bugs tumbled out with it, I would have FLIPPED MY SHIT. Lost my shit? What's the expression?) but for leftovers, we just use rubbermaid or target brand or whatever.

Well all these years later, the plastic is stained and cracked and the lids are all missing. So last time we went to base, we stocked up on these beauties.
I didn't get the box set because I think round containers are stupid and absolutely useless, so I got mix of bigs and smalls. And I just love them. LOVE. They look so fancy in my tupperware cabinet and they're all sleep and gorgeous stacked up in the fridge- LOVE. Is this weird? Am I the lamest stay at home mom in the entire world?

5. The Bleak House miniseries. It's on the UK version of Netflix, not sure if they have it up on the US? It's old, I think it came out in like what 2006 maybe? I watched it while I was sewing and I was HOOKED. Agent Scully was AMAZING, as always. Tywin Lannister was in it, playing a Tywin Lannister character, so that good as he is as Tywin Lannister? Not as good actually. But good enough. And of course Susan from Bletchley was BREATHTAKING. I just love her so. Carey Mulligan doesn't do much for me, and her character was lame, but she's a decent actress.  Anyway, it's just REALLY good. This trailer makes it look sort of lame. And apparently, if you can't find it on Netflix, you can watch it all on YouTube, so that's kind of cool!

Could they have picked a worse still to use?!?! I can't even think of a sentence to tell you what it's about. It's about a bunch of people in the old days in and around London, being poor and rich and having smallpox and falling in love and getting murdered and blackmailed.

So that's my faves for today. Nothing mind blowing. Do you have any faves? Link up with Moxie Wife!!


  1. UK-based US-based Lame-O. I LOVE Tupperware! Especially the's so grown up. Shortly after I'd bought some new pieces last year I made the idiot mistake of letting my husband take some leftovers to work in one of the bowls. He left it, of course, and overnight some rat bastard (did I type that out loud) stole it. I was ready to go down there, fingerprint the night staff, and prosecute! Other than that...I'm a pretty calm lame-o.

  2. Love the idea of Skimm! Thanks for the tip.

    PS- My 3 and 2 year old have email accts... I use it as a baby book. Silly, I know... but it has totally worked for capturing those moments I hope to save.