Friday, September 5, 2014

Summer Drive Thru Europe: Black Forest and Luxembourg

So the breathtaking beauty of Switzerland, we headed up towards the Black Forest in Germany.  We stayed here in this apartment in Kniebis, which I guess is about in the center of the Forest.

I can see this being an AMAZING winter destination. Or like, if you're not bogged down with four little kids and you can hike through the ENTIRE forest or something. But we were a little bored and just ready to get home in general, so we didn't have THAT amazing of a time.

We did enjoy a little sightseeing and souvenir shopping, and we didn't let the rain (the first drops on our ENTIRE three week vacay!!!) slow us down at all.

 If you're headed to the Black Forest and you want some pointers, shoot me an email and I can give you what I've got (which is very little) but I'm just gonna skip to the next stop, Luxembourg City.

I was DONE by this point. We tried to just skip it entirely, but our apartment had a zero cancelation policy. I considered just skipping it anyway and eating the money, but that seemed stupid, so we stayed. And it wasn't awful, don't get me wrong, it just wasn't...amazing.  And truthfully, the only reason we'd planned on going in the first place was to break up the drive between the Black Forest and London.

We stayed here, on the outskirts of town, and it was FABULOUS. Great apartment, highly recommend.

There wasn't much to the city, but we hit the American cemetery, which was as humbling as you'd expect, and we explored the Fortress, which was REALLY neat. But that's about it.

 Then we came home, rested for six days until Grandma Jane got here, did the London thing for a few days till Grandpa Kenny and Aunt Chelle got here, then we jettisoned off to Paris. So yeah. Busy summer.

But the kids are back to school now, Nick is giving Kenny and Chelle the royal treatment around London while I do carpools and work on all these pictures. I'm sure within a few more weeks, I'll be itching to go on holiday again, but for now...I'm enjoying the boredom.  IMMENSELY.

I'm still waiting for Artifact Uprising to have some sort of sale, but I've got the book all loaded up and I am mega excited to get my hands on it. I'm curious to see how my diamonds show up, and if the paper is really any better than Shutterfly.

I ended up with 67 pages, which is actually UNDER budget!! So hooray for me. I considered going back and adding a few pages, but no. I can't. I'm sick to death of looking at this computer screen, and I'm not gonna lie, the Artifact Uprising site isn't as user friendly as I'd like.

I went with this for the cover... I had to darken the diamond bc of all the clouds. Stupid perfect weather ;)

And I wanted a sort of 'table of contents' so I pulled this out for the first page. Fingers crossed I did the math right and the parts that get chopped off in printing work out properly...

 And since I just couldn't resist, I threw together a huge collage of IG pics to put in the back.

And then for the final page, my babies. They were SO good on this trip. I hope when they're older, even if they don't remember the trip itself, they like looking at these pictures.


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    1. of course. the one time it didn't eat my comment it was a dumb one. sheesh.

  2. Once again consumed with envy. I hate the expression 'living the dream' but you are! Such gorgeous places to visit.

    1. We really are. We're so lucky!! Going back to the real world is gonna suck...

  3. The collage is so fun! Glad you didn't resist.

    1. Awww, thankyou!! I can't WAIT to get the book!!