Monday, June 16, 2014


Loving this picture above, which pretty much sums up his ENTIRE personality in one quick shot.

Celebrating this man who takes care of my children. I don't know how he does it, because they suck. They need SO MUCH, they never stop. And he never even bats an eye.

Enjoying the memory of the perfect week of weather we just had- not a cloud in the clear blue sky, perfect mid seventies all throughout the late morning and early afternoon when Junebug and I had nothing to do but sit outside and eat pisatchios and read books and work on our tans. Enjoying the memory, because this week we're back to drizzle and gray skies. Le sigh.

Obsessing about the tiny gnats in my houseplants. Yes, I'm obsessed. Right now I'm hitting it on three fronts- I've covered the soil with finely ground aquarium gravel (thick sand), I'm watering every other water with a dash of dawn and vinegar, and I'm spraying every 10-14 days with a chemical bug killer. THIS BETTER WORK. I don't want to get rid of my plants because duh, but I can't handle the gnats. At all.

Preparing for the Great European Driving Adventure of Two Thousand and Fourteen. Or rather, I should be preparing for it. But I'm spending most of my time....

Sewing almost nonstop. I'm down to three quilts in progress, so to spice it up, I've started making slouchy bags. It's a sickness. Seriously, I can't stop.

Checking tons of books out of the library. The library system here is FABULOUS, if you haven't gotten signed up yet. I'm using the kids cards to go over my limit. Cooking, gardening, photography, sewing, quilting, traveling- you name it, I've checked out a book and looked through six pages before tossing it for the next one. It's a sickness. Another one. I can't stop.

Wishing the weather would change back to last week. I'm trying not to, because honestly, it's London and if you're going to complain about drizzly gray skies, you should probably just move somewhere else, and I do so love it here...but ya'll, that SUNSHINE last week. Heaven. Pure heaven.

Drinking water. Ugh. After a three week (!!!) hiatus from working out and eating well, I'm back on the sauce. And I still hate it. Water sucks. It really really sucks. (Name it. Triple points.)

Planning my 2014 scrapbook. Ugh. To get the lay flat formats, I have to limit it to under a hundred pages. Which, for a year traveling around every term holiday, ain't happening. So I'm stuck doing two books a year, half and half. So it's time for the first half, and I've only got like nine pages done. I'm glad to split it, because I want to try the Digital Project Life format for the next half, so it's fun to switch it up, but still, I want to be sewing!! I don't want to be placing pictures. I know, my life is HARD. Shut up.

Reading Without Fail, aka Jack Reacher Number Six. And you know what, I'm sort of sick of apologizing for it. It's not like I'm reading James Paterson or Danielle Steele. Are they a little far fetched? Of course. But they're EXTREMELY well written, and they're fun. SO FUN. And I really like them!! And this one is really good. Also, in case you live under a rock, The Silkworm (sequel to Cuckoo's Calling) comes out Thursday in the UK and next Tuesday in America!!! I cannot WAIT!! But what's the snafu with the kindle edition? Is something going on with publishers? Whatever. If I have to buy the flesh and blood hardcover, no skin off my back. I can't WAIT!!! We've also got Mr. Mercedes, the new SK, which I just the second realized is already out. Doh. I thought it came out mid July. EW, you're failing me!!! And lastly in the Haven't Read But Absolutely Will As Soon As Possible category, The Secret Place comes out end of August. Good thing I can't work over here, right?

Listening to the Killers. They're just good for summer, no? And after MUCH internal debate (because arguing with myself and ranking my favorite things is my favored form of torture) I have decided that while Sam's Town is my personal favorite Killers' album, Battle Born is the superior work. I'm sorry, I feel awful even saying it!!! I LOVE Sam's Town, with my entire being. But Battle Born is just GOOD. I mean, it's like it was designed specifically for driving around with the windows down in the summertime.

Watching Ya'll, I'm FINALLY watching Broadchurch, and lemme say without any doubts: It was worth the wait. It's SO good!! SO GOOD. It's a lot like the Killing, which you KNOW how I loved, but without Linden, which gives me a sad face, but still. It's GOOD. We're only four episodes in, so I'm not calling it yet, but I think it might end up being better. No. Nevermind. I can't even think that, let alone say it. It's pretty rad though. (Side note: rereading that post I linked to, from 2012? My tastes are EXACTLY the same. I can't decide if that makes me hopelessly depressed or ridiculously happy. Probably both.)

If you're local and you wanna get in on the glorious action of Broadchurch, it's on ITV Encore, a new channel on 123 if you have sky. It's pretty rad in itself, lots of really good looking old stuff. If you're in America, I don't know what to tell you, maybe register for a UK iTunes account so you can download it? I wouldn't wait for the American adaptation because I'll bet it's gonna be lame.

Feeling content. Absolutely content, which is what I strive for. For me, it's the best feeling in the world, and I've got it now, and it's grand. Life is grand.

*idea for this post stolen many times over, from all sorts of better blogs, most recently this one here*

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