Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I'm gonna go ahead and call it: Last weekend was the best weekend EVER.
Warren TOTALLY won for favorite of the day. 

Monday was a Bank Holiday so it was a three day weekend, which automatically makes any weekend better. Add in the sunshine and the fact that we didn't have to DO anything (save one tiny drop off birthday party- the kind I can TOTALLY get on board with, by the way) and it was just absolute perfection.

I know normal people wouldn't think it was awesome. And sometimes, hanging around the house on the weekend, knowing that hello, we're in England and should we be doing something? Sometimes it bothers me. I want to GO.

Not so this weekend.

It was SO sunny on Saturday. Now. I can't really put it into words, because I didn't get it till we moved here. But the sun? You need it. Well, you might not. But me? I need the sun. I need lots of it.

(As a random side note, when ya'll see your kids with a dandelion, do you ALWAYS say "I'm gonna call you dandelion" and think of this? No? Just me? Weird.)

But back to how sunny it was. It's been pretty crap these last few weeks, lot of rain.  My lamp helps, of course, but there's truly no substitute for the real thing. So it was sunny and gorgeous (okay, it was pretty chilly) so we headed to London. I wanted to lay around on my quilt in Hyde Park and the kids wanted to play at the Princess Diana Memorial Playground in Kensington Gardens, so away we went.

It was HEAVEN. Despite the fact that I planned out this SUPER cute outfit while I was in the shower and then when I tried to get dressed, I'm too fat to even get my pants above my knees, let alone buttoned. Despite the fact that at least one kid was crying (usually two) at any given time.

It was just PERFECT.

Then went to Whole Foods and ate not one but TWO dinners (hello, I think I might know why my pants don't fit...) and caught a weird string of tubes home (it was REALLY weird, and lemme tell you, I love London and I love the tube and life is grand, but that Circle and District line? How the fuck? I don't get it. At all.)

And the kids went straight down and Nick and I watched that new show Fargo. HOLY SHIT. Any of y'all watching? What channel is it on?!?! I'm assuming HBO because it is BRUTAL. I'll never be able to look at John Watson the same way again. But as Angela pointed out, I'm DYING to see what happens next, and I guess that's the point, right?

Speaking of Angela, she finally decided to let the fully grown child out of her body. I am OBSESSED.  I've never EVER wanted to steal someone else's child before. She better thank God I don't live close enough to actually do it.

Then Sunday, we bailed on church because Daisy June has got some sort of NASTY funk curdling in her nose. She sounds awful and looks even worse. But look at this cute little picture of her tiny little almost pony tail. Before she became a snot monster.
I die. You know how people say that? Well, I really do. I can't believe this is my baby.

So Nick did a LOT of work in the backyard. But don't ask me about it because who knows. Cleaning the patio? Mowing a lawn? Building a garden? Who knows.  He ALSO sat down and looked at Pinterest with me (!!!<sorry ladies, he's totally taken>!!!) and after I showed him this pin, he said 'sounds awesome, let's do it.'

So he did!!

In case it doesn't convey in this pic, it is HUGE. It took me a while to decide how I wanted to cover it, but I went with decor weight fabric staple gunned over two towels. If I'd had a bigger towel, obviously, I would have only needed one. I considered making a washable cover for it since I'm a bit of a starch addict, but I decided (for now) to just spray and wet iron on a towel and remove the towel when I'm just straight up pressing. I LOVE IT.

And the absolute most bestest part?!?! It's EXACTLY the width for my cutting mat!! So I can stand up without hunching over my craft table (which is upstairs and sort of lonely when I'm not on the machine) and slice triangles all night while we watch Big Bang and drink coffee. I'm tellin ya, this is the LIFE.

So I spent the rest of the weekend sewing like a crazy person. A CRAZY PERSON. I'm working on this one for a friend of mine from high school (well, sort of) and lemme tell ya'll something. I'm always complaining that my quilts are all crooked and shit, right? Well, would you believe that it JUST NOW dawned on me that they were crooked because...they're crooked? I NEED TO MAKE MY SQUARES SQUARE. DUH!!! It hit me like a ton of bricks. So that's what I did this time around, and MAN ALIVE does it make a huge difference. I haven't felt that stupid in some time girls, let me tell ya.

Anyway. I've got the top entirely done, now I'm just waiting on mail to quilt it and bind it and get it to her! So excited. It's my best yet, if I do say so myself.

But as I'm STILL waiting for the thread to finish Scott's quilt (groan, mail is so lame!!!) and I had that gorgeous giant board just begging me to use it, I remembered this gorgeous pin, grabbed some spare scraps I had laying around (translation: this was FREE!!!) and started slicing. I wasn't sure it was working until I climbed up to take a pic and say it in the screen. Weird.
The pin..............................................My epiphany that it was working.....................................the finished top!!

Don't you love that gorgeous pop of mustard in the binding on the pin?!?! I cannot WAIT for it to get here. In two weeks. Ugh. Have I mentioned that mail is so lame?

So that's what I did this weekend. It was GLORIOUS. Fan fricking tastic. My batteries are charged and I'm ready for the week.


I'm also ready to just watch more Fargo.

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