Friday, August 29, 2014

What I'm Into (August Edition)

Linking up with Leigh Kramer for quick list of things I'm digging lately.  

Bookwise- Ahem. I've been reading like a crazy person with no kids, I just haven't done a single review. Which I hate. I love writing reviews!! So I'll get on that, even if no one reads them, I absolutely love doing them. Because I'm cray.

I am currently reading The Secret Keeper. It's good enough, but I'm incredibly busy and important (i.e. I discovered Fraiser on Netflix US...) and it's not good enough for me to ignore everything else and read it. I'm not crazy about any of the characters so far, but I'm only two hundred pages in, which should be a lot, but the book is over six hundred pages long. Ugh. I hate to quit books and I hardly ever do...but I might quit this one. Probably not though.

Next on my nightstand is The Expats, and as soon as I can get a copy from the library, Secret Place, which I am UBER excited about, obviously, because Dublin Murder Squad is the Coolest. I'm starting a club.  DMSitC.

In August, I read Ocean at the End of the Lane (five stars, exquisite book), Night Film (three stars- five for the story until the end, three for the writing and that ending), Rosie Project (four stars- loved it, perfect light read- although it looks like he's going to make this a series and I'm not too confident about that idea...) and The Enemy because I don't care what anyone says, Jack Reacher is Too Cool for School and I heart his stories and this one was particularly good bc it was first person (my fave) and set in the olden days. No cell phones!!!

Screenwise- On vacay, I was too busy reading those books, and we stayed out late almost every night, so I barely rented any movies!! That sucks.  We did rent Bad Words, which I loved, because I love Jason Batemen and I particularly love Kathryn Hahn. Did y'all ever see Afternoon Delight? THAT was good.

I haven't been to the movies in forever (other than How to Train Your Dragon 2 with the kids, which was good, but since I'm the world's biggest fan of the first one, it didn't live up to my expectations) but I'm super excited for Guardians of the Galaxy and I'll go see the Giver if it ever opens here even though it got awful reviews because hello, it's the Giver.

EW just did the Fall Movie Preview and I could literally put up a list of a hundred movies that I want to see, but I won't bore you with that.

I've also started watching Doctor Who. I know, I know. I'm embarrassed for myself. Why do hipsters have to ruin everything?!?! But it's quite fun. Campy and ridiculous with just enough sappiness to keep me going. That being said, I am in love with David Tennant (the tenth doctor, starting in season two) which is why I wanted to watch the show.  BUT. But but but. I loved Nine SO FRICKING MUCH that I can barely stand the sight of Ten. So that was unexpected. But I just started season three and Rose is gone (I LOVED her in season one, but then when Ten showed up and she just FORGOT ALL ABOUT NINE AND COMPLETELY SHAT ALL OVER HIS MEMORY AND BECAME A BIMBO AND NOW I HATE HER FOREVER BECAUSE HOW DARE SHE FORGET NINE) and I think it's gonna go uphill from here. And I'm taping the latest season on BBC so when I'm done with all the Netflix ones, I'll be able to catch up with all the hipsters.  Sigh.

We're also almost done with Parks and Rec which breaks my heart to even say.  What will I do in a world with no Leslie Knope and Chris Traeger?!?!

Be miserable, that's what.

Earbudswise- same old, same old- Killers and Mumford and Lumineers. You'd think I'd be sick of it, but alas- I am not. I'm also rekindling my love affair with Of Monsters and Men and stalking the internet daily trying to find out if they're ever going to go on tour.

I've been listening to Elise Gets Crafty a lot while I piece and press quilts, I heart her so.  You think to yourself, when trying to decide if you wanna have a listen, I don't have a small business and I'm not that crafty, what on earth is this gonna do for me? But for some reason, it works. It's some good stuff, lemme tell ya. Any other good ones I should grab? I used to love This American Life, and I still do, but they're so long and that's just not what I'm after right now. I still do love The Longest Shortest Time, I should probably catch up on all of those. I just get sick of all the mom stuff sometimes, you know?

Internetswise- one of my favorite new blogs is Coffee&Crumbs, have you seen it? I, of course, found it from Elise, but they're a few different girls who write. It's always deep and meaningful so sometimes I have to skip it because I just don't feel like crying, but I like it.  A lot.

I also still really love Jenny Lawson. When she puts up the search terms that lead people to her blog? I laugh until I cry every SINGLE time. I'm crying just remembering some of the ones I read last night.

  • “I don’t know what i just did.  I just peed on my favorite adult cats.”  
  • “I just cut five inches off my hair. how do i get my hairs back?”
  • “Why shouldn’t some cats play cards?”
I mean, WHAT?! First of all, WHY are people searching for these things? And HOW does that lead these people to the blogess?!?!

And then this, the greatest piece of the internet I've seen in months. Thanks Angela, this MADE MY DAY. If you're slow like me, you have to read all the way thru to get it, but once you do...OH MY STARS.  It's good.

What are ya'll into this month?


  1. Jenn, I find myself nodding my head at so much in the post! Parks and Rec? Yes. Doctor Who? Yes. The Expats? Yes. :)

  2. Loved the Hogwarts piece! ha ha count me as slow too then, because I totally didn't get it until the end!
    Will add some of your books to my ever-lengthening "Jenn-From-England's List"! Finished your K.A. Life after Life and am now trying to read one of trash reading (ie no value) Phillippa Gregory books. I know...I know...high class reading!

    1. I've actually wanted to get into Phillippa Gregory, I didn't know she was trash!!! Our library is big on her here.

  3. See, there's no way I will ever be able to watch a movie called 'Afternoon Delight'. I've seen Anchorman too many times and I cannot ever read these two words without a music video going through my head, complete with jazz flute.

    1. Well, it's pretty raunchy, but also one of the best portrayals of that 'middle class white stay at home mom discontent' that I've ever seen, I was sobbing at various parts. But it's DEFINITELY not for everyone ;)