Friday, April 18, 2014

The Netherlands Recap

For the first week of the term break, we headed east to the Netherlands.

And as always, we rented through Homeaway. Because Homeaway is the greatest invention in the history of the world. Besides the smallpox vaccine. This one was more of a hotel type, it was five or six apartments in a big building and it had a reception desk and all that jazz- it wasn't the typical Homeaway listing of just some dude's house. So for those of you who are (crazy weirdos) nervous about the idea of staying in someone's 'home' you could go this route and get the 'security' from a 'regular hotel' (weirdos) but also get the kitchen and a room with a door to get away from your kids.

My view from the front door- it was actually quite breathtaking, not to sound overly dramatic.
The only (so so super slight, so small that it's barely worth mentioning) downside to this one was that the laundry room was a community one. It was RIGHT next to our apartment, but still, I had to bring my shit over, and pay attention to when it was done in case someone else wanted to do a load.

It was listed as a working farm, and we weren't disappointed. There were cows everywhere, and sheep, and chickens, and they were so friendly and invited the kids to come watch the cows get milked (it was all with machines, so slightly more boring than you'd think) and to come with the guys to herd them back to the barns in the evening.
Cows are NOT very smart.

Anyway. The farm was the best part of this holiday.

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I hated it and cried all week.

It's just that we've done so many amazing vacations, and this one was just sort of lacklustre. The main problem was my own damn fault- I didn't plan a single thing. Nada. I just figured we'd go see some tulips and maybe wander around Amsterdam.  And so that's exactly what we did.

We drove (we took the Euro Tunnel if you're interested) and it took us all day since it's us we're talking about, so the first night we just lazed around the barn and went to the grocery store for dinner and went to bed.

The next morning (Tuesday? I think?) it was raining, so we didn't want to go to the tulip fields, but we also didn't want to just sit around, so we headed to Amsterdam. We were about thirty minutes out of town, so we drove in to park and took the tube the rest of the way.

And it started to hail as soon as we walked up from the station.


So we hid out at the Heineken Factory, which was REALLY badass.  Way better than the Guiness one in Dublin. It was very interactive, and the people were all so nice, even with Team Engelbrecht. Which is harder than it sounds.

After that, we walked around a little, hit up the Hard Rock (duh) then drove back home.

Wednesday was the coolest- we hit up the tulip fields, both on the side of the road (the BEST) and Keukenhof Gardens, which is like the tourist trap for everyone all over the world who wants to come and see the tulips. I wondered if it would be worth it- paying money to see what we could see for free? IT WAS. There's a reason people pay the fee- it was BREATHTAKING in there.

Here's the fields on the side of the road...
I know it looks like they're peeing- they are NOT. 

Fave shot of the day below. I wish there wasn't a path right on the left there. But other than that- LOVE IT.

And then here we are in the Gardens, which were very crowded, but it was weird because even though there were TONS of people, as soon as we got thru the very front funnel entrance thing, we barely ever ran into anyone else.

Maybe they heard us coming and steered clear?

They also had a pretty neat playground.

Why is he licking a flower? No idea. 

Thursday, we headed over to Kinderdijk to check out the windmills, which was REALLY cool.  Probably my favorite part of the trip. The tulips were beautiful, but this was better.

Then on the last day, we headed back to Amsterdam to take a boat tour around the canals.

I'm sure you can imagine what Warren did on the boat tour...

Then the next day we got up early and caught the train home.

It's not that I didn't LIKE the Netherlands. I think it's just that...we live twenty minutes away from London, one of the most magnificent cities in the world. So as far as cities, you've got to do a LOT to impress me. Rome did it. But Amsterdam? Not so much. However, the windmills and the tulips were AMAZING. I just wish we'd planned some more countryside type excursions.  Alas. Live and learn, right?


  1. Those tulip pictures are breathtaking! And the one of your kid licking the flower made me laugh out loud.

  2. Oooh! Aaah! The tulips and the windmills! Love! Also, I thought for a second the guy in the hostel was flipping you off and then I realized he's probably just taking a selfie. (hate that word) And...licking the flowers...ha ha ha!