Friday, June 6, 2014

That's Just my Personality

Fun Fact: I am obsessed with personality tests.  Shocking, I know.  I first took one at this weeklong leadership class right after I first joined the Navy. I can't remember what test it was, or what the results were, but it took HOURS (literally, hours, not the five minute internet tests you can take now) and after I got the results, I felt strangely vindicated. Like, see? I'm not making this up, this is ACTUALLY how my brain works!!! It ended up being almost useless because in the nurse corps, you spend the first four years just being a nurse, very little leadership (or at least I did...hmm...) and I got out before I made any sort of rank that would give me leadership. On all three wards I worked on the corspmen were smarter and more experienced than I was, so they lead me, as opposed to the flipside. But still.  That feeling of WOW, IT ALL MAKES SO MUCH SENSE, that never really left.

The old faithful internet test, of course, is the Myer's Briggs'. I feel like I maybe didn't get those apostrophes in the right places, but that's the best I could do. Anyway. I take this test frequently. I sometimes try to lie and pick the answers that I want to be true, but if I go back and do it correctly, I'm always the same. Always always always INFJ.

Number 14 is one I always want to lie on: You prefer to act immediately rather than speculate
about various options. I just feel like life would be better if that was true! If I could just MAKE A DECISION, in the spur of the moment. I don't know how it would change my results, because I am completely incapable of breaking rules that are set out so cleanly- if I fill the test with lies I wish were true, I can NOT click submit until I go back and change them to the truth. Ugh.

So what does INFJ actually mean, if anything? The I is a no brainer for me- I'm an introvert. It's cool now because I feel like being an introvert is all the rage, all the hipsters are writing books and blogs about it. So basically, I'm cool. FINALLY. Cup of Jo outlined it pretty well, I think, she basically says it's not about being shy or friendly, it's about how you get that revitilazed feeling, after having alone time or from being around your buddies.  And for me, it's DEFINITELY all alone. And I used to try to 'fix' that and force myself into uncomfortable situations, but no more. I'm thirty two years old, dammit, and if I want to sit alone for an hour to relax, by God I'm gonna do it. 

The N is the part I want to be different. Although I don't know why. This site spells it all out, although they could be making it all up. Amazingly, I didn't pay very much attention in my psych clinical in school. Weird, since I've always been obsessed with crazy, right? But anyway, they basically say that it's either S or N, sensing or intuitive. Sensing is reality based. Reality. Real events, that really happened. Rational, normal people. Intuitives live in a fantasy life of made up shit that might be or might have been. Common sense versus imagination.  Whomp whomp. Although, I guess if I had to trade the tiny bit of creativity I have for common sense, it'd be kinda hard. So that's cool.

Next is feeling versus thinking, which again, is a no brainer. Sure, I'd love to be a thinker. But I get choked up when I watch the Olympics, not for normal people reasons, but because I feel so awful for all those losers. I mean, ONE GUY gets to win, and all those other swimmers are just losers. And that makes me feel AWFUL. I think the basic differences are: thinkers are easily able to provide objective and critical analysis and feelers are unsettled by conflict and have an almost toxic reaction to disharmony. Ugh.

And lastly is the J, judging versus perceiving. Another one I sort of hope with change, but am always surprised when it pops up J. J are boring stick in the muds who can't take a single step without a plan, which P are fun, exciting adventure seekers who go with the flow and have so much fun. I'm paraphrasing, but that's the gist. Jist? Who knows. 

And of course, a discussion on personality wouldn't be complete without infographics relating to my favorite pop culture icons now would it. 

Downton was the first one I found. And as soon as I saw it, I raced to take the test again, just in case it'd changed from the week before when I took it last.

 I want to be Mrs. Hughes!!! I want to be efficient, observant, and logical!!!

Next was the amazing Orange is the New Black, which I thought REALLY nailed most of the types.

One I hadn't seen before was Harry Potter. What? How had I not seen this until today?!?!

I can live with Remus. Although I'd be all right with Harry. I think it's CLASSIC that the bestie would be Lilly Evans. If I could get that emoticon man laughing so hard he's crying, I'd but that up here.  Ohhh, Angela. 

And if you haven't died from boredom yet, I finally tried the newer test, the Enneagram. This test was a little weirder, but the results? The results were so fucking accurate that it was SPOOKY.  I did the classic test, and I got 4 wing 5.  And from what I can tell, the next closest was a 6, but still with the wing 5.

From the website, fours want to be individuals. They want to feel special and unique. "Fours tend to see their difference from others as being both a gift and a curse - a gift, because it sets them apart from those they perceive as being somehow "common," and a curse, as it so often seems to separate them from the simpler forms of happiness that others so readily seem to enjoy. 
Thus, Fours can manage to feel superior to others while also secretly harboring some degree of longing and envy.
They also tend to be self-absorbed, even under the best of circumstances, but when unbalanced, easily give way to a self-indulgence which they perceive as being fully justified as a way to compensate for the general lack of pleasure they experience in their lives. 
Rather than look for practical solutions to their difficulties, Fours are prone to fantasizing about a savior who will rescue them from their unhappiness."

Talk about a slap in the face, right? Whatever.  Along with a HUGE list of (what I consider to be) negative traits, there's also some good. Actually, I just reread it and can't find a SINGLE good thing. Whoa. I better find more tests to take.

Have ya'll ever taken these tests? Were you surprised at your results? Is there a different test that might show me that I'm actually awesome instead of lame?

Edited because seriously, I can't stop with these tests: I looked some more into 6, since I was only half a point more 4 than 6.  Here's the gist- "At the core of the type Six personality is a kind of fear or anxiety. This anxiety has a very deep source and can manifest in a variety of different styles, making Sixes somewhat difficult to describe and to type. What all Sixes have in common however, is the fear rooted at the center of their personality, which manifests in worrying, and restless imaginings of everything that might go wrong."

 Ya'll.  Seriously? I can't win for losing here!!! Then there's this little gem "Sixes can mistype as Fours, especially if they have artistic inclinations, but they lack the Four's self-absorption."

So basically, if I wasn't so self absorbed, I would have gotten cast as the six to begin wtih. Not that I'm sure it's any better...

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  1. Was totally laughing at your unfortunate 4/6 results until I realized it was describing me to a tee. Or is it T? I don't know. "Fours can manage to feel superior to others while also secretly harboring some degree of longing and envy." Jesus H. I said...that's me! ha ha
    Here's to those of us that are 4 or 6!