Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Scotland Recap

So the first time we went to Scotland, we stayed what, near Edinburgh? I think that might be right. So like, barely into Scotland. We drove up to Loch Ness, but that was as far north as we got because it was still snowing and we'd only been out of Hawaii for five minutes, so we were dumb and cold.

This time, we had Loch Ness as our base camp and then got to go even more north from there. For logistics, if anyone is planning a trip, we went the week of the summer half term, the last week of May. The weather was PHENOMENAL, gorgeous and sunny, still a little chilly for the tropical island transplants, but doable. We stayed here (we found it on HomeAway, of course) and our apartment was huge and gorgeous and perfect. It's more like a resort than most places you find on HomeAway, and it's easily my absolute favorite place we've stayed so far. There was an indoor heated pool (and it was WARM, for serious) and tennis courts and a playground and ping pong and a lounge with billiards and fooseball (??how do you spell that??) and board games...it was amazing. This was the most 'vacationy' vacation I've ever been on.

(We stayed in this particular apartment, if you're interested. It was fab, but the doors were super heavy, so bring a doorstop or something if you have little kids, because honestly, even Ava couldn't push open the bathroom door.)

I'm sure you followed my exciting trip on Instagram ;)

We were in the PERFECT location for short little trips around the lower parts of the Highlands, but since this was more of a relaxation vacation than a sightseeing vacation, we tried to stick around the hotel as much as possible. We did venture out to Urquhart Castle, which was appropriately gorgeous and magnificent, and into Inverness to explore a little one afternoon. (Fun Fact: Urquhart is on the English Heritage thingie, so if you've got that, it's free!! Although it wasn't posted, we had to actually ask. And by we I of course mean Nick. I don't talk to people.)

It was easy to stick around the hotel when THIS was the view. The mountains and loch, not the dirty kids. Although I'm pretty partial to them too. #warrenisarockstar #warrenismyfave

And the best day? The best day was when we got lost looking for Plodda Falls, and we drove up to some random layby and I climbed out and got these shots. SERIOUSLY. Is this my life? I almost cried it was so gorgeous. According to Nick, it was Loch Garry and if you get the chance, just go. Go now. It was SO amazing. And there was a dude playing bagpipes on the side of the road, so WINNING.

But then we did finally find Plodda Falls, and it was pretty amazeballs too. Well worth the short, easy hike to get there. And you know how much my weird kids like throwing rocks into water.

And just for fun, let's throw everything we have at Plodda up here, shall we?

My belly is NOT that fat, I was hot so I wrapped my scarf around my waist and it sneaked down under my shirt on the hike. Just so you know. 

And one more from the drive back. Scotland is awesome. Just go. I mean, I loved Rome, truly, but Scotland? Man. It's just something else.

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