Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Five Favorites: Friends Edition

If you know me in real life, then you know that I have a Friends line for any situtiaon.  Not almost every situation, not basically every situation- EVERY SINGLE SITUATION. I'm sort of a Friends fanatic.

I wasn't even really that into it at first. Angela and I watched it what, in the eighth grade? When it first came out? But it certainly wasn't a Never Miss, and I CERTAINLY didn't waste my X-Files tapes on taping Friends. But when I got to college, that's when the fever hit. The fervor. That's when I became a fanatic.

I know it's dumb. I know real life doesn't work like that. I know. I KNOW. But I don't care.  I love those six friends, and I love watching the show, and I love that the man I married will quote the line even before I do.

In fact, that's what I love the most. I wouldn't say Nick is a Friends Fanatic, but he knows I am, and he's watched them all so many times with me (remember what I got for Christmas, 2011? ALL TEN SEASONS ON ITUNES) and he knows how I love them so, so when it pops up (seventy five times a day) he can often beat me to the punch.

And I love that.

Apparently it's the tenth anniversary of when it went off the air, so without further ado, here are my top five favorite Friends scenes.  Please note, choosing five was harder than Sophie's Choice. Not that I've ever had to make Sophie's choice, but I'm fairly confident this was harder.

5. MY EYES, MY EYES. Phoebe catches Chandler and Monica. THEY'RE DOING IT!!! And then Ross jumping up and down, classic. LOVE.

4. PIVOT. Ross doesn't want to pay the delivery fee on his new couch, so he makes Rachel and Chandler (she couldn't find Joey so she brought the next best thing- the next best thing is Monica!!) help him carry it home and try to get it up his stairs. PIVOT is probably the most quoted line in this house. Also fantastic: I know, you had a sketch and everything!!

3. The Jellyfish Recap. This one is so great.  What's not to love? I was tired from diggin the huge hole.  Hey it's Phoebe! We can talk to Phoebe!! That's right, I stepped up!! You can't say that, you don't KNOW! Love it. LOVE IT.

2. The Bet. OH MY WORD. So great. This scene is LITERALLY everything that is amazing about Friends. Except where the hell is Phoebe? BIG FAT GOALIE!! WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S. And my number one favorite line from any Friends scene EVER: THAT'S NOT EVEN A WORD!!!!!

1. And my number one absolute favorite scene from Friends ever needs no introduction, the second break up. LOVE EVERY WORD AND FACIAL EXPRESSION. I know I said it about PIVOT (and we do say that a lot for some reason...) but THIS is the most quoted scene in this house. Even the kids will screech YOU FELL ASLEEP?!?! And come on, Y O U R means YOUR is like the best line ever.  This scene is just perfect. It's basically Ross and Rachel in a three minute nutshell.

Crap that was hard. Except for the number one, that has always and WILL always be my absolute favorite Friends scene ever. I could literally put two HUNDRED clips up here. And do all of them word for word. Some of my faves are could I BE wearing any more clothes (duh), the part where Rachel has all the sentimental stuff in the box and Ross is all like you're not supposed to take those, it's like two million years old, we have people looking for that. Which is also the one where Monica makes out with Richard's son and then later on the couch gets the hibbie jibbies and looks like she's having a seizure.  And then Richard makes me think of the part where Monica first dates him and Ross says WHY WHY why would that bother me? That man has always been like a brother. To dad.  When Chandler got drunk and kissed one of Joey's sisters and the next day he says well my apartment isn't there anymore because I DRANK it. You ate my sandwich? MY SANDWICH!?!?!

Any scene where Chandler is at work. ANY time Joey and Phoebe are together. Ah screw it, just a few more!!

Phoebe tries to seduce Chandler. CLASSIC. Chandler's afraid of bras, can't work them.

That's how they measure pants. IN PRISON.

What are they, Irish?

Okay. And if you have like more free time than you know what to do with here's a compilation of Chandler, who is (if you couldn't tell) my all time FAVE.

All right, I have to stop otherwise I'll never get anything done. Not that I usually get things done, but I usually do more than lay here peeing my pants at Friends clips. Do you have any faves to share? Link up with Moxie Wife (via The Rhodes Log) today!!