Monday, April 14, 2014

Post Vacay Slump

Although I shouldn't call this one a slump. I'm usually pretty bummed for a while after we get back, but this time, not so much.  I didn't LOVE being in Amsterdam (it was WONDERFUL, but I didn't plan anything out so I was overwhelmed, more on all this jazz later) so I was happy to get home, and the kids are off for another week, so it's not like the usual BAM back into real life. I got to sleep in, nurse my coffee lazily, tidy up slowly, unpack a few things at a time, and now we're all vegging out with Magic Schoolbus before I stick those suckers upstairs for a two hours plus nap.

It's a hard life, but hey, someone has to tackle it, amiright?

So Post Vacay Relaxation Days, that's a little more accurate? Post Vacay Lazy Week?

The weather is GORGEOUS.  Sunshine, all day. Or at least all day yesterday and so far today. If I've learned anything about British weather this past year, it's that it can do a complete one eighty in less than two minutes. Seriously.

Daisy got into nursery!! HOORAY!! In England (or at least in our county?) the term after you turn three, you're authorized for fifteen hours of free (FREE!!!) nursery (daycare, preschool) a week. You can either use this allotment type thing for a private type daycare and pay the difference (that's what we did with Warren) or you can apply to public (?) nursery, which is what I did. Warren's school has a nursery, so I applied there and one other place, and when we got home from Amsterdam I got a letter from Warren's school saying she can start in the fall!! Autumn. They don't say fall here.

That means that after three and a half years of never being more than six feet away from me (save that weekend in Paris with my mama and when I go to the movies and leave her with Nick, so basically, she's never been more than six feet from one or the other of us, literally- crap, well except for the rare occasions we get a sitter- never mind) I will dress her in her ADORABLE blue a grey Frithwood dress and burgundy cardigan and shiny patent leather Mary Janes and send her to school for three hours a day, five days a week!!!

I figure that will give me enough time to drive home, load the dishwasher, drink a diet coke without having to share, then drive back to get her.

But I'll take it!!!

No word on where Scott will be going to school next year. Please don't get me started.

No word on where we'll all be living come January 2015. There are three (well, two really) scenarios.  By the end of May, we'll know if Nick has 'screened for XO.' If he does, he will go to some sort of XO school somewhere for six months, likely starting in January 2015. I'll stay here? I'll go to my parents? I'll go to where his boat is? No idea. Gives me hives trying to think about it. Likely, I'll go ahead to where the boat is, hopefully Washington.  If he doesn't screen, he got the detailer to say we can extend for an extra year here. There's no reason this WOULDN'T work out, but detailers are a weird bunch, and I never really know what's going on over there.

This is the slightly tricky part. If he doesn't 'screen' at all, he gets another shot NEXT May to screen for something slightly different (no boat). But the third option is that he screens that slightly different thing this go around. So the options are boat right away, limbo with the chance of no boat next May, or no boat right away. I'm hazy on the details, but I'm semi confident that what we're praying and crossing our fingers for is the limbo option?  Because that gives us our extension here for sure (as sure as you can be, which is like fifty fifty) whereas screening means back to a boat for sure (LAME) and screening for the other thing means maybe not getting to extend because they'll want him to start that next job.

Obviously, my priority is to stay in London. With the extension, we would get Ava's tuition paid still, because he'd be doing the same job. But I'd stay here with him in a different job because the schools here are absolutely fine. I want to live here FOREVER.

It seems weird- counterintuitive even- to wish for Nick's career to NOT advance...but it is what it is. He's prior enlisted, so he can retire at twenty without ever being a CO, so why bother with being an XO? The only benefit is the money, but I love it here so SO much that it's an easy trade off, even for me. And he really likes those dirty crying kids of his- he doesn't want to go back out to sea. So I'm not just wishing for this behind his back, it's what he wants too.

If only the Navy cared what we wanted, right?

So that's what's up. After reading like a fiend these last few weeks (reviews to come, you lucky duck you!) I'm catching up on CBS Sherlock and binge watching The Americans. And Game of Thrones started last week!! I'm also in the middle of three different quilts, plus the photography class I'm taking in. So I'm thriving, I'm content and busy, but busy-at-home, which is the only type of busy that I condone. Obviously.

I'm trying to tackle The Great European Driving Adventure of Two Thousand and Fourteen little by little. I don't want to end up having NOTHING planned like last week, but I know my mother will balk at my typical itemized itinerary broken down into half hour increments, so I'm going to try to find a happy medium.

I'm lying, I'm going to itemize everything out in half hour increments. Once in a lifetime opportunity people!! ONCE IN A LIFETIME!!

I'm also fooling around in pse on my constant, never-ending quest for the Perfect Fridge Planning Sheet for the Week. This is my fave so far, but I say that every time I make one, and none of them has lasted more than a month so far. Ugh.

Anyone want one? It'll just take two minutes to swap out our initials for yours, or to change things up if you want it different.

All right. Engelbrecht out.

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