Friday, April 25, 2014

One Little Word Fridays: THRIVE

Well.....I sort of let the ball drop on my OLW project. I'm still trying (as best I can) to make the thriving choices (when I can...) but I haven't been working on my binder or doing anything with Ali's prompts or anything like that. Kinda lame, but what can you do.

For anyone who has no idea what I'm talking about, Ali has this thang where you pick a word (one little word...) and it's like your theme for the year. You're supposed to use your word to help guide your choices and reshape the way you think about certain things. To take the easy way out, I chose the same word as Ali: THRIVE.

Along with Ali, I've also gotten hooked on Deborah at WhipStitch. She's funny, I like her voice, she talks with her hands, her word is margin and most of what she says can be applied to me, even though our lives are basically polar opposites. What's not to love? In this vlog, she talks a LOT about not thriving. Like, she felt like her life was happening TO her. Instead of like she's living her life. DING DING DING. Winner winner. Anyway. It's a long video, but it's good if you've got some time.

In January, I set up my intentions, and in February, I used those to shape a few (manageable, hopefully...) goals for the rest of the year.

You're supposed to fill in your reflection cards for the past month at the beginning of the next, but naturally...I have not done this.
Feb and Mar look exactly like this too.

So. If I do get around to filling in my reflection cards, what will I write?

Goal One: take plenty of deep breaths, be more proactive than reactive. Hmm. Do I do this? I think so. I definitely take more deep breaths. I haven't yelled at the kids as much lately. It's becoming almost an unconscious habit to bite my tongue and remind myself kids are dumb, he/she has NO IDEA that that is a TERRIBLE plan, he/she doesn't have enough life experience yet to realize that that is going to make me FURIOUS so if I explode and scream at him/her, it's just going to be confusing and terrifying and it's not going to change anything except how he/she feels about me.

I don't want my children to be terrified every time they accidentally tip over a glass of milk or when they make huge messes in the office while I'm sitting on the couch drinking coffee and playing on the computer. I want them to think (which is, somehow, different than KNOWING) that my love is unconditional.

So yeah. We'll put Goal One in the WINNING column.

Goal Two: Stop and look them in the eye, teach them to do the same. ANOTHER WIN!! Ha. Check me out, I'm thriving all over the place!! Warren is the hardest, he REFUSES to look me in the eye when he's rambling on and on and ON with is stories. I actually don't find this too terribly difficult on my part either, which surprised me. Kid starts talking, phone or book goes down, eye contact is established and continued until conversation is over.

Guess I'm sort of a badass in the thrive department.

Goal Three: Create twelve projects this year. Chugging right along!! I've got three quilts under my belt, three more on my table, the fabric for number seven coming in the mail, I've been keeping up with my 2014 scrapbook- this goal should be pretty easy to nail. Maybe should I increase it a little? Aren't you supposed to evaluate and change goals up as needed? Who knows.

Goal Four: Read six chapter books to the kids this year. Uhh....not so much. I read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, then started Little House in the Big Woods...then stopped. Completely. Ugh. By the seven thirty, after baths and their show, I'm done. DONE. I want to wash my face while Nick throws them in bed, then veg out in front of the TV for an hour and then pass the fuck out. So I guess I need to work on this.

See? This is why I should have been doing my reflections cards, I might have caught this sooner and read more!! As it stands, I'll have to get through almost a book a month to make this one happen.

Goal Five: Read your Bible. Uhhh.... (crickets) Notsomuch. No excuses, no lengthy explanations, I just straight up haven't done this. At all.

Goal Six: Purge at least a bag a month. Um, no. Not even a little bit. Dammit. That's what I get for being cocky about the first two goals!!!

Goal Seven:  Teach the kids to do their chores. Um, halfsies? I was really into this in the beginning, chore charts were designed (of COURSE they were), tasks were assigned, money was given out...but the man with the money (ahem) wasn't as into it as the kids and I it's sort of fallen by the wayside.  And I can't just blame him (well, I can, but I won't, I suppose) because of COURSE I fell back into the habit of good LORD they're slow, I'd rather just load the fucking dishwasher myself. So...not winning.

Goal Eight: Calm the fuck down on vacations. Um, gonna call that one a loss as well.


How come I don't have any goals about working out and eating better? I haven't really been eating very well, but I have been working out consistently, no lie. Five days a week. Still loving on Fitness Blender. They really are the best. Obviously, I'm not losing any weight (I really do eat an obscene amount of crap) but I feel AMAZING.

Read a thousand books, is that one of my goals? Because I was nailing that one, till I got stuck on Eleanor&Park. Ugh. I feel like I've been reading that FOR EV ER. FOREVER. It's not bad, necessarily, but it's not very good. Trying too hard to be Perks of Being a Wallflower, if you ask me.

Anyway. That's what's up. Anyone else doing a One Little Word? Keeping up any better than I am? I'm gonna get this all sorted in May, get my binder up to snuff.

Engelbrecht out.

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