Saturday, August 23, 2014

Summer Drive Thru Europe: Venice

I am straight up plowing thru these pictures. Having a limit (although a loose one) has really REALLY made the entire process easier. Ten pages, most pages with a single picture? From seven hundred pictures? I had to be SUPER picky, and once I committed to a shot, I (pretty much) stuck with it. This is going to change my life ya'll, I can feel it.

Dramatic much?

 We stayed here, in what might have been the best apartment we've rented. It was just in a PERFECT location. Although honestly, anywhere in Venice would sort of be a perfect location.

I wasn't sure what to expect. I was devastated to be leaving Salzburg, and as a whole, I don't like big cites.  Aside from London, the Greatest City on Planet Earth.  Obvi.

But Venice? Venice was pure magic.

I mean, it's a city built on the water. Literally. And it's gorgeous. And the weather was gorgeous and the light was gorgeous and it was just an amazing three days.

One day we took the 'water bus' (favorite part of Venice!! You can buy a one two or three day pass, we bought the two and then kicked ourselves for not getting the three) out to the Lido to stick the kids in the Adriatic Sea, because why not?

I got lucky with those shots above and cloned out the two people that were in the way. It was actually as crowded as all get out. Now, being from Guam and Hawaii, this 'beach' isn't anything to write home about. That being said, if you've got kids and an extra afternoon, I highly recommend heading out.  It was what, forty minutes on the bus? Then a ten minute walk (for us, we have Slow Warren) down to the water. It's mega shallow and not that cold. You have to pay for the bathrooms and changing rooms though, so come prepared.

So. Much. Gelato. Just now realized I should have taken a shot of a store, with all the bins of colorful ice cream. :( That woulda been PERFECT next to Daisy covered in chocolate. Bummer. Better go back ;)

The city is just indescribable. I literally can't describe it. There aren't any roads, it's just all water. Hundreds of bridges. Gorgeous buildings. Loud smelly people. Five dollar diet cokes. There is a SMALL list of places I would go back to (because our time is so limited) and Venice surprisingly has made the cut. It was just AMAZING. I keep saying it to Nick, "Baby, I can't believe how AWESOME Venice was!!!"

It just was!!!

We headed over to one of the other islands, Burano, home to the most colorful houses probably in the entire world. Alls we did was eat and walk around (um, that's basically what we did for the entire three days, pizza and gelato, walk, pizza and gelato, walk) but it was definitely worth the trip.

Side note: kids' favorite part of Venice? The fountains in every square. No, not gorgeous decorative fountains with horses and men and all that, just plan ole drinking fountains. #weirdos

While we were on the way to Burano, we also stopped at Murano, home of the glass making.  We piled into a heater (seriously, we basically stood in an oven) for a free glass blowing tour and it was pretty spectacular. The guide was SUPER friendly and pretty much spoke straight to Scott for ten minutes.  You have to exit through the gift shop (full of thousands of dollars worth of glass) and at the end of the demo that bald guy in a red shirt made a joke about donating to his beer fund, but other than that it really was free.  And amazing.

Grampa Matt and Payton went off without the kids for an afternoon (LUCKY) and we rode around on the water bus. Just rode around aimlessly.  It was fabulous.

So. There you go. If you have any questions, PLEASE ask, Venice is one hundred percent worth your time and effort to get there. I have about a thousand more things to say, but I figure some of ya'll aren't actually planning a trip, so it would be boring. But I would LOVE to help you out if you are!!

Next up? The Swiss Alps. Oh man.  OH MAN.


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    1. It really was!!! I had no idea how much I would love it- best surprise ever. And I have an entire stack of postcards for Bebe, I just need to get around to actually doing them up. Ugh. Real life is lame :)