Friday, August 22, 2014

Summer Drive Thru Europe: Salzburg

Ya'll.  I can't even begin to talk about Sazlburg without choking up. I mean, I've literally (LITERALLY) been watching Sound of Music since before I can remember. I know (and love) every SINGLE word. This was a dream come true, one hundred percent, an absolute dream come true. I planned the entire three week vacay pretty much just for these five nights.

Ava on our patio
We (of course) used HomeAway and rented this house for five nights. The drive from Berlin was pretty brutal so the first night we walked two doors down to this amazing hotel (if you're stupid and don't want to use HomeAway, I highly recommend this hotel just bc it's right there and the food and people were fab) for dinner and then watched Sound of Music for the hundredth time before calling it quits.

The next day (Friday, August 1) my dad and cousin Payton landed in Munich and drove out to meet us. We set off to start exploring Salzburg right away, mainly so we could feed the Team (good LORD they eat a lot) and I could start checking sights off my detailed itinerary ;)

We also took the funicular up to the Hohensalzburg Fortress, which I cannot recommend enough. The views were absolutely STUNNING and obviously my pictures don't even come close to doing it any sort of justice. It was amazing.

As a side note, we also all purchased the Salzburg Pass (Salzburg card?) which I reccommend.  Apparently a lot of these type of tourist cards are a rip off, but Nick put in some serious research and it was worth it for us. We got unlimited free bus rides, free ride on the funicular, free ride on the cable car up to Untersbergbahn Mountain (which was terrifying but also SO FUCKING AMAZING and a DEFINITE must do!!!) and normal people would get to go to museums and stuff for free too. Worth it.

The one with me is a view from atop the Fortress.  So amazing. 

This is the fountain from the I Have Confidence scenes!!!

The Love Scenes Chapel- everyone always goes on about Sixteen Going on Seventeen, but I'm a bigger fan of Something Good. 

The Holy Grail- the Do Re Mi steps. I died. 

In case anyone needs to know, the fountain is just in the main square of town, the gazebo is slightly underwhelming and looks nothing like the movie and has been moved to Hellbrun Palace (also home of the trick fountains, which were pretty neat) and the steps are (at least for me, directionally challenged) sort of hard to find in the Mirabell Gardens. There's also a pretty rad playground in the Gardens with a fantastically humongous slide.

Saturday we climbed back into the car for the two hour trek to Krimml Falls, the highest waterfall in Europe.

It. Was. So. Worth. It.

There's not much I can say, except if you have the chance, you better fucking take it. It was a LONG hike (we do have an overweight and out of shape mama and FOUR little kids) but we did it. There's eleven 'stations' or whathaveyou where you stop and look, and we all make it to 9 and then Nick and my dad and Payton and Scott climbed the very last two. It was steep and hard, but worth it. Oh so worth it. And everyone climbed the whole way, we didn't carry a single kid. (Read: Warren. We didn't have to carry Warren. He is the WORST. But he made it!!!)

Sunday and Monday were more exploring in the city and riding the Untersburg car. Sigh. Salzburg is easily the most gorgeous place I've ever been. The mountains, the building, the friendly was just perfect. Absolutely perfect.  I would go back in a heartbeat.

On the right, the trick fountains. So much fun!!

Another view from the Fortress

Y'all, this is the view from the living room of that house. 

Everyone LOVES Payton ;) Another  fortress view. 

This is the only Book Worthy shot I got from the top of Untersburgh :( Which, incidentally, is what they used for the final scenes in the movie when they're hiking to Switzerland. Not Switzerland after all!! Anyway, we rode a cable car up, terrifying but apparently perfectly safe, and you can see the whole city all laid out and perfect, but there was so much clouds, the camera just couldn't focus on anything. Also? Being ABOVE the clouds is sort of freaky.

Next was Venice. Now, I was NOT happy about leaving Salzburg, so I sort of thought that Venice would be a bummer.

I was wrong ;)

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  1. Oh muh gah! I am so jealous! I love SofM and would live to go to Austria...and Venice...and Swiss alps!