Friday, April 4, 2014

Nicholas Scott Engelbrecht II

Seven is the hardest for me. I've done it twice now, so I'm an expert. Five is difficult, but still, at least with my babies, they still have the round baby face at five. They're still BABIES. But seven? SEVEN?!?! That's basically one step away from a driver's licence and getting married too young and leaving me forever for some floosy in a crop top who will never love him as much as I do.

You ready? I've got fifty four pictures here. Let's do this.
 I woke up the morning before my scheduled section annoyed but not overly surprised to find myself in labor. My mom was already here (I'd had a slight breakdown as Nick was deployed and due back three days before the scheduled date and I was convinced he wouldn't make it and I wouldn't make it, so Gramma saved the day) so I kissed Baby Ava goodbye and Nick and I headed in. I was crying. I was still devastated to be having a boy. I still held out hope that he would be a girl. Even as they lifted him out, in that split second before she laughed and said 'nope, it's a boy!' I held out hope.

 But then Nick brought me this bundle of squishy squashiness and I fell in love and never looked back. How could I not have wanted THIS boy?!?!

I never really had that dread that most second time moms feel, the worry about what the first born will think. Ava was still a baby, I didn't think she'd think anything at all.
 She seemed to like him. They're best buds now. I think it worked out.

So glad my mama was there. I fell asleep on the table (as I did with all FOUR of my children- am I alone in this? Did anyone else sleep through their children's births?!?! You're just all cocooned in and there's a warming blanket and there's a blue sheet two inches from your face and it's sort of boring anyway...) and when I finally got my bearings in PACU she's the first person I asked for. Did she see him? Did she love him? Did she think he was cute? We're a girl family, all girls, all the time, this was the first penis to enter our world and I wanted to make sure she approved.

She did. OF COURSE she did.

Scott's first year was busy.
The Outer Banks in May 2007

We need a new couch. 

We headed down to Florida in August to visit with my Grandma Judy and Aunt Marty.

Even way back then, I didn't clean my house.

Baby's first Halloween.

Say what now? Baby's First Santa.

2008 was even busier than 2007, which I wouldn't have thought was possible. In fact, I sort of forgot how much traveling we used to do until I started grabbing out these pictures!! Apparently, our Wanderlust is nothing new. Who knew?
Took them to our Alma Mater, the Loveliest Village on the Plains, in February.

Gramma Terri, Aunt Nikki and Cousin Mia came to visit in April.

Bald Baby Turns One 

In June (?) we headed to Stuart for Uncle Jeffery's wedding and I died. Baby in a tie? YES PLEASE.

The elusive family photo.

He's got hair!!! Actual hair!!! September 2008.

In October 2008, we headed back to Florida for Grampa Kenny and Linda's wedding, where Ava was the delightful flower girl, I was gross and fat and pregnant with ANOTHER boy, and Scott killed everyone in his tie again.

Hello Handsome

November 2008. He's starting to look like Scott. Like, EXACTLY like Scott.

We ended 2008 with a trip to visit Aunt Nikki in Tennessee.  All these years later, having vacationed in Rome and Paris and Bruges and Ireland and Scotland and on and on, Dollywood will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart. I love it so.

2009 saw a new baby, the kids' first move, and getting ready for Guam. Ahhh, Guam.

Big Brother at twenty three months. 

Baby Turns Two!!!

Having to say goodbye to one of my dearest friends sucked. Doing it on the beach was sort of rad ;)

I stayed with my parents in August 2009 while Nick finished selling our VA house and moving in to our CT house. We ate a lot of s'mores.

Best Big Brother. SOCLOSE to successfully passing off that cheerio.

First School Photo. Nailed it.

Baby's Third Halloween. And Baby's Fourth Halloween. And Baby's First Halloween. #toomanykidstoofast

Our first taste of winter.



Baby turns three.  I can't believe this is him!!!

Baby's FOURTH Halloween. Wow. Time, right?

 Ohhhh, Scott.


Big Brother. Again.

Baby Turns Four. Sob.

Fourth of July in Guam. Sweeping the island. #weirdo

Baby's Fifth Halloween.

Christmas 2011. There's the face we all know and love. I like to call this The Dexter.

2012 obviously brought us to Hawaii for twelve short months. Not a terrible way to spend a year.

Baby Turns Five.

Christmas 2012 at Grampa Kenny's before we headed to London!

And last year, 2013. The years seriously just get better and better, don't they?

Baby Turns Six. In Ireland.

Baby in Bruges.

Baby in Paris.

Baby in Iceland.

Scott, you made me a #boymom. You taught me that I have a capacity for love I've never known. I can't quite figure out the way your strange mind works, but I sure do love to watch it in action. I love the way you build with Lego, I love the way I can see in your eyes when you get an idea. I love to hear you read aloud, and I love to watch how tender you are with Daisy. I can't wait to see the man you slowly grow into.

Happy Seventh Birthday dude.

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  1. It would appear that this kid has had quite a happy life thus far. Happy #7! I loved the line about "the floozy in the crop top." Hilarious.