Thursday, September 18, 2014

Paris, Round Four

Whoa. I've been to Paris FOUR TIMES. Once on the honeymoon, once with my mama, once with Uncle Matt and LeighAnne, and now again with Grandpa Kenny and Grandma Jane and Aunt Chelle. Hard to believe. Wow.

Okay. Anyway.  We took the eurostar and stayed at this FABULOUS apartment. Homeaway couldn't hack it for this trip (breaks my heart, but it's true) but we really lucked out with this one. We needed two separate apartments, but the stuck us in the same building, right on top of each other. So it was fine.

Oh my word. We left the house early enough to wait in the long-ass line at King's Cross for...drumroll please...PLATFORM NINE AND THREE QUARTERS!!!!

We saw it last year, but we didn't have a chance to stand in line back then.  The people who work there are SUPER nice, they have the four scarves to chose from and a handful of different wands (someone stole the Snape!!!!) and even a pair of little HP glasses. And they take your pic which you can buy for ten bucks, or they'll let you take your own, and they're super patient about it.  They're not allowed to take a pic of you with your own phone or camera, but this one gal was on her own and didn't speak any English, so he asked if anyone in the crowd was willing to help her out and take it.  How kind is that?!?!

We did the typical Three Days of Tourists Traps, hit the hot spots and took thousands of pictures. Nick and Kenny took a day tour to Normandy and the kids and I spent that day at the CUTEST playground just down the road from the apartment.

All in all, it was a pretty swell trip. I was a little (a lot) apprehensive about it, since we'd literally JUST GOT BACK from the drive thru Europe, but the kids were fab and it was basically all good. However, I am thrilled to be home for a LONG time.

Before Kenny and Michelle got here, we had a week with Grandma Jane to ourselves. We went to the Science Museum (very cool, but not as cool as the Transport Museum) and one day we headed over to Burton on the Water to explore the Cotswolds. It was so gorgeous I can barely stand it.  And for some reason my pictures of that day are crap.

I can't decide about this new kit I got for scrapbooking. I wanted it to  look like Project Life, but I don't want to actually do Project Life. I love love LOVE the way flesh and blood scrapbooks look, but that just ain't happening. And so far, digital is a pale comparison to actual Project Life. Which sucks, but what else can I do?

I was going to get this kit but for reasons I can't remember right now, I didn't.  I wanted more, maybe? Who knows. So I got these card templates, they're layered files and you clip in whatever papers and stuff you have. I figured that would be the best of both worlds, tons of cards, then a completely independent set of papers- I wouldn't have to pick crap colors to get cool cards or vice versa. I picked this pack for the paper bc I loved the green, but now I hate it and don't want to look at it anymore. Ugh.

Any scrappers out there wanna help me out? Anyone? Anyone?


  1. Hey there, I was a paper scrapbooker and just didnt have the time or inspiration anymore. I followed loads of bloggers who do Project Life because I love the idea but just can't really be bothered with the high intensity I think it would need. I did buy loads of the digital templates for it though to make a baby book and various bits and pieces from different kits and just put together my own album using lots of different cards and digital papers and embellishments I already had myself. I printed it all in a book and absolutely loved it when it arrived. Ever since June, instead of printing out my photos, I've been stockpiling them to do something similar for a yearbook but haven't started putting the hard work into this yet. I do think the Project Life pages look busy so I'm looking for other album templates at the minute too. Anyway, not that any of that might interest you but its so long from an actual person used the word scrapbooking to me that you are getting the ramble!
    By the way - envying your travel opportunities here!

    1. Yeah, I definitely can't handle the intensity of an actual Project Life project. A spread every week!?! No way. I just like to 'scrap' the highlights. I've ordered a book for each of the last few years and I really love it. And I'm with you, I haven't printed a picture in YEARS ;)