Wednesday, June 4, 2014


-At the last minute, Nick's dad and sister couldn't make it to spend the half term with us, so we had a choice, since Nick had already taken the week off work: we could stay home and clean and do chores and be responsible and just catch up on life...or we could take the four hours we had, plan a weeklong trip, pack for four small children, load everyone up for a nine hour drive, and spend the week in the Highlands.

No. Brainer.

-Nick screened XOSS!!! For those not in the know, the next step for his career was to be the XO of a boat, so another tour of sea duty where he'd be bona all the time.  ALL. THE. TIME. Remember how hard his department head tour was (on me)? Well the XO tour is WAAAAY harder. And now he doesn't have to do it!!! A think a few people thought they should walk on eggshells because maybe they thought Nick was bummed about not 'making' it, but TRUST ME, that could not be further from the truth. His ego isn't bruised, his pride isn't hurt, this is what we wanted- he and I both, not just me. This was the only way we could try to stay here (still waiting for word on that, but I'm fairly confident we can get at least another year, meaning we can stay until January 2016!!!!) And truth be told, I'd love for him to find a way to spend the entire last four years (what the WHAT?!?!) here.

Whoa. Four more years and he retires.

Let's not talk about old that makes us right now, mmmkay?

-Nick moved the bedroom tv (that we NEVER watch because we are so old that we go to bed at nine thirty) into my craft room and got me a mega extension cord for my headphones so I can listen to the telly (har har) even over the noise of my ridiculously loud sewing machine, so I've been watching The Fall (because after all this time, I still worship my beloved Scully) and it's so GOOD.

 I'm halfway through the final episode and I cannot WAIT to get up there to finish it. I was never interested in 50 Shades of Gray (grEy?) but I can say now with one hundred percent certainty that I will NEVER watch the movie or read the book because Jamie Dornan is so fucking creepy in The Fall.  I guess he's good looking enough or whatever, but I just can't. He's SOOOOOO creepy!!! And I'm one of the (thousands) who had a thing for Dexter Morgan (until he turned lame in the last season, but let's don't get started on THAT disaster) so I think my threshold for sexy creepy guys is pretty high, but Paul Spector? FUCK NO.

Awww, remember how awesome Dexter used to be? Shoulda ended after Trinity, showtime. Shoulda ended after Trinity.

-Speaking of TV (because really, what else do I speak about?) who's excited for Orange on Friday!?!? THIS GIRL!!!
I know it appears that I'm constantly making fun of Suzanne, but she's actually my numero uno favorite character. I hope we get a LOT more of her in season two. That scene where she asks why people call her crazy eyes? BE STILL MY HEART. I wept.

Not really. But it was really good.

-Speaking of movies (because movies are like giant tvs?) I went to see X Men the other day and it was FABULOUS. Okay, I don't know if it was that good, but James Macavoy and Michael Fassbender were fabulous. The movie theater though was my worst nightmare, come to life.

At both theaters I've found here, you have to pick your seats when you buy your tickets. Which sounds like something I'd like, that way everything is nice and organized and perfect (this one time, I was at a Harry Potter movie with my mama and we got there hella early so that I could get my favorite seat, exact center, near the front but not TOO near the front, and as the theater started filling up, a manager came in and said to make things easier, he wanted everyone to shift to the right and fill in all the seats, that way the stragglers wouldn't have to hunt for seats, they'd just start filling in from the left. I threw a FIT and refused to move!!! No fucking way was I giving up my seat, that I got there EARLY for!!! It was a whole thing, but it worked out, whatever.)

Anyway, I go by myself, I always have, it's just my thing. My thang. I love movies, I love going, and it truly doesn't bother me to go alone. Like, at all.  Anyway. So when you pick your seat online or at the ticket computer thing, you can see that other people are sitting in certain places, but obviously, you can't control where people who buy AFTER you are going to sit. And it won't let you like leave one seat in the middle, if that makes sense? Like, I can't see two people, leave a space, and sit one seat away from them.

Anyway, I picked my seat, but I got thrown off because they have VIP seats, and I didn't want them, so I wasn't on the edge (I only pick exact center if I'm with someone. I don't know why) but I was right next to a two vip seats, which are bigger and have a huge arm rest, so even though I knew people would eventually probably sit there, I'd have a decent buffer. And the entire rest of the row was empty, like five seats.

So I get there, and I wait till the last minute to pee and head in right as the commericals before previews are started (please don't get me started about THAT) and my seat is smack in the middle of two groups of teenage boys.

It was a NIGHTMARE. I almost walked out. Seriously. If Nick hadn't JUST screened XOSS, meaning I knew we're going to have to budget a little tighter, I would have.  But I wasn't wasting ten pounds. And I really wanted to see James Macavoy. I feel like I'm not spelling that right.

Anyway, to make matters worse, I had a can of diet coke and a ziplock baggie of trail mix in my purse. So I had to sit RIGHT NEXT to people (shudder) with my ghetto free snacks (mortifying). It was a nightmare. I had hives and shortness of breath for the first twenty minutes. Until James Macavoy finally came on screen, then I was all right.


This is my life folks. Apparently no amount of zoloft and vitamin D is gonna cure this crazy.

-We've also started watching Parks and Recreation. We figured out how to watch America netflix, that's how I got The Fall too, if anyone is interested.  But anyway, how have I not been watching this show?!?! Leslie Knope is basically my favorite person ever. EVER. I love everything about her.  And I love Mark Brandanowitz, but only because he was the big brother in Lars and the Real Girl, and I love that movie so much.

I couldn't pick my fave, so here, you get a freebie.

-I have the first half of the itinerary for The Great European Driving Adventure of Two Thousand and Fourteen. I am SO FUCKING EXCITED. My mother has bailed, but my dad is still coming, and he's going to bring my cousin, who I haven't seen in like fifty years. I've planned out Cologne and Berlin and the first two days of Salzburg!!! I'm taking it one city at a time, because honestly, I'm severely overwhelmed at the entire prospect of planning this.  BABY STEPS!!

So that's what's up lately.  What's up with ya'll? I'll be back soon (ahem) with the Scotland recap, I've got a shit ton of pics to go through and I'm pretty busy with all the tv watching.

Engelbrecht out.

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